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How You Proceed From Here On Says A Lot

How everyone reacts and proceeds from here on will speak to the future of the push towards personal liberty, sound money, non-interventionism and all of the things that make us united. Whether it's this recent news, how the election shakes out or years from now, what you do to continue the momentum will define our nation and our children's future.

There could be nothing more satisfying to the enemies of Liberty than for us to splinter or attack one another. It's times like this that we must unite, put our fears to rest and keep pushing forward.

I don't care what anyone says from the campaign or from the community, the task before me is clear. I will act as a hub of Liberty and spread what I've learned to all those around me who in turn will do the same. I will support candidates financially and with my skills that stand for what I believe, whether it's the local PTA or the Presidential Election.

Make no mistake, we are on the correct side of history, we are the best grassroots in American political history, we are intelligent, we are organized, WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!

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Hold tight everyone, this wlll blow over.

The flap is over highly questionable campaign staff decisions and statements, not over Ron Paul, his message, the movement or delegate strategy.Nothing has changed there. Keep on with those things full speed ahead. Hopefully the campaign staff will be dealt with for undercutting and holding back the movement time and time again. Maybe then the campaign can truly "shift gears" for the better.