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These announcements change NOTHING. Full steam ahead for the Revolution!

The announcements by the campaign really have changed very little for us. We were never going to win the primaries. People are either too big of sheep or the Diebolds are bought and paid for.

Anyone who has been paying attention or is in an early state (Iowa being mine) knows a few things:

1) It has always been about the grassroots. Many of these victories have been done with little oversight from the campaign. We have been and will continue to take over state GOP roles. The importance of this cannot be overstated. In my own state of Iowa we took over the GOP. Can you imagine the soapbox for liberty this will give us? Can you imagine if dozens of other states follow suit, what the future of the GOP will be like? What will the future of America be like?

2) This has always been a movement, not just an election. Getting Dr. Paul elected would be wonderful for many obvious reasons that are both practical and symbolic. But getting him elected isn't enough. It is a revolution of ideas throughout America. This is a movement.

3) This has always been OUR movement. Yes Dr. Paul is our de facto leader and figurehead, but he will not live forever. We have to keep on after this election (whether Dr. Paul wins or not). If we do not have the courage to do so, we were never serious about making real changes for liberty.

4) This election cycle has always been about changing the minds AND taking control. This means FULL STEAM AHEAD on the delegate process and state conventions.

5) As Dr. Paul mentioned he wishes for respect and decorum. Let's face it, Dr. Paul is one of the most humble and respectful people out there. It isn't his style to kick a** and take names. However, it used to be. Check out some of his old interviews when was running for the libertarian party. The point is, as he has always says, he never tells his supporters what to do because it is completely at odds with his principles of liberty.

So while being respectful is important, there is also a time for raising hell. That time is now, both at state conventions and in Tampa. Of course, be respectful, but no taking it laying down either. When we go to Tampa, we will still vote for Dr. Paul. If Romney has the delegates, then so be it. But we pledge to do everything we can between now and then. Anything less is giving up on liberty. If any of these other states are indications of how things can go, our possibilities are limitless.

Do not be discouraged, we are the irate minority. We will win this if we stick to our principles and keep each other motivated.

Liberty in 2012.
Ron Paul 2012.

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The announcements were perplexing and unnecessary.

But yes, let's move forward.

Reality Check

I'm not trying to be a Debbie downer here, but seriously, does anyone really think going to the convention with 400-500 hundred delegates is going to make any difference? I admit it might, if the state party leadership wasn't doing all in their power to stop the Paulians from getting the delegate spots. I mean come on, it's ignorant to assume that just because the official campaign has asked supporters to "simma down" at the state conventions that the party leadership will stop marginalizing and disenfranchising the Paul supporters? Give me a break. You're certainly right about one thing, this changes nothing in the party leadership's game plan. It's really disheartening, at least for me, to hear this rhetoric coming from the likes of Jesse and John, "Just play nice and they'll play fair and let us make a show in Tampa, that's just a joke.

But more importantly, it's the morale factor that is really going to kill this campaign. When an email is sent out suggesting that the campaign is "changing strategy" aka not campaigning in the remaining primary states, what did they expect? All of us to jump for joy? We all KNEW Dr. Paul wasn't going to have the delegates to win the nod in Tampa, and the campaign had to have known that we knew this, why even say anything? Why suck the momentum right out of the supporters who had felt like we FINALLY started to win in the process of picking up delegates, like was spouted throughout the entire primary season? I'll probably still donate money, though I'm not really sure what the money will be spent on, and I still have the utmost respect for the Good Doc and the message he epitomizes but lets be real, the "money bomb" that is about to happen won't raise anything compared to the last one, and even that lagged terribly behind the previous ones. It'll be interesting to see how many people still show up to the conventions.

More than anything I think I'm frustrated with the "play nice" message that is being pushed on the Ron Paul rabble at the moment. As if the Republicans will even care about that. Like Lew Rockwell said recently in his Political Theater blog: "While civil conduct is always best--we should strive to imitate Ron Paul--it is not hard to understand the grassroots reaction to the lying, cheating, stealing GOP bosses. Nor can a change in leadership be friendly, whether we are talking about a small precinct or a national convention or anything in between. Those in power do not want to be displaced, and their hatred is palpable." This is a dirty, dirty fight we're in now, and playing nice, though it probably is the right thing to do, won't change the fact that the Party is NOT going to just going to welcome us in with open arms, And I believe they would rather throw the election to Obama than give us even an inch of the party.

