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Ron Paul Conference Call Emphasized "treat us with respect"

There was some I like, some I didn't like, but Ron Paul conference call today - I'll be getting the audio up sometime today on my youtube channel. Here's the article I wrote:

Ron Paul sent a message to his supporters Monday that discussed his plans for the future in the GOP presidential race. The 12-term congressman from Texas upset many of his supporters by announcing that he will not spend any more money campaigning in the remaining primaries. In an afternoon press release that had many dedicated supporters venting frustrations online, Dr. Paul shared that he would continue to gather delegates, but that he has become worried after a series of chaotic state conventions.

Jesse Benton, Ron Paul's campaign chairman, in a statement to the press Tuesday, stated that every time there was a problem at a Republican party event, Ron Paul supporters were blamed. A few examples from the past few days include Josh Romney's son who was booed off stage in Arizona, Romney supporters starting a fistfight in Oklahoma, and parking lot conventions. The trend of blaming Paul supporters does not seem likely to change, and Benton emphasized that Paul supporters need to be shown respect in order for them to remain active in the Republican Party.

"We're bring forward an attitude of respect, and we're also bringing forward some very specific things that we believe in. Our people want to be respected in return, and if our people are treated with respect, if our ideas, their ideas, are embraced, and treated seriously and treated with respect, I think the Republican Party has a very good chance to pick up a substantial number of their votes. On the flip side, if they're treated, I guess, largely like they were in 2008, I think a lot of people are going to stay home, are going to sit on their hands," Benton stated.

On Monday, when the press release was sent out to the media, it was almost universally interpreted as "Ron Paul drops out". When Benton was questioned about whether this was expected, he expressed frustration but said that he had not been completely taken by surprise by the way the press took the release. Some press understood what the campaign team was saying, and that was important.

When asked if Ron Paul will be endorsing Mitt Romney, Benton emphasized that Paul is still in the race. He also mentioned that Paul's supporters will be listened to when discussing an endorsement. Dr. Paul will follow his own heart in this matter.

Benton emphasized that Ron Paul is still in the race, but that the number of delegates Romney has is "almost insurmountable". When asked why the Paul campaign turned down the joint fundraising offer from the Republican National Committee, Benton stated that they didn't think "it was worthwhile" for them to do. He also never mentioned Rule #11, which has had Paul's supporters frustrated. Benton closed by stating he looks forward to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Continue reading: http://exm.nr/KKXdTJ

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Flip & Barry

I think I watched that on Saturday mornings when I was a kid.


The way i look at is IF it comes down to either Romney or Obama i would rather have 4 more years of Obama then 8 years of Romney. Then we can at least focus on getting one of our guys in sooner rather then later.

Good point! I was thinking

Good point! I was thinking that too. We're screwed for 8 years either way if Romney gets in, if we last that long. Also I think it would be better served to see everything come crashing down under Obama.

this was handled terribly

knowing the way MSM is and how they have been thus far ,

this was handled terribly

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Rand will endorse Mitt?

See 5:00 minute mark. (Also...Didn't know Jesse "owned" Rand at any time...lol...)



"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

If Rand endorses Mitt - He's no better than any of them

We, of all people, know what Mitt stands for.

we give respect, yet never get it

RP supporters have been nothing BUT respectful of others at conventions, caucuses, and rallies... I've been watching all that's been going on for quite a while now with this campaign, and you know what I've seen?: Romney supporters cheating. Romney supporters breaking the rules. ROMNEY SUPPORTERS BECOMING VIOLENT... remember, it was Romney supporters in Oklahoma who resorted to physical assault.
We abide by their rules, follow their procedures, and we are the ones that are treated like dogs and lepers.
Supporters of Paul have always tried to be respectful in the way they approach Ron Paul's campaign, and they have continued to follow the rules EVERY step of the way... Respect has been given to the powers that be. We work within THEIR rules... they're the ones that break their own rules. Don't let these people walk over you... if they break the rules, fire back WITH the rules.
I read this, and it makes me feel like I have to be a doormat to the status quo, and let them walk all over us while they violate themselves.. HELL NO. You fight back with the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rules they set in place. That's what you do.

George Washington, John Adams, and our founding father didn't give into tyranny... THEY FOUGHT TYRANNY... and if this country continues in the way it is, it may just come back to that!... personally, I don't want that to happen.

If Ron Paul supports that low-life Romney... I will leave this site, burn my hat, shirts, and bumper sticker, and never give Ron Paul the light of day again. His heart should tell him to never give up the fight of liberty and freedom... and that goes for every single person here.
I DO look forward to Tampa, because of the influence we have...
and I WILL SAY THIS: I hope we DO sweep everything in Tampa, and bring Mitt Romney to ruin... by showing the world that he is nothing more than an Obama clone.
I hope we bring this entire government to shame... by exercising our GOD-GIVEN rights in the United States Constitution to vote, as given to us by our founding fathers.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" ~ Patrick Henry
"I have not yet begun to fight!" ~ John Paul Jones
"If it is treason, then make the most of it!" ~ Patrick Henry

To That Super Kal I Say....

