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Shame on you.

How dare anyone question Ron Pauls commitment,a man that has litterly spent more years trying to bring to light the erosion of our civil liberties then most here have been alive.

All this vitriolic talk of how the campaign has failed you and how they have lost your respect,if you lose your respect for someone who has sacrificed so much then I dare say you never had it to begin with.

Then we have all this anger towards Jesse and Doug who themselves have dedicated vast amounts of time,granted some things could of been handled better but as always critiquing someones mistakes is always easier in hindsight.

This "ME" mentality is not something that belongs here,if you need someone to tell you why you spent time spreading the message of the campaign then my god have you missed the point entirely.

Too all the faithful,hardworking delegates,volunteers,Mothers,Fathers,Brothers and Sisters who have themselves given up large portions of their time and money to further the cause of LIBERTY and will continue to do so long after the good Dr has left us,thank you.

I look forward to seeing you all in Tampa!

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This isn't about Ron Paul

this is about us each one individually who put our ass on the line money time family friendships for the cause of liberty. If there is doubt from the campaign and all they are doing is saving face now to push the party and Romney then I'm out. Best of luck ;)

Shame on you. We aren't

Shame on you. We aren't calling out the campaign. The campaign is putting their footin their own mouth.

i like how people totally fail to interpret benton

then speak of him causing a raucous although it's the dumber supporters responsible in the first place, yet talk as if detached from the causation. learn to interpret words--he's trying to reduce animosity against paul supporters, so they can't plan ahead of tampa any alternative conventions/alternative rules in place, so if we do catch them on the run we can win at once with hidden delegates, instead of running into a team of lawyers coming out of the backroom and bomb the process with all kinds of bogus rule violations and use some kind of pre-planned alternative rule to make the process illegitimate. this is why benton uses delegates counts from the mass media as well, to reassure them there is nothing to worry about, that the fake number they are using is safe.

stupid is as stupid does indeed. i didn't realize our brain pool is so quickly degrading. i guess it is to be expected, when numbers get large. people who get it aren't soaping this drama, so the threads have an inherent bias with coming out from the stupids.

i think it's a struggle between those IQ above 65 percentile and

those below 40, quite frankly

threads like this are prolonging it

Everyone has agreed to keep fighting, let people have their opinions and let it die.

All this anger

All its doing is splitting us all apart. Just what Romney and the establishment needs at just the right time. Right when we are gaining real traction. Such a shame.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero



Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

You should be ashamed!

For not listening to your bretheren and attempting to spin their valid concerns into something it isn't, ala the MSM.

No one is questioning RP.

People are questioning Jesse Benton's discretion (or lack thereof).

Are you a Republican Central Committee member?

I think what I see going on here is, those of us who are delegates and on central committees, are the ones Ron Paul, Jesse, and Doug are talking to and we are fine.. the ones who didn't go where Ron, Jesse and Doug told us to go, Republican Central Committees... those are the ones who are angry. "shame on them". They don't get it, because they didn't get it, or if they did, they didn't do it. we're not crying over spilt milk,,, we don't have any spilt milk... they do.

The campaign switched gear to help the delegates.

Get it now?

Ahem... yes, actually I am.

Donated over $1000 to the campaign and over $500 to grassroots directly.

Have been on GOP state central committees in multiple states over the years.

I am also a state delegate.

I've been an RP supporter for more than 15 years.

Thank you very much!

then I don't get you

ron is going to be backing the delegates, not campaigning...as a delegate, I'm stoked.

I wonder

what the people who lurk here are reading because some have decided, seemingly, that all the talk they had doesn't matter, IMO. As it is we can either

1) quit and go vote for Romney or Obama handing the country over to them
2) quit and go 3rd party and start all over from ZERO trying to gain delegates in a party again

3) take our marbles, go home and do nothing

Honestly, you know there are Romney supporters over here having themselves a grand ole time watching all of us bicker and start the "circular firing squad". When it is all over what good will it have done?

Btw, to those lurking, I don't think they will care if you're questioning RP or anyone in their campaign because they're going to be getting their jollies off watching the "gripes" etc. Might do well to keep that in mind.

Understand what I'm getting at? I'm not trying to attack, etc. Just saying why not get back to business?

I'm really hard to anger

but that actually made my anger switch twitch a touch.

To think that people are actually happy knowing Obama/Romney aren't going to do anything about the TSA, Agenda21, Codex Alimentarius, the Money Changers, Patriot Act, etc...


That's why I say let's get back to what we were doing; winning! If we let this kind of stuff send us into a panic, what will do it next?

I'm new to Ron Paul and his campaign but I'm sick and tired of voting for the stereotypical politicians that I KNOW are probably lying to me. I haven't got that from Ron Paul. No matter what is happening behind the scenes, we still have a job to do and if this falls apart, will ANYONE ever be able to run as a Liberty candidate and be taken seriously again, etc.?

The last thing we need to let this do is split us apart because that would just tickle the establishment to death, IMO.

So, basically, chin-up and let's get going and do what we have to do. :)