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CNN spin reinforces Jesse Benton's defeatism

Ron Paul backers' plan: Transform the GOP
By Lisa Desjardins, CNN
updated 1:27 PM EDT, Tue May 15, 2012

Key paragraphs

One supporter at the 8th District convention mentioned a much-forwarded idea that Paul delegates could abstain on the first ballot, forcing a second vote at the convention and then, on that second ballot, cast votes for Paul. But there are two problems with this notion: One is that if a delegate abstains, an alternate delegate, who may or may not be a Paul supporter, would step in. The other problem? Many Paul supporters told CNN they think it's a pipe dream. They're distancing themselves from the idea.

"To me personally, it doesn't look like any way that's going to happen," said Bailey, the candidate trying to get to Tampa. "I don't see (the Paul delegates) going in and causing a ruckus. The last thing we need is to become a scapegoat (if Republicans don't win in November)."

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CNN made that whole thing up.

There is no "Bailey", and nobody ever said any of those things, except the CNN propagandist who wrote it.

It's so transparent that it's ludicrous.

Why bother attacking the MSM

Why bother attacking the MSM for putting a spin on the letter. There are plenty of so called supporters on the Daily Paul doing worse spin than the MSM, which goes to prove the country isn't ready for freedom yet.

Perhaps your headline should read:

Jesse Benton's Defeatism Reinforces CNN's Spin