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Jesse, Please Just Shut Up

This is NOT a bag on the campaign.

This is just a request for Jesse to keep his big mouth SHUT.

This is OUR campaign. THOUSANDS of Ron Paul supporters have paid hundreds of dollars to attend state conventions, have faced and battled evil, cheating and lying in its face and perservered.

If it's true that RP doesn't want to win, that's fine, or if you can't spend any more money, that's fine.


If you would please JUST SHUT UP and let us do our jobs, everything would be fine.


All you have done is cut the legs out from your MOST DEDICATED ACTIVISTS, not the wild hair libertarians, but the quiet majority who have slogged it out the entire time, become state delegates and have gone or are going to conventions TO WIN. And we have been winning.

Now that REAL PROGRESS IS IN SIGHT, you issue messages that make it AS HARD AS POSSIBLE to conclude the processes underway already in AZ, OK, LA, SD, TX, and other states?

Why not just tell the RP activists who are state delegates there to pack it in?


All you had to say was NOTHING.

You have shown the ULTIMATE in disrepect for those who have sacrificed the MOST.

You should be ASHAMED of yourself.

And you call yourself a "Chief Strategist"? If your Chief Strategy is to LOSE and anger your MOST DEDICATED supporters in the process, then you have accomplished your goal.

Thanks for nothing! Go join your buddy who also can't keep his mouth shut at the appropriate times, Adam Kokesh. Go party it up! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, JESSE.

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always happy to bump this post


“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Jesse Benton is a turd...


i think you are out of line

as a dedicated ron paul supporter i am getting the impression that you have a problem with comprehension. whether you like it or not, ron paul is the head of the campaign and you can bet your boots that no one is putting out anything that he doesn't want put out. it is put out for a purpose. any rp supporter knows that he isn't quitting or cutting the legs out from anyone. supporters know that they are suppose to become delegates and become officers in the repub party, and not let press releases deter them. calling for jesse benton to be replaced is stupid, he has been with ron paul for awhile, plus being family. you think his wife would stick with him if he was betraying her grandfather. you have no concept of loyalty. you either trust ron paul or you don't.


Can you read?

Nothing in the post above said to replace or fire Jesse.

You read with your biased glasses on without reading what was actually written.

J*ss* B*nt*n

I couldn't spell his name out cuz to me it's like a dirty word. Better left unsaid.

My mean/evil yet opportunistic side wants to have the next MoneyBomb be the "FIRE J*ss* B*nt*n!!!" And the goal should be nothing short of 1M.

But after reading this post, I think it would better be labled: "Silence Jesse Benton!"

Time to take more responsibility for our efforts...

I was a Delegate in AZ and I worked so hard to make sure we had a presence at the convention. I left invigorated and ready to double down on my efforts to Restore America. The messages from the campaign this week cuts us off at the knees. I will continue to donate to the cause of Liberty and I will double down my efforts. However, until I'm convinced that there is any good National leadership for our movement, my efforts and donations will be entirely local. This Sunday I'm hosting a GOP Precinct Committeeman drive to get more of us involved at the county level.

The stages of oppression.

1. They ignore you.
2. They discredit you or your supporters.
3. They discredit you or corrupt someone close to you to discredit you.
4. If all else fails, They assassinate you.

Let us hope this holds at "3."

We best wake up

Look people I don't care about Jesse Benton. Look at it this way. You win delegates by having numbers. Now if the Republican establishment gets scared they will fight harder and they will do what ever it takes to get out their numbers to out number our numbers and we end up with no delegates from the remaining states. Lets just do our on thinking. Who gives a rats rear end about who did what. Let the establishment think they have this in the bag, I for one love it. All we need to do is put them at ease and then sneak in and grab those delegate spots.
I remember standing in front of my County Convention and bragging on how good the Santorum sign looked. I won that one. I remember going to the District convention and I pulled the same deal, and now I am on my way to the National Convention as a RP supporter. Call it sneaky if you like but one thing for sure it works. This is for us and our country. The good thing is once I hit that Convention floor then I no longer have to be sneaky but until then you best be real good at it or you will not make the cut. Tell them exactly what they want to hear and then blind side them.

Ron Paul Not Likely To Endorse Mitt Romney, Adviser Says

Ron Paul Not Likely To Endorse Mitt Romney, Adviser Says

WASHINGTON -- A top adviser to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Tuesday that the insurgent presidential candidate will probably not endorse Mitt Romney for president.

"I would never say never," said Jesse Benton, national chairman of Paul's campaign. "I do not believe that that is likely."

Benton told reporters that Paul and his campaign staff have appreciated the respect with which the Romney campaign has treated them in discussions about the party platform, which will be voted on at the Republican convention in Tampa in August.

But Benton said the support of Paul's devoted supporters is not guaranteed to go to Mitt Romney and issued a warning. Paul, a 76-year-old congressman who is leaving the House after his current term, wants placed on the platform the following: a proposal for stricter oversight of the Federal Reserve, a ban on indefinite detention of American citizens as well as a provision advocating greater freedom on the Internet, to keep the government from treating it as a "public utility."

