Mitt Romney Likes New Ron Paul, Ron Paul Song? (Mackinac Island)

One of the highlights of the Mackinac Island Conference was the new 'Ron Paul, Ron Paul' spin-off of Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' song, by Rick Ellis. Rick - you are a genius! This will go a long way in this campaign sir. You'll be glad to know that I personally placed a copy of this, along with many of the awesome Ron Paul songs in the hands of Congressman Paul at the airport in Pellston yesterday afternoon.

How does Mitt fit into all this? Well, today, all day long on Mackinac Island, my wife, six kids, and some other Ron Paul supporters walked around with a boom box on top of one of our strollers playing this awesome new song (great to target older voters with). We passed literally thousands of people, many of whom are hard-core republicans, while Rick crooned out "Ron Paul, Ron Paul...."! It was so cooool! There were so many smiles, comments, smirks, and surprised looks on the faces of the people. I purposefully walked alongside large groups of large groups of other candidates supporters while this was playing, and even passed John McCain walking the other way while it was on. We stood in front of a sidewalk cafe filled with McCain supporters and beamed Dr. Paul in, New York style, while they ate and drank. it was a BIG HIT.

But the biggest moment with this song came, once again, on the ferry dock (Giuliani story to follow) today while we were getting ready to board the late-afternoon boat. The line on the Shepler Ferry was long. In fact it stretched out onto the main street of Mackinac. So, I told my wife and kids that I was going to 'work the stand-still crowd' for Ron Paul. I slowly moved up the line working my way towards the water...slim jims in one hand, and my 10-old baby girl (voter-magnet) in my other arm, while holding my relatively small boom box. With the volume level tastefully set, I offered the weary fudgies (aka tourists) and conference goers the opportunity to review the new 'Ron Paul, Ron Paul' song. As I got about 100 feet within the two boats, they started to load and the lines started to move. I looked over to my right and there was none other than Mr. Romney himself, walking to the boats with a half-grin on his face, listening to our new song about the man...Ron Paul. I acted like I didn't really see him and kept the exact pace with his group for about 35-40 feet, so he could hear the line about 'waking up in a country that doesn't sleep'. That was enough to get one of his security to come up to me to tell me to get lost, and that I was 'harassing' him. So I gleefully returned, baby in arms, to the back of the line. I think Mitt liked the music...but the words, well the words probably got him thinking about the word to another famous song. "I got you.......under my skin". More on the Mackinac Conference later!

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6 Kids too

It was nice of you to let me come along. Just keeping the baby from crying was a blast.
Guess who?


Missin' Giuliani...

I'm still bummin' you missed my questioning Giuliani on the dock. What a putz (him). Thanks for your patriotic service to our country.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"


Stunningly creative way to spread the word!

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Michael Nystrom's picture

I got you under my skin

Yeah, a lot of these other GOP candidates are going to have this feeling about Ron Paul...I've got you under my skin.  How about it Rick?  I'm sure we'd all love to hear a takeoff of that one for Dr. Paul!

He's the man.