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Reason: The Republican Party's Ron Paul Problem

Brian Doherty | May 15, 2012

Rep. Ron Paul announced yesterday that he will no longer be actively campaigning in forthcoming primaries. While this announcement--as perhaps his team should have figured, especially with its injudicious use of past tense about "fought hard"--was widely played in the media as essentially "Ron Paul drops out", he in fact directly said his quest to rack up as many delegates as he can for the Republican presidential nomination will continue. In fact, the announcement was more or less merely a public declaration of what had been the campaign's style for the past few weeks, featuring few of the smaller public events that make up a full-fledged campaign and more just giant campus rallies. The campaign was indeed likely down to only about a million on hand, and seems ill-inclined right now to do more big calls for cash.

His campaign advisors have had to try to play damage control--many, though by no means all, Paul fans around the Internet were dispirited, especially the ones still wanting to rack up big vote totals in states like Texas and California, just to show the establishment what's what.

But as a further announcement from Paul's campaign website stated, "Asked if this is a dropout, Paul’s campaign manager Jesse Benton said ‘Absolutely not! We are focusing our efforts squarely on winning delegates and party leadership positions at state conventions.”


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reason this


a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Hey Stu, would you be as kind to consider updating with

the following related links?

Brian Doherty talks about his new book on CSPAN:


Cato Institute Book Panel: Ron Paul’s Revolution (5/15/2012)

On the day after Rep. Ron Paul announced he would end active campaigning for President, his son Sen. Rand Paul and author Brian Doherty talk about the 2012 presidential race and his new book, Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired. The event took place at the CATO Institute in Washington, DC, and was moderated by David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute. Following Mr. Doherty's talk, Sen. Paul spoke to the audience about the state of 2012 Presidential race, and took questions from the crowd. Coverage of the event was provided by C-Span.


And Brian's latest take on the new hyper-delegate focused strategy.

Thank you.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Brian Doherty, Rand Paul share the big picture

This podcast from the joint appearance of this libertarian duo at Cato really puts everything in perspective. What we are doing is important -- historical, even -- and is setting the stage for further progress at a much higher level. We are winning.


And also, buy Brian's book. This isn't a marketing brochure, it is a serious work of journalism by a Ron Paul supporter. Brian wrote the history on the Ron Paul revolution to this point which will necessarily be used by all historians and serious commentators as the starting point going forward.

PBlumel is right

I agree with this guy wholeheartedly.

Do you know what this

Do you know what this announcement did do though? Now that Paul is no longer viewed as a threat by the establishment, he is being asked to come speak at state conventions! The establishment NOW see Paul is a great rallyer that can be "used" by them to inject some enthusiasm into the Romney campaign. We know this will not happen, but what it does is allow the establishment national delegates a chance to sit back and without feeling threaten, LISTEN to what Paul is saying. This COULD have the effect of helping other non-Paul supporting National delegates see the light and eventually support him at Tampa! If this is the thought process of the campaign, it may prove genius after all! This will also, IF Paul is nominated, allow it to seem like he was the consensus of the establishment instead of being shoved down people's throat by a renegade group. This could play to our favor, especially if Mitt begins to decline in the polls.

That, yes. But IMHO this is

That, yes.

But IMHO this is about two things:

1) Buying ads to try to win the popular vote in the remaining primary states, in the face of the media's successful anti-Paul propaganda campaign, is a waste of resources needed elsewhere. That money can be better spent supporting the delegates in the state conventions (a thin we've been begging for), or even funneled into future liberty movement activity, than enriching the very people trying to sink the campaign. Further: Tens of percent of the primary votes when asking for them looks weak. Tens of percent of the primary votes with no campaign activity leading up to it looks strong.

2) After The R3voloution took the conventions in Nevada and Maine "The Empire Struck Back" in Arazona and Oklahoma. By appearing to drop out he makes such counter-attacks look petty, giving our people a better chance to avoid or counter them. And his call for decorum on our part, if followed, spikes attempts by media figures to blame the disruptions on Paul people. (Already a few, including Rachel Maddow, are reporting the truth about the Paul delegates being attacked and ditry-tricked.)

Ron is big on truth and clear talk. "From Mars" as the saying goes. Listen to the exact words from the campaign and take them at face value: The only thing suspended is wasting money on primary advertising. The campaign is not suspended. The delegate strategy is still on. Be decorous, not disruptive. Don't react to punches with punches, dirty tricks with dirty tricks, and all of it with name-calling. Use logical arguments and shows of enthusiasm, not shouts and derision.

(I note that avoiding physical blows, ad hominem attacks, and shouted derision, while gently but firmly insisting that the rules be followed, shows strength and attracts support. Do it the right way even when the bad guys are doing it the wrong way and even if you lose the battle you tend to win the war.)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Have faith my friends

The campaign has a stradegy. Jesse knows what's going on. Check this out again, http://youtu.be/p6LIbEFq1JM start around 6:30 i think (when bizarro Jimmy Fallon starts talking). Keep the good fight people, were doing it. To make history, there will be the new and unexpected occuring.


The only thing I like is the title

The rest sounds like BS. Loud mouths? Anger? Where did he get his information from? AP/Reuters/Rockefeller? Ron Paul is a (wacky) liberatarin I suppose? Newsflash! Liberty is conservative. Just frame it like you like it. Cancel the book order if you ordered it.

I truly loved this article. I

I truly loved this article. I think it explained everything well, and that our goals are more important than the MAN. We will do our best to make him POTUS--if not, we will do our best to fight whoever gets it and does not cut government and its spending..

