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I LOVE Ron Paul, But Some of His "Supporters" Are Out of Line

I Love Ron Paul, but I probably wouldn't still be as big of a supporter if it wasn't for meeting so many cool Ron Paul supporters in real life.

In real life I always hit it off with other supporters, but online it's a different story.

I have never encountered so much bullying and total rudeness than I have seen at times on the Daily Paul.

I love this site, but it can do more harm than good to Ron Paul and each other, when we are not civil and when we say hateful things on here.

Please remember, There are REAL PEOPLE behind each screen name.

And what we do and say, reflects on us all, as well as Dr. Paul.

We can do better.

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Lol..When I was young I had a

Lol..When I was young I had a sign on my wall and it said "I love Mankind. It's people I can't stand".