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Carry On The Revolution, Run For Office

These past two days have been frustrating, but lets breakdown what Ron Paul encouraged us to do:

"I hope all supporters of Liberty will remain deeply involved - become delegates, win office, and take leadership positions. I will be right there with you."

I still have hope that we can get Ron Paul the nomination. Regardless of him winning or not, we need to take back this country. All of us are smart and educated in politics. We all know we are a step ahead of everyone. So lets use this to our advantage.

Run For Office!

We need people to win seats everywhere! State legislators, congressmen, judges, DA's, county sherif, school board, water district, city council, mayor, etc.

We could even use Cops, lawyers, and good jurors!

Why don't we take over the boards of elections and become the poll counters?

Everyone has a special ability and can use it. Your role may be small, your role may be big! Do something, run for something, and get it done. Do not let this revolution die. This race and this movement is far from over!

Did you know Ron Paul was a Ronald Reagan Delegate? Thats how he got started.

To do this, start networking with all of the Paul supporters in your area. We created a committee here in California to nominate, endorse, and network for the candidates. Get everyones email. Make monthly or weekly meetings. Stay connected. Winning this country back won't happen over night, but if we had thousands of liberty lovers running for office all over the country, we can truly take this country back.

So please, even if you don't think you have a chance of winning, RUN FOR OFFICE. Just running changes the debate in your area.

WE CAN DO THIS. Keep your heads up folks, this battle is far from over!

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I was thinking the same thing, so in the past 2 weeks I have started making my website, and found www.libertycandidates.com Currently looking to start networking with more Minnesotans.

What do you think of this? www.theonlinemarket.org

Awesome website

Awesome website



I completely agree.

Winning is better than not winning.

my Ron Paul video collection:

(4 years RP, over 2300 videos)


Get involved in your local BPOU's and help them to support the liberty message and liberty candidates!

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero