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Ron Paul Biographer Speaks out against Recent Ron Paul's Campaign Shift: Utter Idiocy

Brian Doherty who has just begun to promote his book on Ron Paul and his movement spoke out today against what he sees as Utter Idiocy by the Ron Paul campaign.

I actually saw an advertising for his book on this site just a few minutes ago so obviously this forum recommends it and recognises Brian as a true supporter of the cause. Expressing his opinions however may see a backlash from the sheep.


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What are all of these trolls doing on this topic page , talking and argueing about everything except what really matters , and That's Dr. Paul's showing in Tampa this August .

Then ;

" Your gonna see something you ain't Never seen Before "


Actually, to be accurate, this is not a public forum. This is a privately-owned website and as such is not subject to "free speech" or a number of other civil liberties that people enjoy (as much as they can these days) in PUBLIC places.

If the mods wanted, they could legally boot every non-paul supporter they find.

So it isn't a free speech issue.

That said - this "biographer" doesn't care about the campaign or the message - he cares about his exploitative book. If he actually CARED he wouldn't be slamming the campaign to some Slate.com geek - he'd be extolling the virtues of such a move and explain how practical it is for Paul to divert his dwindling campaign funds to the ONLY most useful activities.

It's a perfect move for the fiscal pragmatist.

Did this guy travel with the campaign? Did he have regular sit-downs with Ron Paul and his closest friends and family? That's what a TRUE biography used to be. Now with the Biography channel and YouTube vids, people think it's just as well to use secondary and tertiary sources to put together a COMPILATION, not a biography.

I could not care LESS about this guy, and I hope nobody buys his book after he revealed his purely superficial association with Ron Paul and The Message.

Now, can we PLEASE get back to strategy. The delegate process is more effective than the travel, speech, open forum process -- so let's roll with it!

Quick question, although unrelated

Are you really a Rothschild?? O.o

Possibly a stupid question, but it's been bugging me and I really want to know, lol.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I just bought....

... the book. Hope it makes Brian feel better.

Plano TX


Read my comment above and then please return your book. This guy doesn't deserve support.

Conference Call

Wish I could be on that conference call! It'd be nice to have an explanation! Better yet, I sure would like the chance to express myself to the campaign!

After screaming my head off "No!!!!!!!!"

At the Oklahoma convention when the party leadership shut us down on Saturday In the belief that we were fighting to last delegate in Utah I must say I am in agreement with Mr. Doherty that this was a dumb move. Whatever the intention (perhaps to give the enemy the perception we are in retreat) it is doing more damage to the morale of supporters than inflating the overconfidence of the Romneyites. RIGHT BEFORE the Texas and California primaries when we need all firepower we can muster to delegitimize Mitt being the nominee we throw a monkey wrench into the hard work and enthusiasm that so many people are putting into this in the states that still haven't held primaries. I have faith that most of the soldiers will still show up on the battlefield, but why can't our General just make some kind campaign appearances no matter how sparse? Come on Ron, your not going back to Congress next year, this is your swan song...

Until the mods can clear the forum of the troll posters

I'll take my leave. There are some that have attacked RP since day 1, JRothschild for example.

Free Speech

Is that just a phrase to you??? I appreciate the Mods who believe in it!

Property Rights.

Actually - Free Speech doesn't apply here. I responded to you above. This is a property rights issue - the mods can let in or boot out WHOMEVER they wish.

Trolls don't add anything productive to the conversation so we wouldn't miss anything if they were gone, and we don't gain anything from them while they're here.

Sounds Like Sour Grapes

I appreciate Doherty's efforts, though they aren't entirely self-sacrificial. I'll probably buy the book and read it still too. However, his article sounds more like he's complaining about the timing of RP's email as it corresponds to the timing of his book release than concern for the campaign. What did you expect, Doherty? You better hurry up and release that book or it will all be for naught... unless the good doctor goes third party. If that happens, you may want to put out a second edition.

Yeah well, it is pretty bad

Yeah well, it is pretty bad timing. This eclipses the news about the delegate victories. And I'm not too sure about the strategy behind it either, but my guess is they really ran out of money.

You're reading this wrong, JRatschild

He is only saying the decision to issue a press release stating you're going to keep doing what you've been doing is utter idiocy, NOT that the campaign, in general, is utter idiocy. You're an agitprop troll who gleefully tries to seize on the negative in every little story. You're a sad, simple little creature. LOL

It was a dumb move...

Contrast yesterday's poorly written press-bait with Benton's more nuanced press release to do damage control today. If they had released Benton's press release yesterday instead of the one they did release, the damage done by the press misunderstanding the campaign (whether willfully or otherwise) would have been much less.

That the campaign screwed up here, I think, is incontrovertable. Rather than making the story about their heroic grass roots supporters at state conventions in Oklahoma, Arizona and elsewhere, rather than make the story about the campaign's growing strength and successes, they put inordinate emphasis on the negative, which is exactly where Romney and the MSM want it. That, in a word, was idiocy.

Why some DPers are attacking their fellows for pointing out this obvious fact is beyond me. No one is above criticism. Self-criticism is prerequisite for self-correction and improvement. The campaign is not perfect. We are not perfect. We are human-beings struggling to become more perfect and to make this campaign and Union more perfect. As such, criticism should be welcomed here, not scorned.

aww too bad

now your book based off another man's life work that was gonna be perfectly timed to maximize your own selfish desires is gone.

I was gonna buy it, now I'm Not. why do I need your biography...when I have all this other books already? You can't possibly do more or better...no need to have it collecting dust.



I mean, really??? I guess everybody that ever wrote a biography that had any criticism of its subject is a selfish a-hole. Part of the principles that Ron espouses is freedom of thought and open discussion and you dismiss Doherty out of hand because he isn't being a Yes Man for all of Ron Paul's campaign strategy. Give the man a break, he's putting a lot into documenting a very important movement in recent history and he wants to see it succeed for the sake of liberty!!!

If he doesn't give Ron Paul a break

I won't to him. Lets see if in his 2nd Edition in the book he'll include a chapter where he calls the campaigns moves "Utter Idiocy". Lets see if that sells.


Wow Dude, that's harse


Is anyone beginning to get the feeling that the sheep are mainly made up of high school drop outs? Not judging the poor English, simply the lack maturity.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.


Look what the troll is typing himself...

Is that a new word in your commu-fascist lexicon?

He's clueless as well?

Every Ron Paul supporter that has expressed his or her opinions regarding what has occurred in the past few days with frustration has been aggressively attacked by the sheep on this forum.

Let the comments roll....let's see how the sheep spin and insult this long time respected supporter and official autobiographer of the movement and Ron Paul into a clueless dude that doesn't understand the wonderful chess game being played.

I see the campaign to down score this thread is well under way.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.