Amen, amen, amen and amen!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


The romney supporter hit first, it's likely because you guys are very fond of throwing around insults like "fascists" "communist" "corrupt" "murderer" "criminal" without any thought as to who you are talking to and how big he/she is.

funny thing here...

all I hear coming from Romney supporters, Obama supporters, Gingrich supporters, Santorum supporters... that's all i ever hear them call us... and on top of that "racist", "anti-semite", and even "un-American"... as i recall the video that was shown, and the interview given by the assaulted, there was no name-calling, just a disagreement on politics...

and if you happened to watch the actual video of the actual assault, the old man HIT the RP supporter, the RP supporter tried to get a police officer to press charges, and then the other man proceeded to physically assault him AGAIN by yanking him down into the chair...

so, this "insight" of yours really has no claim since none of it ever really happened.

I'll aslo go over this again: the OK convention had more RP supporters than Romney, and yet they chose to break their own rules, and kicked those that they disagreed with, out... that's not democracy... that's not liberty.

the truth is, we do have a corrupt government, that has many fascistic/communistic tendencies... we do live in a police state... and that's what Ron Paul is fighting against, and that is what we are fighting against... but the difference here is that we don't fight with fists, or guns, or aggressive violence... we fight with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That's where our real power comes from. We fight to give EVERYONE a chance at freedom and liberty in this country... not just a specific selection of people who can pay for it.

We dont live in a one world government yet, and we will continue to fight against those that would trample the rights of other, or kill those who have a differing opinion, or those who resort to violence when the status quo is challenged.

I have yet to see a Ron Paul supporter to resort to insults... but i do see Romney supporters turn to insults, name calling, rule-breaking, violence, cheating, lying... the list goes on...
Romney himself lies and continues to lie.

you want to know why you see Romney supporters break the rules, cheat at the ballots, and why you dont see Ron Paul supporters ever do this?

Paul supporters are genuine and have integrity, because Ron Paul IS genuine and acts on his integrity in his campaign.
Romney supporters do not have these traits, because Romney does not exemplify nor show these traits in his campaign.

the actions of those you follow will influence the actions of how you live your life.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" ~ Patrick Henry
"I have not yet begun to fight!" ~ John Paul Jones
"If it is treason, then make the most of it!" ~ Patrick Henry

Hi Mitt

How are you doing?

What brings you to the Daily Paul?


Our condolences on your terrible primary performance Mr. "Front-Runner". Maybe if you remind us again just how big you are, we can figure out some new descriptive terms...

All fine and good for the most part...

...except for this:

"...I think the Republican Party has a very good chance to pick up a substantial number of their votes. On the flip side, if they're treated, I guess, largely like they were in 2008, I think a lot of people are going to stay home, are going to sit on their hands,"

I understand how this would be useful for PR purposes, to soften us in the eyes of the GOP rank and file. But, it needs to be clearly understood that this is just PR by all Paulites. We are NOT going to vote Romney, and Dr. Paul is most assuredly NOT going to endorse Romney. I'd cut off my hand before I pulled the lever for that CRIMINAL.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

(So would I)

thankfully, we are likely to have at least the choice of third party candidates and staying home, at least in Florida. Other states are more R&DNC controlled, so they have no real choice.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thanks for the clear head...

and the some fine choice words. : )

I don't care about respect or prestige

"Benton emphasized that Paul supporters need to be shown respect in order for them to remain active in the Republican Party."

Benton has been a cancer in our campaign.

They can spit in my face, it's just going to get worse for them. We aren't going anywhere. This is our party, and we'll write in our candidates name is the establishment wants another teleprompter reading puppet.


By abiding by the GOP's rules and by teaching the opposition how to follow the rules, Ron Paul's supporters have been nothing but respectable.

Frankly, allowing the opposition to break rules -- this isn't respectable. Seeking or expecting respect while allowing the opposition to use you as their doormat -- this isn't respectable. Allowing tyrannical demons to ruthlessly enslave all of humanity -- this isn't respectable.

Revolutions are wars, and -- generally -- even Ron Paul's foreign policy stands as follows: 1.) Lead by example; 2.) Treat others as you wish to be treated; 3.) If you go to war, go to war to win the war, then bring the troops home.

Well, to say it again, revolutions are wars, and Ron Paul's supporters/delegates are still fighting that war: Ron Paul's supporters/delegates have been extremely patient, vigilant, and respectable, so they deserve respect -- absolutely. Ron Paul's supporters have lead by example, played by the GOP's rules, and they are now at war with the GOP who utterly refuses to treat anybody else with similar respects.

If you want to win the war, win the war by becoming a champion/winner, not by becoming a lowly doormat -- don't lose the Revolution to the opposition as you've lost the Tea Party to the opposition.

If you really want to lead by example, gain respect by relentlessly fighting the war and by winning the war, not by begging those who've been nothing but respectable to be more respectable.

It is an outrage

that we should bare the weight of guilt in any chaos that occurs while the nomination is still at large! Why doesn't the campaign say how proud they are that we fight in the name of liberty while showing so such cool heads in the face of corruption and injustice daily?

