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If you think He (Ron Paul) is Out... then explain this:




Ron Paul
R3ovlution 2012!

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Ok people,

these comments are more like it. Buck up and don't get discouraged. We have to keep this alive. Ron Paul's been going at it for 40 years I think we can stand with him now. For our childrens future.



Boom! So awesome, I had never

So awesome, I had never been on the "Top Recent Topics" let alone make it to the top!!!

Front page would be the bomb...but maybe not enough meat here to get that!
Thanks all for posting!


Showing up is one thing. What he says is another.

If his speech is anything like what it was in San Diego, it will be almost entirely about the future of liberty in this country, and almost nothing about the campaign to win the nomination, much less the presidency.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


The delegates are in place.

The delegates are in place. There is no need to pound the drum of lets win this thing... They will win the day!

Its about helping the "Old Guard" see that we are not just crazies.

We are a movement that is going to take over the history of our Government!

Hoping someone drops a Ustream like its hot!

Just as they promised

Don't doubt him. He knows what he's doing. Keep. Getting. Delegates!
Hopefully they wont be stuck in a parking lot all night!

Let's Take A Ride

Come on guys!

This is meant to light fire underneath us and make us fight even HARDER! What doesnt fire us up by saying we arent winning, there is a method to the madness! Keep your heads up! WE WILL WIN THIS!

After thinking

hard about everything that has transpired in the last 72 hours i must say this will be remembered as the greatest political move ever. If we who know dr paul are confused a little imagine the romney team. I just heard Obama has tons of interviews coming of normal folks who lost their jobs when Bain bought them over. These will sink mitt. Ron will arrive in Tampa as a statesman and will be nominated!

Not to mention the POZI

Not to mention the POZI Scheme thing and also the SUbget in WiZconsin!

Renewed spirit

When I got to work last night, and hey, it's no secret I'm a Ron Paul supporter there, the first thing some of my friends said was: "Lainie, we're SO sorry, we heard about Ron Paul dropping out."

I work with nice people, they weren't patronizing me, they really meant it.

I just smiled really big and said, "you gotta stop watching tv, seriously, it's the ruination of this country" and stayed cheerful...because I am.

If you keep people guessing, they want to know more, and sure enough, at one point during the night I had 5 other nurses around me asking about what I meant, how the delegate process works, etc.

Make it exciting, make people WANT to get involved in the greatest come-up-from-behind saga there ever was.

It has always been about the delegates and there have been times that I've said myself that we're wasting money on the primary states when we need to be focusing on the conventions. The campaign is never, ever going to make all of us happy...but they are trying.

We're the free thinkers, the ones that question authority, the ones that question everything. Imagine trying to lead US. HA! Difficult is an understatement. Yet overall we are AMAZINGLY organized, positive, and making a difference-even if it's slower than we'd like.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

I guarantee you

Romney folks have been told to come on this site and slam wead and Benton.
Don't buy into it!!! Even if Benton is trying to pull a fast one....
No person, army, or government can stop our Ideas!!

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

I slammed Benton, alot have...

Does that make me or anyone else a suspected shill for the Romney camp? NO! People were just concerned and nervous with these last unexpected and down right confusing 2 days. I can only really speak for myself here but at first I DID and still kinda do think Benton is out to screw Paul out of this nomination... But i agree that no person, army or government can stop us. Full speed ahead!

What if 500 showed up to hear Ron Paul's speech??

We could email everyone on our mailing lists and see how many registered republicans can be guests to hear Dr, Paul's speech in St. Cloud, Minnesota on Friday evening. Are guests invited?
Marchin' on...........


BOOM! Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOOM! Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muahahahaha trolls make my

Muahahahaha trolls make my day!
They make no sense!

romney will make sure that paul is out

romney will make sure that paul is out

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Romney WIll Make Sure

The GOP is out

Without RP I would probably

Without RP I would probably agree!
Meaning that Ron Paul Nomination is the only way!

Out of What? Romney is runnin

Out of What?
Romney is runnin Scared!

Cause Romney is runnin out of Delegates!

BTW... Ron Paul just accepted

BTW... Ron Paul just accepted an invitation to speak at the Texas State Convention!



Go Minnesota!

Keep up the good fight!

Boom! Winning!!!!!!!!!

Boom! Winning!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see the speech

that Ron gives there.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Gonna Be awesome!

Gonna Be awesome!

Hoping for a Ustream!!!!!

Hoping for a Ustream!!!!!


the campaign said in the email... Hmmm, following through as usual. 8)

Bump for

youthpastorkyle - and -

Minnesota ;)

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero



where is the cheese with the

where is the cheese with the wine? lmao