Don't Forget

S(at)antorum and G(ett)ingrich stil have their delegates too!

You really think that they'll

You really think that they'll move to us rather than Romney? I'm not so sure, they're all establishmentarians who favor a huge state, aren't they?

Debbie Downer

Well, you are a Debbie Downer.
Do you really believe we only have 4 or 5 hundred delegates? WRONG. I have NO IDEA where Jesse got his numbers, but we are doing JUST FINE!
I did talk to someone from my state who is in contact with the campaign. She confirmed what we already knew...
We are moving on to TAMPA, the campaign is doing great! and Jesse Benton, well, you know :-(


I understand the delegate numbers are off, no doubt. But how many do you think we'll have? More importantly how many do you need to affect real change? Whatever that may be. Jesse quoted us as having 139, how many more do you think we have? I think this is all wishful thinking.


Sorry, but the answer to your question is complicated, and everybody knows it is a real guess right now. But I bet that more than half the delegates to Tampa end up being Paul supporters. It's a question of how many can vote for him on the first ballot. Of course we can effect he rules with those numbers as well.
But I want to qualify my comments because with all the cheating the Romney people are doing to get his delegates in there...who knows.
See, the delegate groundwork was all laid back in february and March. Now it's those delegates selecting the delegates to Tampa. It is too late to add delegates. Romney didn't get on the boat fast enough. He simply can't play catch up. His only hope is to cheat. Have you not noticed that at all the state conventions we seem to have the numbers? That is why he is doing so much cheating.
It would be STUPID of us to give up now. There is only so much cheating he can do!



I hope the establishment sees this

I hope they see that no matter what Ron Paul does we will never back the cancer that is the current GOP.

They will pay for the way they treated the Liberty Movement this election by having their power ripped from their hands at every level.

I hope this election serves as fuel to drive all of you to run for office at any level. Any. Run for all local and state offices, we will take this party and this country back at all costs.

Even if Dr. Paul endorses Romney, they must know that Romney will be defeated by the greatest margin in the history of the Presidency and it will be completely their own fault for the way they have cheated their way to this election.

This movement must be bigger than one election.

The Liberty Movement/GOP 2.0 is the future of this country and I want the establishment to know that we are coming for them.

I know they fear us and they should because their days in power are numbered.

GOP 2.0

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

I agree, but we

need a candidate who wants to win, don't we?

Exactly. Don't Stop. Keep Going.

The delegates have been on a (small "r") republican crusade against great odds and are wining battles against the faction aligned with the big money and big media. The establishment is sweating. They expected this to be easy and they are being pushed to the limit at each and every state convention.

Keep turning out the delegates. Hone your strategy. Keep replacing establishment GOP figures, keep nurturing the candidacies of local politicians who support the Constitution, Peace, and Sound Money.

"Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves."

I don't know what will happen with the Presidential election this year, but I know that the establishment is weak. Their power depends on the apathy of the majority. That apathy is also their Achilles' heel. The apathy of the majority is even more pronounced in regards to non-presidential politics. No matter what happens in 2012 we must continue to transform the political landscape in the US.

When you are in the trenches

you do not care what the general staff is doing. There is only one way out, forward. This is much more than an election, much more than Ron Paul, the world is watching. Will the free men and women stand against the tide? I am the captian of my ship and the master of my soul.


We move forward with the upgrade...

We continue to fight for delegates where it makes sense but those are not the only elections.

We must continue to win local and state offices all over the country. Where there is an election, no matter what its for, we must compete and win.

We must eradicate the cancer that the current obsolete GOP from power at ever level and replace them with candidates from the Liberty Movement/GOP 2.0

We will take a wrecking ball to the current GOP and rebuild it our image.

They must also know that we will never EVER support Romney as the nominee.

GOP 2.0

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Focus People

I went back and read the

I went back and read the email from Ron again (I suggest you all do that). Why is everybody getting their panties in a wad over this?

The email doesnt change the fact that we have won nearly every State that has sent delegates to the NC, it doesnt change the fact that we are strong in the States coming up, and it doesnt change the fact that Rule 38 will be a game changer.

It simply stated that we will be focusing our funds where we get the most bang, where we have always gotten the most bang, and where we will continue to get the most bang, delegates!

I'm hoping the next week or so will calm some of you DPers down. In the meantime I am getting ready for the Texas State Convention where I am planning on slapping people with my truth stick!

Push people! One lil email and the wheels come off? Some of you would not make it here in Texas...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx



keep on keeping on , so long as paul is going to go to tampa with his delegates and not releasing them to romney !!!

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

It isn't about Dr. Paul

I'm going to come right out and say it.

Men are flawed. Even the good ones. If Dr Paul just wanted to "Start" a Revolution but didn't intend on finishing it then so be it. Doesn't change a fukking thing as far as I'm concerned.

There are more than enough of us to find another man who's capable of carrying this word of Liberty and if that man needs an absolute stone cold killer with words and who WILL NOT back down no matter the circumstances to help be his P.R man... Well you can give me a call.

The world is changing with or without Dr. Paul leading us. Time to man the hell up and take back this country.

Keep rocking RP supporters. To you Delegates... God bless and DO NOT GIVE UP. Not because I think Dr. Paul wants to be President but because the Establishment FEARS US...just the way it's supposed to be!

Besides... wtf else are you going to be doing? Think about it... this is easily the most exciting time to be an American in the last 50+ years. YOU'RE DELEGATES FOR A FUKKING REVOLUTION! How COOL is that!?


Agreed. We owe nothing to

Agreed. We owe nothing to Benton. Full steam ahead!

I saw the FEAR in the faces of the establishment

I was a delegate at the AZ convention and I recruited close to 2 dozen others to participate as well and I saw the fear in the faces of our Governor and other such dignitaries as they realized their message of "Unity" and "keeping our state RED" did not play well to our liberty-minded delegation that was overtaking their party. WE WILL NOT BUY INTO THEIR COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA!

I mean, since when, in the

I mean, since when, in the last 3 months, has he focused on primary states? Just like his strategy to not play in Florida was stated, all he is doing is clearly stating that he will not be involved in upcoming PRIMARY states. Which is actually a good gesture to let those people in those states know that he will not be attending, so they don't get their hopes up of meeting the legend! Also, Benton is most likely just trolling the masses of supporters to work even harder. "Oh, we don't have enough delegates to secure the nomination" really means "GTFO YOUR LAZY ASSES AND MOVE SOLDIERS!"

Ron Paul 2012 or die.

I'm just throwing this out

I'm just throwing this out there. If there is any "defeatist" mentalities within the camp, don't you think after roughly a year of tireless work and dedication on just this ONE campaign, that these things would come, or are warranted? I mean, people get tired and that affects their mentality as well as their capability to function. If these boys and girls need our help and are making us aware of it in a round about way, ISN'T NOW THE MOST CRUCIAL TIME TO ACT AND GET TO CAMP HQ AND HELP? Even the most athletic and competitive sports teams in the world CAN'T PLAY A STRAIGHT YEAR OF GAMES. They need people to come in and rotate. That being said, is there anyway we can relay this, and/or get some new fresh blood in the camp to carry us to Tampa? Just a thought.

a year

22 years we kept RP out there preaching our message and we realy have no choice.


I talked to my Minnesota Liberty minded friends

and we are going to win Minnesota by showing up. That's how we have won positions the last 5 years was getting involved and putting forth local candidates that understand Liberty.


Please folks bombard Doug Wead and the Ron Paul campaign that we are in this contest to win!

Thank you

Most people, I believe, are reacting emotionally and not thinking rationally before posting. The odds of us winning are extremely low but we all know (or I thought we knew) that this campaign is about more than that. The announcement changes nothing for me at least, and if it changes anything for you I don't think you understood the campaigns goals from the beginnning.


Repubs in NJ are total neocons. The Paul campaign knows that and has not invested a dime here. However, we have a great grassroots campaign going on here and our goal has always been to get info on Dr. Paul out to the Indies and Unaffiliated and the focus now is to get OUR delegates elected. We held a massive voter registration change form mailing to the Indies in NJ a while back that should yield good results. (Must be Repub or Unaffiliated to vote in the June 5 Primary.)

The announcements over the past couple of days has not stopped us. Here's what's happening in NJ today:


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Jack Hunter Needs to be the

Jack Hunter Needs to be the Only One Authorized to Speak for the Campaign

Please vote this up:


Hear Hear!!

for the southern avenger!

Bump to the front page!

Bump to the front page!


You think we had no chance for any CDs in primary states?

Some of the Congressional Districts in Orange County and eastern CA might have gone for Ron Paul over Romney - and thus giving Paul those BOUND delegates - IF he was running as a serious candidate in CA.

Of course this changes things. It changes everything.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


We'll still get delegates

without going broke.