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People who WERE going to vote for Ron Paul in CA now won't because he quit!

I've worked hard over the last year, using conversation, email and Facebook, to introduce friends to Ron Paul and his ideas. Dozens of GOP friends and family members have said they will vote for him. One has become a hardcore RP supporter. I showed them how the MSM was treating him unfairly, that the MSM was creating the impression that he's not a serious candidate, but he really is. They believed me... until this week...

Since yesterday's news I keep getting emails and facebook messages from most of these friends now saying they probably won't vote for him in the CA primary because he has effectively ended his campaign.

We were on the crest of the wave and Ron Paul bailed instead of riding it out. Now he will only get a fraction of the votes he would have gotten in CA, TX and who knows where else.

Of course we hardcore supporters will still vote for him. But all these folks who are true Republicans (and have been for years), who don't quite get the whole liberty thing, and are primarily focused on beating Obama, are going to want to unify behind Romney in order to strengthen their chances, instead of support Ron Paul like we will.

If I had seen one TV ad in CA I would have sent in more money, probably a lot more money. But I'm not going to throw my family's money into a campaign that isn't in it to win it.

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Tell them vote against Romney with a Paul Vote.

Get the word out. Dr. Paul will be in it to the convention and if you want to vote against Romney he is still on the ballot.

Trust God. Everything happens for a reason.

This is true.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

I've heard that sentiment as well. It happened in 2008. But it

is the most asinine response I've ever heard.

There is ZERO reason to even vote if Romney is the presumptive nominee and all your other choices have dropped out.

There is nothing gained by voting for Romney in the "primary" at all.

There is no "unifying" of anything.

It's simply a waste of action.

There's no point to it.

It does nothing to "strengthen" a General Election campaign.

This is merely mindwashing bullshit that people tell themselves and others so they don't have to think for themselves or take a stand on something and they get to feel like they are part of the crowd.

The purpose of voting is to make a collective decision. If it is impossible for any other outcome in a particular case, because there is only one option, any single vote does not mean anything to the outcome. It can't.

Thus there is no purpose in casting it. At ALL.

Now, if there ARE other options, even if you don't think they stand much of a chance of winning out in a plurality or majority, and you believe in those options, then it IS worth speaking your choice by your vote, otherwise, no one will know anyone else really supports that option and next time, those options won't be there, and then you will NEVER have a real choice.

This is precisely why good candidates rarely run, and even more rarely win - because of asshats with no backbone who can't stand on their own two feet and make their preference known and instead would rather fall in line like cattle to the slaughter as long as they get to high five their buddies while doing it.




Than you were never on the side of liberty..you knew it was a long shot. Ron didn't give up but it sounds like you are

He did give up. Didn't you get the Jesse Benton memo?

Benton has repeated it over and over - there is NO WAY to win the nomination short of something "unforeseen."

The focus is now on useless platform crap and trying to make deals with Romney on what issues he needs to lie to us about supporting in hopes that maybe Paul won't be seen as causing Romney to lose, and thus Rand being blamed by association so that Rand will have a chance in 2016.

And all of this right as we started to WIN - for real.

I knew it was a long shot... it STILL is a long shot

Why (effectively) quit now?

These announcements are LOSING VOTES that can WIN DELEGATES!!!


"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."