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Where is the thanks & support for the brave patriots of OK and AZ?

I just want to say THANK YOU you to each and every one of the brave patriots of Arizona and Oklahoma who stood in the parking lots and tried to bring justice from corruption--as it seems the campaign isn't going to do it. What you folks did Saturday was historic, and I for one do not find anything AT ALL DISRESPECTFUL in any of your actions.

The total silence about these two state conventions and what has happened there on the part of the official campaign speaks volumes. It is far louder than any press release by Jesse Benton.


Are they even curious about the results, or were those already bargained away for some crumbs from the Romney table???

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anything I say will be way understated...

but I'll try:
Y'all truly amazed us all!


I believe that those who were at the convention showing their support, whether delegates or guest, did a fantastic job. I was just lucky to see the events via a live stream! I again will give my thanks to the Ron Paul supporters who were involved in the OK and AZ Convention.

You were all great! Thank you so much! :)


the campaign totally silent about the desire of these individuals to do what is right and follow rules to make a difference. It seems the campaign was preparing statements to be respectful and just wait this thing out now as Romney prepares to win it. I applaud each of you and btw watched a good majority of it on a stream that day into evening. I really thought the campaign would have come out bold in support of everyone's action - only to find the total opposite come forth.



All the thanks & support I need is there

I was there from early morning til late at night and still feel exhausted. I was not even a delegate but just there to provide support and learn.

My appreciation for Dr. Paul being the standards bearer for the freedom movement cannot be described. His tireless crossing the country repeatedly and continuing this campaign at any level is all I need.

We need to stop the negative stuff about the campaign. Anyone who is not fighting for and supporting the campaign was never really in it to begin with. Some may be people trying to dishearten us and others are just upset. The campaign is still there, they did not get the funding from supporters that they needed to go into these states "TV Commercials" ablazin'. So be it. I sent Super Brochures to TX, gonna send some to CA. Watching and discussing what we can do next on the MeetUp for our area. Getting my Precinct Committee Person stuff together.

As long as we are out here fighting for Liberty it is not over.

We are screwed daily. So what

If Ron whined every time his supporters get screwed over somewhere, he'd be the whiniest candidate ever, and he'd be turning off voters left and right.
Also remember that Ron has been at this for 40 years. He's been getting shafted for 40 years. I think it's perfectly fine that he doesn't shout from the rooftops everytime his supporters run into some obstacles.
I really don't know what you guys want from him but I think it's misplaced.
Ron sent us a guy to help out in AZ months ago, even though AZ wasn't really in play. We said that the grassroots here was doing well, and the campaign sent a guy to help out. He was there at the smallest events in the smallest towns, and he was there Saturday when the vote totals didn't seem to gel. He was on stage with the chairman when points of order were called, and he was there as the votes were being counted. I won't name the name, but lest just call him SD. He has been there when we need him and he is still there fighting for us, and he is there specifically because the RP campaign sent him here.
So, thank's Ron for sending SD to us. He has been doing everything he's supposed to, and everything that many people here on the DP seem to think isn't getting done.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

We know we have the good Dr.'s support

The good Dr. supports all of the die hards to work through to the conventions and behave themselves in a civilized manner while winning delegates (and kicking the Romney forces collective @$$e$!)

Meanwhile the other hand the highest levels of the campaign does everything it can to cut the legs out from under those same hard working activists who stuck it out for the conventions. There are still conventions left in LA, SD, VA, TX, and other states whose job is now 10 times harder in light of Jesse's ridiculous press release from yesterday and commiseration with the mainstream media about "those poorly behaved Ron Paul supporters" at conventions.


Do not be disheartened. Dr.

