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Americans Elect Drops Out! Coincidence?

WASHINGTON (AP) — A private organization established to run a third-party candidate in this year's presidential elections has thrown in the towel, saying no one mustered sufficient support for such an effort.


I guess poor ole' Buddy Roemer won't be too happy about this. Does he still have a chance for the Reform Party nod?

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Please! Stop the conspiracy !

The pre set deadline was May 15 - no conspiracy.
You can still vote for Ron Paul on Americans Elect - no conspiracy.
They may extend the deadline (see below) - no conspiracy.

Read for yourself:

"Because of this, under the rules that AE delegates ratified, the primary process would end today. There is, however, an almost universal desire among delegates, leadership and millions of Americans who have supported AE to see a credible candidate emerge from this process.

Every step of the way, AE has conferred with its community before making major decisions. We will do the same this week before determining next steps for the immediate future. AE will announce the results of these conversations on Thursday, May 17."

Terence W.

I never said anything about a conspiracy.

I was just wondering if the events of the Paul campaign this weekend and the AE deadline passing without result, was merely a coincidence.

Maybe it was. Maybe someone made a calculated move somewhere.

You seemed to have ignored these snippets from the article:

Kahlil (kuh-LEEL') Byrd, chief executive officer of Americans Elect, says that under the rules his group approved for an online primary, the process was ending Tuesday.


But Byrd says that "as of today, no candidate has reached the national support threshold required" to enter the online convention.

So, is it true no candidate reached the required level or is Byrd just blowing smoke because AE has decided to pull the plug?

You can stress the part of the desire to have a candidate, but that doesn't equate to AE continuing to fund ballot access drives.

I've held all along, AE was a ruse for Bloomberg, who has obviously decided now, not to run.

Perhaps he likes Romney. Perhaps he likes Obama. Perhaps he thinks Paul has no chance now.


AE is no longer an issue. They are folding up shop. So says the CEO. Are you going to try to tell me this is another "operation opossum" strategy?


no candidate has reached.

AE had a timeline and we had to get Ron Paul qualified within it. That timeline ended yesterday. Bloomberg had nothing to do with it. Ron Paul supporters who were asking for others to vote for him on AE failed to convince enough other Ron Paul supporters to do so. That is why "...no candidate has reached the national support threshold required". No conspiracy.

The good news is AE may extend the timeline. This will give us a second chance to get Ron Paul qualified... something I hope we can all agree on going forward.

They are talking about this now, on Americans Elect. All are welcome to add to the discussion:


In Peace


Terence W.

AE backers are known to be buds of Bloomberg. This was NEVER

about Paul.

They've even issued statements saying they would appoint their own nominee if they didn't like the one the "delegates" picked in response to people talking up Ron Paul on the site.

It's all bogus man.

It isn't a conspiracy - it's just a front that's all.

And there is no more need for the front. So they are closing it down.

It doesn't matter if they even agree to put Paul on the ballot anyway - he won't accept. And in some states, if not most, the candidate has to agree to be on the ballot or at least can ask to be removed.

Considering his recent maneuvers for "influence in the GOP" I don't expect Ron to acquiesce to having his name on the ballot at all.

Terence W. Is Right

If Americans Elect extends the primary deadline, Ron Paul supporters can flood the AE website with Paul support clicks and put our guy over the top.

This would send a message to Dr. Paul that we want him on the ballot on all 50 states this year. He really needs to hear this right now.

2012 may be the most critical election year in our lifetime. It may be our last chance for a long time to change our foreign and economic policies--and to stop governmental attacks on the Bill of Rights. If we go over the cliff in these areas, it will be very hard to climb back up.

If we are already over the cliff, as many fear, we had better start to climb back up right now. Failure to do so will mean an America that still--out of sheer habit--reveres Independence Hall, the Declaration, and the Constitution, but no longer knows or cares what they mean.

Mary Meehan

See above - there is excellent reason to believe Paul will not

agree to be on the AE ballot line.

Apparently, the focus now is to make an easy as possible path for Rand in 2016.

Video Argument

How we can use Americans Elect:


Terence W.

It just goes to show

how far and wide the conspiracy to eliminate Ron Paul actually was.

Not just coincidence

Jesse told everyone Ron can't win, so Americans Elect had no reason to keep being a diversion

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


Probably not a coincidence.

Probably not a coincidence.