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I've seen this before: a movement turning inwards on itself

Calm down and I'll tell you a story.

I used to travel with a group of hippies and all they did was "direct action logistical support" which means for anybody what wanted to do a sustained protest or march or encampment, we had the equipment and people to do it. Mobile kitchen, porta potties, dry storage and transport buses, all kinds of support vehicles.

We had great fun while in action, it was all peace, love and happiness. But as soon as we were in between jobs and were just kinda camped out wherever we ended up, all of that energy, all of that talent, all of that skill would turn inwards.

And we would begin b!tching at each other like a bunch of spoiled brats and nit-pick each other and find fault and point fingers of blame.

Among activists of right and left and every ism is one great common trait: PASSION. Passion is the friend of productivity but she calls frustration every time productivity don't come home for dinner. Just seems to be the way it is.

And the younger, the more so. That's just the way it is.

But the fact is that each of us can only do what we can do. And the fact is that our movement, the R3VOLUTION! doesn't make anybody ask permission on the one hand and doesn't require anybody to help out your initiative on the other.

1. Just do what you do. Sometimes others will do it with you and sometimes not.

2. If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right.

3. If the movement freed your mind, what else does it owe you?

4. I tend to ignore posts starting with EVERYBODY MUST DO THIS NOW!!!! Time always proves that we obviously ALL musn't. Your form of activism is no more important than anybody else's.

4 easy things to remember for those who will continue.

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link for you


a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat



Thank you Smudge

Smudge Pot, this post is not only spot on in content, but in expression. You did my heart good when I read this. Thank you. I've been so caught up in strategizing about getting our county delegates and trying to wrangle would-be delegates and precinct voters, and most of it hasn't been fun. I actually took a Tums for the first time since pregnancy.

This evening my husband and son and I went out with a stack of Paul brochures and knocked on neighbors' doors in the cool evening of a weirdly hot Montana day...and I completely enjoyed myself for the first time in a while, talking to people about Paul, listening to my neighbors' ideas and concerns. And, super cool, at one point a bunch of neighbors came together, all talking about Paul and politics and then about music. Now we're planning a block party/jam session this summer. All that to say, THANKS for reminding me to enjoy what I have found through this movement. Your post is a gem.

Ron Paul supporters aren't phased by negativity

We aren't phased and we will prevail! The weak will whine and have a feakout fest.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Just ignore...

...the nasty comment from Liberty_First...she was confirmed earlier as C.N.N. reporter Gloria Borger...you may remember her interview with Paul. She doesn't like him or us at all.


I suggest those who complain and whine daily just about everything (from media to NWO to fluoride), just leave. You only turn off a larger number of potential RP supporters who will replace you as soon as you are gone with your name calling and stink.



side note

I appreciate your personification of emotions. I have been studying psychology for some time now and I think that may be the most effective way to express to someone complex human reactions.

Very interesting. Hadn't

Very interesting. Hadn't thought of that.

My impersonation of Jesse Benton









Now give me some money!

Me: Go f*** yourself Jesse you stupid a$$hole.

You forgot

You forgot to mention Zionists as you usually do in every other post.

Well written article

I support fully.

reedr3v's picture

Good points, and I especially LOVE your number 3


Jesse Benton

I think he was being purposely unclear on how many delegates we have. He said Dr Paul has 100 bound delegates at approx 200 that are bound to Romney. That would mean Romney may really have around 700, not 900. He also doesn't mention, and the reporters are too stupid to ask, how many of Gingrich's, and Santorum's bound delegates we have. I actually find it more likely we have their delegates than Romney, because neither had any grassroots campaign whatsoever. Just my 2 cents, I wouldn't start fretting about the status of the campaign just yet. We need to come out strong in Texas and California, REALLY strong in fact.

Ron Paul has taught us all about what a "free society" should

look and act like. He MADE SURE that we understood the need to know our constitution and the plans our forefathers had for this country. The way things are heading in this country, we may be the ones who ban together to bring back that message and head up the new government that will take the place of our current one when the shtf! It is wrong to turn on Dr. Paul now or ever. He has nothing but love for his country and his fellow man. We better be brave and be strong for what is probably heading our way in the near future. Thank you RP for preparing us!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

It's our revolution.

Lashing out at Benton won't do us any good. He's a member of Ron Paul's family. It's simply disrespectful. Ron won't shun him just like he won't shun Rand, and we can't put words in the doctor's mouth any more than they can. I think it's important that we do hear from the candidate himself, but just as we didn't get that perfect level of sincerity regarding his old newsletters, we might not get clarity here.

This is about a movement and an ideology, and while Ron Paul is a great voice for the cause, he isn't the only voice and we shouldn't cry foul when he or his family choose their own path. Just as Smudge Pot said, if they aren't having fun then they ought to reconsider why they're involved right now.

This campaign has brought forth great leaders from official campaign members to our brave, articulate, and peacefully aggressive delegates. I have no doubt in my mind that the revolution will live on. It has already made great changes and it will continue to do so. For now, the game plan is to win as many delegates to the convention as possible so the movement can truly have a voice that the nation cannot avoid. Let's continue on with that goal.

Donate to our Delegates

If Paul wont run we can draft him when we get our delegates to the state and national conventions. I want to see conventions where people are taking a stand for liberty, peace and fiscal sanity. We need a trusted source to publicize and hold moneybombs for travel grants for our delegates. http://www.dailypaul.com/233762/daily-paul-moneybomb-for-del... Lets plan this we need decentralization more than ever.

all four points are

all four points are helpful.
Thank you


Liberty = Responsibility

a classic case

of circling the wagons, then shooting inward.

a classic case

of circling the wagons, then shooting inward.

thanks for the nit picking us

about how we shouldn't nit pick each other

Mmmm, the ironing is delicious

...but he's actually right on target. We have nothing to fear except that our movement will disintegrate amidst accusations and infighting. Let's remember who our friends are, and who our real enemies our: i.e. not each other.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


We need more of this type of positive energy to come in and absorb the negativity that is being permeated here in our camp. Nothing will ever be perfect, people. All we ever need to do is to stay united and stay on course. If you haven't realized it yet, WE are the source of power, NOT what Ron, or Jesse, or Doug, say and do. We are a bottom-up, sustainable force, rather than the unsustainable top-down structure. Stay on target.

Follow Smudge Pot on Twitter:

Follow Smudge Pot on Twitter:



Stop being negative!


"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."

People Get a Grip!

Folks, in the past 24 hours we've learnt a few things.

1) Dr Paul is continuing to focus his energies and campaign on the delegate selection process. This is not really news.

2) By MSM estimates, Romney has close to 900 delegates all wrapped up and tied with a bow. This is not news, it's media spin.

3) By those delegate estimates, Dr Paul can only hope to influence the party platform.*

What can we deduce from these things?

1) For us Paulbots, the campaign goes on. Nothing has changed.

2) If we see official statements from the campaign that speak of a Romney inevitability, we should consider who these comments are aimed at. The talk of chess strategy here is vital. We are presenting the appearance of weakness and preparing to sacrifice a pawn (the primary 'votes' and caucus straw polls) while setting the stage for the final charge to checkmate.

3) The best thing we can do is stay the course, keep focused and play the game.

* Check out the Real Delegate Count website http://thereal2012delegatecount.com/ Do you not think the campaign leaders know the real deal?

Playing chess

I, too, am holding out hope this really is a "head fake" of sorts or, as I call it, "campaign jiu-jitsu".

It's a great day to be FREE!

Human beings thrive on hope

Human beings thrive on hope and aspiring to something that seems impossible - we dream. When the campaign - Jesse Benton - releases statements like he did yesterday that crush hope and condeems his brothers and sisters from taking over the Idado GOP, people are right to question.

There are some in the movement who want to question everything, but the folks in charge of the Ron Paul side of the movement. When we have questions, they should be asked and addressed and not met with charges of being unloyal.

I have no problem with Dr. Paul. He is not a great orator, but he is a man with an amazing mind and is consistent in his principles, something which is on endangered species level in Washington.

I like Rand, but question because he does not yet have a decent sized record like his father to review. So I support him but not to the level of Dr. Paul. Then we come to folks like Jesse Benton who really aren't qualified for the positions they hold. I also question the countless petitions sent by the Campaign for Liberty, which should be focused more on education the unwashed masses, not sending me another petition my congressmen is going to trash and asking for a donation for that crap.

This isn't a movement turning on itself

This is a movement turning on Jesse Benton for being a self-absorbed shit eating egotistical cult of personality who's in love with seeing his own words in print and on TV.

Well to put it in a more diplomatic way.

Benton need to take one for the team. Change titles, he can still be part of the campaign, just like Joe Biden.

He did f*** up like a boss. All this going on is UNNECESSARY and regardless of what people say is a HORRIBLE strategic move. This isn't turning inward. This is more like a friendly slap... albeit a slap cross the back of the head.