Benton implied that if the carefully selected items are not included in the platform, many of Paul's supporters might withhold support from Romney in the fall election.

"The ball is in the court of the Republican Party and the court of Mitt Romney," Benton said. "We're bringing forward an attitude of respect, and we're also bringing forward some very specific things that we believe in. If our people are treated with respect, if our ideas, their ideas are embraced and treated seriously and treated with respect, I think the Republican Party will have a very good chance to pick up a substantial number of our votes."

"On the flip side," Benton continued, "if they're treated like they were in 2008, a lot of people are going to stay home and a lot of people are going to sit on their hands."


Benton was definitive about one thing. He was asked whether Paul might consider campaigning for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

"There is no chance of that," Benton said.



Jesse tries hard to say without saying and comes off as making not so veiled threats. Is there any oversight to groom speakers as to how to present the message or they just open the mouth and
let it out?

Especially a young person like Jesse needs to have a groomer/speech coach to check HOW he presents what the campaign wants the masses to know.

IMV the message Jesse was told to get out to the masses is we may
not get to be the nominee due tothe repub organization having chosen their man but we do have some aces up our sleeves and everyone needs to know we are not neutered yet.

Now we dont know what the heads above Jesse want to be got out but he doesnt have the polish to phrase his statements so as ot be clear yet subtle and looks like the school yard bully saying
you have the balls and court but we have the score pads and towels
ya na na na na.

Sad image to show the masses. Now If this is just a ploy to let a little air out of the whole rommnie machine and let them chillax a bit, I can understand, but we see no hand signals from Tate or Wead to let us know they are just playing sharp chess.

Politics is down and dirty and I was stunned to read in another thread here of when Wead secretly taped PRIVATE conversations with GWB while in his employ. I believe Wead saw Ron Paul as the Light on the Path and is in his corner but how many deals could he make and then tell Jesse what to say to the masses while some real convoluted plays are in action?

can a leopard change its spots ? can a life long political manipulator pass up a chance to secure victory?
Having an advisor like Michel Machiavellli in the cabinet is a plus if he doesnt step over any rigid lines put up by TPTB.

Jesse cant think THAT deep. ;)


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

We need to hear from a different Jesse on these comments...

Jesse Ventura

He said he would be back in 2012 - He pledged to run if we wanted him to at Rally for the Republic.

It is one of three things

One Benton is smoking crack.
Two Benton got hit in the head by a flying object.
Three he is brilliant.
I am not standing to hard on that last one.
That "Romney only needs 200 delegates to wrap up the nomination" is absolutely driving me nuts. Any one in their right mind knows that is a lie.


I've been watching how this would playout in the alternative media the last 24 hours and it hasn't gone over well with some of them ... in fact this very post by FBI_Exposer is linked on the Rense website ... that's a concern for sure. On the otherhand there are very positive articles to be found with varying viewpoints and a little damage control mixed in ... moving forward it's probably safe to say that campaign hq has some buttoning up to do

It is so. Jeff Rense @ Rense.com has this very post front page.

Jesse Benton, Ron Paul's Advisor, Should Shut Up This DailyPaul link is listed on the lift side of the Rense.com front page. Search for DailyPaul.

I was shocked & dismayed. My adjectives were more so. We must continue to be resourceful & resolute, despite words to the otherwise.

Few & far between are campaigns that are won with a will to win. Doctor Ron Paul has a string will to win as evidenced by his many political victories.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Do you really think....

that Jesse's comments are just out in left field and he's gone rogue? Really?

Is Jesse actually running the campaign ?

On the e-mail from Campaign for Liberty John Tate
has below his name Campaign Chairman.

If Jesse goes we should try to persuade The Judge
or Jesse Ventura.

Yesterday circus talk really made me mad when
he said maybe Dr. Paul would endorse Romney
that just blew me away

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Sorry but I think I'm done, thanks to ol' Jesse

I supported Ron Paul with my time and what money I could from 2007 until now. The move by Jesse Benton and the follow-up letter sent out under Dr. Paul's name yesterday has left countless Paul supporters upset and puzzled. I thought this campaign was about saving the country -- not giving the GOP support no matter what. So no it's about the "revolution" winning if there's a change in the platform here or there? We all know Romney is a pro-bomb Iran, CLUELESS about "blowback" and the disasterous US empire building policies... and yet, it sure sounds like Ron Paul will end up supporting him. I don't get it. Momentum was building. I thought we'd see what went down at the national convention -- as RP had said before, you don't quit because you are behind. There were only TWO LEFT IN THE RACE . Romney could have stumbled. RP could have waited until after the convention and announced an independent run .. he could have done a lot of things but .. no.. sorry, it sounds like politics as usual have won. I am flabbergasted and , frankly, disgusted with Benton.

