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Freedom Fest ! !

After reading through some of the posts and seeing how some people are getting down following the campaign's latest move - I think it's time we take this movement into OUR OWN HANDS.

So what state is next? What can WE do OURSELVES to boost their morale and make sure they aim to do better than the state before them?

Can anyone put together a Ron Paul Rally? or a FREEDOM FESTIVAL in some town or precinct where it's needed? Use the local meet-up groups or this site to coordinate.

Put out signs around town: "Ron Paul Support Rally - Friday 4pm; Liberty Square! This is OUR MOVEMENT - join The Champions of Liberty!"

Build the festival around freedom-based music mixed with some short but POWERFUL speeches. You can go to high schools or colleges to find bands that know upbeat, feel-good, freedom-themed(if possible) music. If the expected crowd gets up around 200 or more -- that's when the organizer should call local public figures who want to or need to get their voices heard.

Remind people that everyone wants FREEDOM, not security;
that we don't want leaders who have all our personal views;
we want leaders who UNDERSTAND and will ADHERE to The Constitution. Talk about common misunderstandings of Paul's message - explain how all this tinkering with our economy and with big business is STIFLING growth. Mitt Romney doesn't get that - Barack obama doesn't understand that -- it's only Ron Paul who made economics his HOBBY. It's what he loves - that's why he knows it so well.

Once we can break loose of Ron Paul and latch onto THE MESSAGE -- that's when this thing will TRULY EXPLODE!

Ideas? Thoughts? Plans of Action?
Isn't it about time the Message take the Lead?

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