Do not be disheartened. Dr. Paul knows that we have to choose fights. We are the process; "We the People". It's not just about him. He's saying no matter what, we will win because the movement continues whether he wins or not. But at the same time, they have a strategy. This is a movement. Even if he dropped out completely (which we know he'd never do), we'd continue on. We've figured it out. I've noticed all along that he says the same message. He says it humbly that it's not his message but the message of freedom. And if you're a Godly person, you can see that this is coming about because we should be doing things that would be favorable to Him. At the same time, we can see the works of Gandhi. I have not studied everything about him but have read his quotes and watched the movie. When the people would revolt violently, Gandhi would fast because it was not what should be done and the people would stop. Dr. Paul wants us to continue but doesn't want to provoke our opponents. We want them to be educated and to join us because the powers-that-be will not be defeated without their help. Inflaming them will only give ammunition to the media and they'll use it against us. That in turn would turn those yet to understand what is going on against the liberty movement at a time when we are nearing a dollar collapse. We already know who is at the helm now in Washington. We need all the friends we can get for this one. Right now, we're an irate minority and little by little, we can convince others to understand what is at stake. Dr. Paul doesn't want us to be disrespectful but continue the process of fairness and video-recording what is going on. He has always said that he believes in civil disobedience but understand what it will lead us to. Remember the St. Charles County, Missouri caucus? You didn't see the campaign complain about it, did you? Heroes. Just as Arizona and Oklahoma are also heroes (without a doubt). But we have to stay on our toes to make sure we follow the rules and no violence ensues. We will get blamed by the complicit mainstream media. How do I know? Because we have thousands upon thousands showing up to Dr. Paul's speeches and no mainstream media coverage. We have cheating and all kinds of nasty things happening at the caucuses and still the mainstream media is not covering it like they should. They still continue to push Mitt Romney. But the first time the campaign gives a whiff of a strategy change, they jump on it like a fly to you-know-what to report "Paul's Done!". "It's Over". etc. We know Dr. Paul isn't done. We know he is taking on a massive establishment. We don't know what kinds of threats he's getting. He knows we're everyday ordinary Americans looking to restore the Republic with the funds we have (considering inflationary pressures, family expenditures, debt problems, taxes,). He's done this before (many times) and knows the game. But this isn't just a game; this is the end of our country if we don't educate our fellow Americans. They are Americans too. By setting good examples, we will win hearts over.

We're on our own in Oklahoma.

We in Oklahoma have determined that the cavalry isn't coming and we're on our own. We have 7 days to come up with a legal team to face Romney, the establishment GOP and complete paperwork that must be submitted on time.

We have as many as 37 delegates within our grasp and support for RonPaulOK.com grassroots has vaporized. We'll do what we can, but time is running out and everything we did that night will be forever lost.

We're just ordinary citizens and don't have the money or a staff of New York lawyers. I guess we can just pat ourselves on the back and watch them steal our delegates. The enthusiasm of Saturday's parking lot convention is fading into the abyss.

All I can do is beg for help and hope it comes from other grassroots efforts. www.RonPaulOK.com

Would this have

anything to do with the RonPaulOK.com support drying up?


"Ron Paul OK Organization Passing the Baton to National Campaign
By Lukus | Posted on 02/23/2012
For Immediate Release

The efforts of Ron Paul OK have been very successful in laying the groundwork in Oklahoma for a victory for Ron Paul for President. With excitement, we are folding the organization and encouraging all Oklahomans to volunteer directly with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign."

When you say the cavalry isn't coming what is that based on? Is the official campaign refusing to
help? Or being unresponsive?

If there is something specific grassroots folks can do (chipin?) please let us know.

Appreciate all your efforts, hope we can keep them from going to waste.

Did you call the phone number

at the bottom and ask them what is going on?

Yes - the campaign needs a national corruption-fighter

Dr. Paul does not like the animosity. He wants to keep it positive.

What I saw in Maine, Oklahoma, and Arizona was not animosity but an inspired group of in-system revolutionaries fighting corruption and the broken status quo. We are uncovering serious corruption in just about every caucus and convention. It is maddening. To me this is as important an issue as any other liberty concern.

The campaign should have a sharp PR specialist/corruption fighter assigned to each of these cases to identify shenanigans, name names and push the stories to the national media.

All Paul would need to say is, our person is handling that. Direct questions to her. I nominate this woman from Maine that I chronicled in an article I wrote last night for national corruption-fighter. Do not mess with Autism moms. I know from personal experience.


Been gone for couple days!

OK and AZ!Thank You so much!Keep them delegates coming!!!Do Not Stop!!!!!!!

