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Things Need To Get A Lot Worse Before They Can Get Better

With the coming economic collapse that will likely happen this summer or fall, perhaps its better for us to focus on taking care of our families and preparing for whats ahead. Obama and his czars don't want to relinquish power; and will not stop at anything to remain in power! So by giving into Romney being the nominee, the GOP will give in to defeat, ensuring that Obama is re-elected without a fight. It is the nature of people in this country today, to only get involved when things personally affect them. It seems that people don't care anymore, and because of that our Republic will slid into total tyranny before we have a chance to reverse it. I have been awed by the dedication of so many in the grass-roots and at the same time I have been so very disappointed by the campaign, as they have not learned from 2008. I only wish Dr. Paul would have gotten the right people to carry his campaign to victory. Winning Delegates is a critical component of the outcome of the campaign, but it is all the leg-work and process of executing a campaign to win the "beauty contests" that produces the results of delegates.

So while we look on to 2016, lets pray we still have the ability and freedoms left to carry the rEVOLution forward. I'm not optimistic that we will get another chance. By the time 2016 is here, we likely won't have the basic freedom to travel without being searched and to speak unless your in a "free-speech zone". And if you do speak against the establishment, you will be dragged off to a "re-education camp"! So just continue on...don't do anything, let things get really bad before we try to take our country back. Just remember, we may not have that luxury. During the course of this Primary season, its been the grass-roots that have gotten results...what the campaign decides to do is irrelevant, since they've made themselves irrelevant..its up to us..its always been up to us to carry this rEVOLution forward!

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