Sherry B

I know how you feel but

stop and think for a moment. As a delegate to the RNC this really floored me. I mean I was bouncing around the floor like a Kangaroo with rabies. But then it hit me. I don't care one hoot about what Jesse Benton or Ron Paul does. Don't get me wrong I still think RP is an honorable person. But with that said nothing out side of death is going to keep me from that convention. We only have to remember, this is for us and our grand children. Sure Ron Paul is the up front man but this is really not for him, this is for us this is for me. If we fold up now we are a dead duck. So please give this some more consideration because we need people like you. I will have to spend a ton of money to attend the RNC but by golly I am going. I will let them know that I do not quit in the middle of the fight.

Don't quit Sherry

Sherry, I know EXACTLY how you feel, but please don't quit. This is just the lastest attack except it's coming from betrayal from within. I've been doing some digging on this Jesse Benton. It appears clear to me this rat has been plotting for some time for his torpedo at exactly the right time. I could show you several videos at this point, but just look at the following one at about the 50 second mark. Listen to Jesse's own words coming out of his mouth. Others saw this coming, I didn't because I wasn't paying any particular attention to this creep.

My first thought when I read Jesse's torpedo against Ron Paul was I wonder how much the Romney campaign paid him. Now, I'm wondering how much money and a promise of a cabinent position.

No Endorsement of Romney

I hope these latest Jesse Benton announcements are NOT to soften us all up for a coming endorsement of Romney by Ron Paul which would irreversibly tarnish Ron Paul's reputation and legacy (not to mention make a laughingstock of all Ron Paul supporters). I also hope the reason the campaign does not want to do any more advertising is NOT because they do not want to attack Romney which would be the logical thing to do since this it is now a two-way race. I also hope that Ron Paul has NOT been persuaded by certain members of his campaign that he should not attack Romney and/or disrupt the Republican convention because certain members of the campaign will have no job prospects after the presidential campaign if Ron Paul loses.


If Dr Paul's goal

is to influence the Republican party in a number of ways...too much debt and sound money being the number one issues and he makes a deal with Romney about it, then it's likely that he will endorse Romney. We shouldn't be surprised by it. It also doesn't take anything away from this movement.

We have our own platform that we care about and if Dr. Paul doesn't want to be President, we can find another candidate who shares our platform. It's that simple. There's no reason to be depressed except that we've lost valuable time.

Ron can endorse Romney

until the cows come home but that still will not get Romney our votes.
I sure hope Paul does not do that because it will do him great harm. But as other have said on here, we just find us another candidate, and we will be at that National Convention come hell or high water.

I think an endorsement of Romney is coming

If so, I absolutely agree with you .. it will irreversibly tarnish RP's reputation.. it makes me so sad.

Sherry B

I don't think it will tarnish his reputation if Romney agrees to

work on the things Dr. Paul cares about. But I don't support Dr. Paul just for debt and sound money, but also ending war, individual liberty, out of control wall street.

We can find another candidate who wants to be President. Without the grassroots Dr Paul's campaign would be NOTHING because their campaign sucked.

Even though there are people on here screaming to stop being negative, it's not negative to discuss strategy going forward. Whether it's a strategy to go to Tampa and shake things up, or to support someone else.

Forget that one

because Romney can agree one moment and change his mind the next. I hope RP knows that. I would not trust Romney in an outhouse with a muzzle strapped on.

I don't think the Romney

I don't think the Romney platform comments were to soften us. Ron Paul has said similar things in the past. I think it is to soften the RNC and the anti-Paul people.

As Ron Paul is taking over the GOP, there are many that are seeing the takeover as an anti-Republican takeover, which it sort of is, but the more exact terminology would be more like anti-neocon or anti-progressive Republican restoration.

We don't want people to think this is the destruction of the Republican party, but instead a renewing and revitalization of the party.

I agree

I have been doing this since 2007. Benton did the same thing last time, pulled the plug without warning or even a good excuse and went home with MILLIONS stuffed in their pockets.

IMO they want to end the campaign while they still have a profit, and that disgusts me to even type it.... but it is what I now believe.

I hate to say it but if Benton and Paul don't have the guts... maybe they should go.

This movement is way bigger than Ron Paul.

Agree, every dollar needs to be spent

Spent not frivolously on campaign staff or favored service providers, but on getting delegates to the convention, to winning votes, to continue the REVOLution which is primarily electing Ron Paul as president and secondarily ejecting the treasonous neocon infiltrators from the GOP (and from the United States government). We're not trying to fish for platitudes from the presumptive Repub d-bag, we're trying to Restore America.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


I don't think Jesse Benton would release such a thing without consulting RP on the strategy. I think they are trying to sound like they want to play fair, and counting on us not to raise Hell, but to upset the nomination process when the time comes. That way they can "officially" cooperate, and unofficially proceed with the plan. Could be, right?


It will be his SUPPORTERS who take over the convention. And I'm happy to take the blame.

Oh please

let me take some of it. I will be there in August and no one and I mean no one is going to wimp me out. I play nice and I am respectful to every one that is until some one hits me in the back of the head. If that happens all bets are off.