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Are Neo-cons Finally Worried Enough That They Too Might Be Losing Their Civil Liberties?

I was so surprised to hear what Krauthammer had to say about drones in America. I think the movement is reaching critical mass. You know in the back of their mind these neo-cons (now suddenly worried about their civil liberties...)are thinking that Dr. Paul has been warning them about this for 30+ years. Are they going to start paying attention? Watch this segment on Fox News about drones in America.


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Krauthammer "shoot down a drone, be a national hero"

Krauthammer Said whoever shoots down a drone will be a national hero? Tell that to the county Judge, LOL

...I always thought

...I always thought Krauthammer was smarter than the rest of them...maybe if there's enough time he'll even end up endorsing Ron Paul for president! Like Paul, Krauthammer is a doctor of medicine...

Lets get something straight.. Krauthammer is chief NEOCON



Dr. Krauthammer is the PSYCHIATRIST who psychoanalyzes us and our movement for the PTB

Dr. Krauthammer is THE chief PROPAGANDIST.. The Bush version of Joseph Goebbels.

If Dr. Krauthammer is coming to our side on this issue it means that he is scared. The man is NOT on our side.

Joseph Goebbels (Dr. Krauthammer) doesn't want to be on the wrong side of the R3VOLUTION; he is beginning to FEAR us. He knows he is a traitor to this nation and a servant to his wicked queen.

He will be found guilt of treason if we ever take this country back and the man is just smart enough to know that Mitt Romney is an idiot and could likely fumble the silver platter he is being served up on like a nerd in a football game.


When you state wicked queen.....

Are you referring to Isis, the ancient queen of Egypt according to the mythologic story or the current Myth Queen Elizabeth(el-lizard-birth)2? Of course I ask this in jest. In addition, I do like your Nazi analogy. Unfortunately for us, there are far too many wicked/evil individuals on T.V., radio, computer and essentially any means of communication. Neo- Cons, liberals, etc.--there unfortunately appears to be no shortage in sight of these type people (I'm assuming they are people, however I cannot definitively prove this, only that most appear human).

p.s. When I mentioned evil individuals, I forgot to mention some Romney supporters and "annointed" delegates at some recent district/precinct and state conventions (i.e. Oklahoma, Arizona, and even Washington State which to be completely honest, I thought we had dominated at the district/precinct level but read here on the DP in several instances were railroaded, screwed, cheated, etc.-- almost if not comparable to what occurred in OK and AZ. Can any Washingtonians whom were present at any of these district/precinct conventions comment on what unfolded or at least appeared to unfold during your time in attendance at whichever district convention you were at. Thankyou for it would be greatly appreciated.

Too damn right they're worried!

Who would give up what has been so hard fought for? If you think that the people who murdered 3000 or so people in the US on 911 and 100s of thousands more in foreign countries are just going to roll over and play dead, you have another think coming!
There are two sides to every coin and Dr Paul's Presidency will come at a cost...every Revolution has it's price, history teaches us this.
This Revolution is against a deeply evil regime who will not let go easily,
Power to you all.

And keep in mind.....

The Rothschild banking dynasty has existed for more than 300 years. Prior to their name change to Rothschild which means Red Shield in German (a result of the red shield they kept on their mansion door in Frankfurt in the early to mid 1700's. Their name prior to Rothschild was Bauer. This super wealthy and powerful family dynasty is not going to go quietly into the night. This we can be assured of. According to the book, "The Secret World of Money" by Andrew Gause, the Rothschilds were worth an estimated 5 BILLION DOLLARS ( not million but billion) in the year 1825, almost 200 years ago. Their financial worth today could never be estimated due to their decades and decades of family secrecy. Their clandestine investment vehicles are extremely convoluted and tied up in things like Pure Trusts, various Charitable Organizations, etc. An example would be the WWF which for decades everyone knew stood for the World Wrestling Federation. The World Wrestling Federation was legally forced to change their name due to the fact a few years ago the Rothschilds decided they supposedly owned the rights to WWF and wanted it for their own use/advertising. And as many may know the WWF today stands for The World Wildlife Fund. Another Rothschild charitable organization-- one of hundreds if not thousands they oversee and control. And the beauty of a Pure Trust ( though not practical for the non-wealthy, it is possible to have one drawn up if you can find a law frm which specializes in these Trusts which unfortunately are few and far between). So for all practical purposes, they are essentially utilized by the mega-wealthy individuals/families. In closing, the Rothschild Dynasty today is worth in the estimated Trillions and Trillions. I've seen figures stemming into the hundreds of trillions. If this is true (though I truly believe not one person in a hundred million and maybe even less than that will ever know, discover or definitively establish a monetary figure which is deemed even close to this family's net worth. This kind of wealth and power is not only globally inequitable, it is dangerously undefinable not to mention indescribable. Try to imagine an individual or individual family with a financial net worth in the Trillions of Dollars. My summation is the aforementioned.

Charles, Rethink all the times you sneered at Ron Paul

and laughed at his Ideals.. Think Hard at what Dr. Paul stands for.