President Ron Paul!!!


I'm not happy about the campaign's response to what unfolded. I'm confused as to whether they are referring to a select few individuals who may have been disrespectful or perhaps the majority in OK and AZ. Everything I viewed revealed Ron Paul supporters who were acting professionally and with the utmost respect for not only the political process but were very respectful toward every individual I saw them come in contact with. How there response evolved and why they felt it was warranted, I cannot answer. But I was most definitely disturbed by the entire situation beginning with the Romney supporters lying, cheating, stealing, etc. and ending with the Campaign response. That being said, Congratulations and Thankyou to all RP supporters from OK and AZ for your commitment and disciplined approach, hard work and dedication to the RP delegate process. You did what was required and what had to be done. Unfortunately we are up against serial political wanna-be's who will literally do anything including engaging in unlawful acts not just bteaking rules. There were several cases of assault and battery. These people believe they are exempt from Federal and State laws and Statutes. I know most if not all of these assault and batteries were photographed and even filmed. And I hope the patriots who were on the receiving end of these assaults investigate and discover whom the culprits are and accordingly press charges.

You might recall

that the radical gay agenda took over this site for those days when it was going on, with their wedge issue barrage.

No news might be it.

You know everyone here appreciates their work but I think part of the problem might be no news? I've been trying to find up to date posts on what is going on with OK and AZ. Not having much luck. It is almost like nothing ever happened?

Edit: See what I mean:



Very strange! You can bet that if Jesse/Rand/Doug approved of the efforts of the patriots in those states that WE WOULD HAVE WORD by now!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

it seems like we were about to reach critical mass

Then cold water from all directions.

I guess it causes problems in politics when people care too much or are too vocal. There has been no passion in politics for so long because nothing ever changes. Ron Paul's candidacy has destroyed that tranquility in the Republican Party.

Perhaps instead of revolution we should have termed this thing requestolution.

Thanks for fighting the good fight in OK and AZ. I hope it brings forth fruit.

And of course,

He also went public saying that "they won!"

Uh...not on my watch!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Oh...and then there is this too:

“We’ll do everything we can to get our people to be cooperative,” Wead added.

How's that???? Come again, Dougie?

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/76297_Page3.html#i...

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

You mean this "Doug's Blog" entry?:

His latest one contains no direct thanks. Instead, we get:
The fact is that all of this fighting makes Ron Paul nervous. Yes, he is taking on the establishment. Yes, he wants the monetary policy reformed so that the poor and the middle class and even the excluded rich can know the thrill and opportunity of free markets that aren’t rigged for insider trading. But Dr. Paul is a happy warrior on these issues. He is a person who has always believed in a respectful dialogue and debate. As John Tate says, “That is what he wants his legacy to be.”
Shouting people down is not Ron Paul’s way. Winning a battle of ideals based on principles, in a respectful way, is how he approaches the contest and it is how he wants others to approach the contest, as well.


This is a very inaccurate portrayal of what I saw on livestreaming. We held our ground, but we DID NOT "shout people down." There was no reason for Ron Paul to be "nervous." Who is feeding him this "disrespectful" garbage?? We all know who is being disrespectful to whom at these events.


P.S. I never heard of Jack Hunter, and I don't care to track him down. The heartfelt thanks for what these heroes did on Saturday night should be on the campaign website HOMEPAGE, and in multiple press releases. Instead, we get this drivel....

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

LiveStream recording?

Is there a recording of the live stream somewhere?

I'd vote for Jack Hunter in a heartbeat.

Track him down???

-"P.S. I never heard of Jack Hunter, and I don't care to track him down."

It shouldn't be a big imposition on you to "track him down." His video is the second item on the main page of the DP. Easy enough.


Go read Doug's blog. Listen to Jack Hunter's comments.

I did that

and listened to Wead's interview on the subject.

He's making it sound like there is going to be big support for
caucuses and conventions, but then again he was saying
a month ago that we were going big in Texas, making
media buys and all that - which came to nothing.

Now we have the tremendous efforts of the OK folks
in danger of going to waste if the cavalry don't arrive...

So, where the heck *are* they?