Many of us are spending money with don't have, time stolen from our jobs and families... Its an outrage that the campaign doesn't jump at the chance to defend us in the media.

But it doesn't matter, because this is OUR revolution, and OUR campaign, and OUR liberty we are fighting for. I really don't care what anyone says, because I am doing this for me and the people I love. I've come to love all the men and women who are fighting along side me, and I am honored at the chance to fight along side them.

I'm proud of us, and I'm never going to stop. I will NOT be endorsing the nominee if his name is not RON PAUL.

Courage ...

... Poise ...


... Yet firm, unbowed determination.

Quigley is the only winner without Paul!

Paul must win this time!

It is now, as always, a war between Ron Paul...

and Carrol Quigley!

There is no second!

Wreck it!

When you get to Tampa totally screw up the GOPs appointed dictator bankster puppets little crowning ceremony. I mean turn it into total chaos. I mean Obama is going to win anyways, so might as well make sure you make the GOP as miserable and make them as crazy as you can before the party dies. I will be reregistering as a independent when I get the chance. No more corrupt blue blood country club neocons for me. No more GOP either. Screw em. They can die off and I will officially vote third party at all costs. Also with the stuff that is about to go down in this country the democratic party won't survive either. Thank god. Many democrats are waking up as well, I hope.

Chaos doesn't help anybody...

We need to push the rules to the limit, and do everything we can to take everything we can - but our aim shouldn't be chaos for the sake of chaos, or for the sake of spite.

As my favorite Argentinian blogger likes to say:

Be polite, be professional, and be prepared to kill everyone you meet (metaphorically in our case, for real if you live in Buenos Aires)

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

This is exactly the kind of

This is exactly the kind of behavior that Dr. Paul discourages. Doing this will only hurt the movement. Settle down a little and think about the long run, instead of concentrating only on the next election like the Dems and Repubs do.

Look at what's going on ...

... in the world.

We don't *have* "the long run".

We are in a fight *NOW*.


So are you assuming that the

So are you assuming that the only way to "fight" is by destroying the Tampa convention, like many people are proposing? I'm all for continuing to get delegates to try to steal the nomination from Romney... but going and acting like a bunch of three-year-olds throwing tantrums is not going help the movement.

Also, the world will not implode if RP doesn't become President next year. It will be bad, and Washington will do everything wrong and make it worse... but people will be a lot more likely to come to the peaceful and intelligent Ron Paul movement after all of his predictions have been validated, than to what they recall as a bunch of barbarous trouble makers who whine and cry if they don't get their way.

Dr. Paul has shown great wisdom and patience in the past 30 years, but has never backed down intellectually. We should do the same.


Why the hell did he turn down funding from the GOP!?!!? It makes no sense at all. I mean really? Geee we are strapped for cash and we turn down the money the GOP offers. This smells fishy. Did they even offering any money really? Quick question, are the threatening Rand's life? I mean that is generally what they do. They kill your mom, father, wife, kids, dog, cats, and bird and all the family around you. This is way more traumatic. The SS, Gestap and KGB all did this. They would kill family members and threaten family first. Cause 90% of people are not psychos and don't want their family killed. They would sacrifice themselves first.

Oh well. Good luck guys and I hope you guys turn Tampa into a nut house. Don't go quietly in the night, as Alex says. :)


I don't believe for one second that the RNC offered any share of the Victory fund, or whatever they call it. They won't even acknowledge Paul's existence and certainly don't defend his supporters, not even admonish those who run roughshod over rules and etiquette.

They not only violate Rule 11 (of which neither Jesse, nor even Paul can give permission to do) they encourage rule breaking at the state levels. I was born, just not yesterday. The campaign can turn down funds (which is doubtful) but they can't "okay" rule breaking. Those rules are there to protect the process, not a candidate.

It is the committees and participants at the state level that would request conformity to the rules as it effects their state process, as indicated in Part (b) of Rule 11. As far as RNC rules explain, Romney is out of the election in most states at this point. For him to remain in, is blatant election fraud with the RNC complicit.


I think mutual respect is a good starting point... but if the Romney people or anyone else try to cheat the Ron Paul people, I think a little ruckus is more than justified.... obviously done in somewhat professional manner but a ruckus compared to the usual convention scene anyway. You don't need to sit down and shutup to be involved in a peaceful revolution. I think the Paul campaign is just trying to shield itself from potential future negative publicity.

Jesse Benton needs to resign

He's hurting the Ron Paul campaign. He's caving in too much to the GOP establishment.

Message to Jesse Benton: Challenge Reince Priebus about Rule#11 or resign.

about rule 11

WHY SHOULD BENTON TALK ABOUT RULE 11? That would be so stupid if he did. Of course he wants to avoid the subject. He cannot talk about anything that the MSM could use against his campaign. They need to keep the peace and Paul needs to keep a good relationship with the Republican party and Mitt Romney...since they will both be at the RNC. So, all this talk about abstaining and other kinds of ruckus needs to stop. We can wait till Tampa and play by the rules, and if it's a brokered convention, then RP may have a shot without having to worry about any antics.