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I cant believe these 3 and 4 yr DPers who are freaking out.

Im disappointed in you folks you should be more seasoned than that. The movement has a master plan, please try to bring yourselves back to reality. You of all folks should know what a long strange trip its been and it aint over yet. I ask you is Liberty a worthwhile movement or are you going to start giving you money to the IMF. C'mon.

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I would expect them, of all people, to hold it together and step up to an opportunity of leadership as we enter rough seas. One thing is sure, just turn up the heat and all of the impurities start to boil away. This will strengthen the true core of the movement. Some of us are in for life, regardless. We will never quit. We do not waste valuable energy infecting our brothers and sisters with poisonous negativity.

Yeah that plan now soley revolves around Bentons career

I'm not lifting another finger monetarily until he's gone.