Your comments are rather

Your comments are rather uninformed, Queen. Your comments about Doherty sound just like a typical leftist or neocon dismissal of Ron Paul without knowing anything about him. I would invite you to read some of Doherty's tireless coverage of the RP on reason.com

Oh, sorry but in Reason's article titled "The Republican Party's

Ron Paul Problem". In the post open the link- http://reason.com/ron-paul-revolution/2012/05/15/the-republi... It doesn't sound fair at all 1. "Oklahoma and Arizona were racked by dissention, boos, accusations of illegal adjournment, at least one physical attack, and in Oklahoma a rump convention exiled in a parking lot. That all arose from the continued fervor of Paul’s supporters".. (give us a break!) 2. Continuing: "Indeed, campaign advisor Doug Wead seemed to indicate that ending that sort of loud fighting--which makes the Paul movement seem unbearably wild and feisty for the Republican establishment" (they were following rules of order!) 3. "He (he is referring to Doug Wead) says Ron Paul supporters booed Mitt Romney's son off the stage" Dougherty never explained that the Romney son got booed because he came back a 2nd time and started campaigning for his father's slate of preferred delegates! Clearly viotating the convention rules! Everyone there knew that and you can find it on a live feed

Keep the big picture in mind

I'm not sure how possibly differing accounts of a chaotic state convention are relevant to the entire larger story that is being told of the man and the movement for liberty. A parking lot skirmish does not affect our struggle to fight bad ideas and to emphasize how important liberty is. However, I can understand the frustration over what happened there and how our people were treated by the establishment.


The phrase "loud mouths" or the word "anger" does not appear anywhere in that article.

I'm really starting to wonder if I'm reading the same article. It wasn't bad. The author likes Ron Paul and has been following him for longer than 99% of us here.

I'm not saying you have to like it, but you certainly don't want to call for a boycott of his book. I have no doubt his book will help our cause and, on balance, put it in a favorable light.

Take, for example, the following video of the author that was published today:


If the book is anything like this video, it's definitely worth promoting.


(Deleted, sorry I posted in wrong place.)

Please put link at top of post

Stu, On my iphone, offsite links open in a new "page" If the link is not "above the fold", I click the "read more" wait for another page to load and can click for the article. Then when I return to DP, I have to hit the back button to see the next DP article. Please make sure link to articles are before the split.


The Presumptive Rominee Supporters Breathe Easier

The WagTheDogMedia parrots "Paul is effectively out"
These are not the drones you are looking for - go back to sleep.

Meanwhile.....down on the farm.......
Dr. Paul will begin this new phase of the campaign this Friday by speaking and holding several events at the Minnesota State Convention. He has also recently accepted an invitation to speak at the Texas Convention, and we are busy scheduling appearances around other State Conventions later this month and into June.

As Dr. Paul stated in his message yesterday, this fight is NOT over. We will continue fighting and expanding, and “we will not stop until we have restored what once made America the greatest country in human history.”

Paul probably had to release

Paul probably had to release this type of statement in order to be welcomed at these conventions!

Romney supporters cannot change the outcome, they can

only postpone their eventual loss to November instead of taking it in August.

I just ordered....

... the book. Hope it makes Brian Doherty feel better.

Plano TX

Mr. Doherty...

Will there be an audio version of your new book? Specifically, will there be an audio version available at audible.com?

Why does every article

Why does every article have to make us look like we are the villains? I mean, as much positive light as this article shows you have to read between the lines. It's somewhat of a hit piece. They make it seem as if WE are the ones breaking the rules, beating people up, strong arming the establishment, holding rogue conventions, etc. This just isn't the case. Why can they not explain that it is the ESTABLISHMENT pushing us around and not playing fairly? When you do not hold the convention according to the rules WE WILL, whether it is in the parking lot or not!!!

Vinnie V.

FYI - The OP is the author of the article

and the new book that comes out today.

I don't even need to read the article to know it's not a hit piece.


These Reason pieces often show up in the MSM through syndication. Let's hope this one does, too.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Romney defends JP Morgan ( ie. THE FED)

Everyone knows JP MOrgan is just essentially the banking arm of the FED. once again Romney to the rescue....

Romney campaign defends JP Morgan loss as market risk

8:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time May 15, 2012
* Romney adviser says investors, not taxpayers took hit

* Regulations cannot put 'wet blanket' on economy -adviser

WASHINGTON, May 15 (Reuters) - U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign said on Tuesday JPMorgan Chase & Co's huge trading losses were an unfortunate part of a free market economy.

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom told NBC that, while Romney supports some financial regulation, the losses at one of the nation's largest banks involved investors, not taxpayers, and that rules for Wall Street shouldn't hamper investments.

"The leadership of that company will be held accountable for this trading loss, but we don't want to punish companies, he told NBC's "Today" program. "There was no taxpayer money at risk. All of the losses went to investors, which is how it works in a public market."

The Romney campaign's comments come a day after President Barack Obama said the huge trading loss highlighted the need for Wall Street reform. [see story] Some JP Morgan executives have already left the bank, which could see additional fallout when its shareholders meet later on Tuesday. [see story]

Wall Street reform has become a top campaign issue for the Democratic president and his presumptive Republican rival leading up to the Nov. 6 presidential election.

Obama has faced opposition in implementing new rules for Wall Street, one of his signature domestic policy achievements. Romney has stressed his experience as a business executive.

"Mitt Romney is not advocating that there be no regulation. But our regulation should be effective, it should be streamlined. It should not be cumbersome and it should not act as a wet blanket or a damper on the economy," Fehrnstrom said.