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Stop Letting Emotional Issues Distract from Advancing Liberty

by John O. | Lions of Liberty
May 15, 2012

There will come a day, when the masses realize that they have been fooled. The illusion of government superiority in planning the behaviors and choices of private citizen’s personal lives will be exposed. An increasing amount of people realize that the government has no right to exert force with the intent of influencing the decisions of free people. Both parties feed this divisive political climate in this country by stressing disruptive rhetoric and relaxing the focus on issues that bring people together. The goal is to divide the people by pushing emotional issues to the front of the party platforms. Mitt Romney participates in this strategy, but Barack Obama has become a pro at politicizing fiery topics.

In 2008, when candidate Barack Obama ran for office he advertised himself as a great unifier. As the first African-American President, he was granted access to a platform unparalleled in United States history. Due to the historic implications that surrounded his election, President Obama had the potential to change our nation positively by promoting peace and unity at a level not approachable by his predecessors. Sadly, the President has used his position of influence to insert his opinion on emotional, cultural issues in order to capitalize politically on the division he has created.

As we enter Obama’s reelection campaign, almost 4 years later, he has ramped up the partisan rhetoric. During his first term in office, President Obama has repeatedly utilized his bully pulpit in an inappropriate manner. There have been three occurrences of this despicable behavior in the last few months. All three instances were reported by the main stream media, but no major news outlets took the President or his supporters to task for the politicizing of same-sex marriage, the Trayvon Martin tragedy, and women in the workplace.

Last week, the Facebook and Twitter universe was buzzing with conversations and arguments regarding the North Carolina vote to ban gay marriage in the state. Our opportunistic President took advantage of this controversial vote. He shared in a televised interview that his view on same-sex marriage had “evolved” and he was now accepting of same-sex couples getting married. In 2008, candidate Obama made known that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman and he did not favor gay marriage. Although, at the time, he assured states that he would not interfere with a state’s constitution or interfere with the enforcement of marriage laws on the state level.

In spite of the President’s much publicized personal evolution, his policy stance remains identical today. This raises a question as to what his motivation was for sharing on “Good Morning America” that he is now, on a personal level, fine with two individuals of the same-sex getting married. Apparently, in 2008 the thought of such a thing kept him awake at night. If President Obama was seriously interested in ensuring that each individual is granted equal rights, then he would state that marriage is a private affair that should not be regulated or policed by the Federal Government. It should not matter what Barack Obama or any politician thinks of marriage. The less government intrudes in our personal lives, the more free our society will become. It would be truly historic if Barack Obama had stated that there should be zero government interference with the personal relationships of private citizens. That would be a courageous act that would be worthy of praise and deserving of the attention he has received.

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if you could bake

a cake and call it the OBAMA, what would it taste like, just wundrin..

Another distraction

Another distraction is wasting valuable and energy time talking about Jesse Benton and the management of RP's Presidential team. Let's stick to advancing liberty and spreading the message.

Believe me

I have my moments when Benton says something and I want to pound my head on the wall. What do I do wih hat energy? I blog about th campaign or tells someone else about liberty. Social issues and negative posts about Jesse Benton serve ZERO purpose to advancing liberty. Let's focus on things that do.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*


The social issues are nothing more than the distraction. We should not give 2 craps who marries who when we have things like the Federal Reserve and NDAA to worry about! Become a delegate, walk your precincts, and forget about all of the distractions!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*