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More from Benton - Daily Caller interview

Guess he didn't get the nobody but Paul memo:

"...Benton said Romney will still have to work hard if he wants the votes of Paul’s supporters. “In a lot of ways, the ball is in the court of the Republican Party and in the court of Mitt Romney,” he said.

“If our people are treated with respect, if our ideas, their ideas, are embraced and treated seriously and treated with respect, I think the Republican Party has a very good chance of picking up a substantial number of their votes,” Benton said...."

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/15/ron-paul-campaign-rules-ou...


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i understand everyone's frustration...

and I thought the press release/campaign announcement was a mistake. But the campaign is heading to a Republican convention, and many people have worked hard to get involved in the GOP. For all those delegates (not the avg. Paul voter/supporter), should the campaign not TRY to give the GOP a chance to accept the activists into the party? It's unlikely that the Party would offer us anything of significance (and even less likely that they'd keep any pledge). But the delegate strategy is what it is, and those people have to work within the Party to achieve anything. As such (unless our numbers are much greater than any of us know), we cannot be seen to be a hostile force. Perhaps that is the reason the campaign essentially conceded the nomination on Monday.

I don't like it, and I wish we would have just won the popular vote (of course, then the establishment would be using the delegate strategy against us). Hell, we maybe should have went 3rd party after super Tuesday. But it's too late for that now. Being delegates and state Republican officials will pay off in the future if people stick with it. National politics will change if our people become the Party in the various states. There is a strategy here, although it will offend the sensibilities of many of us who have no interest in either of the two major parties. Change takes time, but we are making progress! Thank you Ron Paul!

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

I listened to Benton

on the audio clips and frankly, I'm sorry, he turns my stomach. I'm not voting for Romney. I don't vote for someone because of someone elses endorsement and I no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. I also do not particularly like Rand Paul so he can endorse whomever he likes. I just think Benton is an embarrassment.

I think I understand what's

I think I understand what's going on. The mainstream media has been going on & on about the "plans" Ron Paul has to disrupt the RNC which isn't true. I think this is the GOP strategy to keep Paul from getting the nomination. Now that our supporters & delegates understand that the "unit rule" is not legally binding and Rule 38 basically allows delegates to vote for whom they want, that includes delegates who do not support Paul. Santorum delegates can essentially break the unit rule on round 1 also & vote for Romney if they want. Had the unit rule been forced, it most likely would've worked in Paul's favor because he's doing so well at the conventions. But we all believe in principles & the Constitution. To enforce the unit rule would allow the Republican Party to continue saying that delegates are "slaves" to candidates they may no longer vote for in good conscience. I just read about an RNC rule that allows the Republican Party to pretty much stop the convention in favor of a straight vote for president and vice-president in the event there are disruptions at the RNC (but I do not understand it completely). I think it is 37e. Since the RNC is not favorable to Ron Paul's ideas at this time, that's all it would take for them to shut everything down (just like the Oklahoma convention) in order to do what they want. This may be the reasoning the GOP is using to get away with it (disruptions, chaos, & mayhem.....regardless of how it starts). They are trying to stir up the anger in Paul supporters. The mainstream media is setting up the Paul people. The chaos may very well begin with Santorum/Romney/Gingrich delegates at the RNC but will be blamed on Paul supporters (take videos!). But even with a Romney checkmate at this point, Dr. Paul wants as many delegates there as possible. They can influence the platform because Paul supporters most likely will not vote for Romney. And even if Romney does get the Paul votes, Rasmussen has him still trailing Obama. If the delegates stay respectful, go by the rules, & have video proof, it would be to our benefit. If the Paul delegates attempt to break the unit rule, all chaos is going to happen & the way it's going right now at conventions, I suspect that's going to happen. The last thing Dr. Paul wants is violence. He does support civil disobedience but if we do not show respect for other delegates who support other candidates, it will all be for naught. At this point, I'm beginning to understand where we are. We are making massive great strides in reshaping the GOP. We will continue to do so. As far as the possibility of Paul winning the nomination, I'm beginning to understand where he's at. Really, I'm beginning to see the only way he can get the nomination is for the Romney/Gingrich/Santorum delegates (who truly support them) to understand what's at stake. They don't understand why Paul is so popular. Many on their side simply want to beat him. They don't understand that he's trying to save this country from collapse and liberties lost. None of us really want the collapse to come. We'd all like to have a normal, everyday peaceful life. If it comes before the RNC, it is possible that supporters of other candidates may understand better what is happening. If not then, by fall they will. It is better to be respectful than to inflame anger that could lead to violence. We're seeing the beginning signs of that now. And with the media's complicity to go along with the anti-Paul sentiment, we will be blamed when we were simply trying to do what we knew was best to preserve freedom. It's not over. Greece is on it's way out. The economies are about to collapse because as Dr. Paul has said, "The markets are stronger than the manipulation". This now should be hard work to get as many delegates as possible. And to continue to educate our fellow Americans on the coming currency crisis, our history, and freedom. It is through this hard work that so many people have joined the movement to return our country to a Constitutional republic. It's not over.

well stated...

many of us despise the GOP and the "conservative" thought leaders; that's why it's so difficult to see our movement as part of this God-forsaken Party. I wonder if delegate votes at the convention are public (I would assume they are)? I hope the campaign has some sort of plan for the convention, itself. Not just vote Romney, listen to all kinds of talk about American exceptionalism and Reagan, and go home.

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

That ...

... Is a very thoughtful summary.

No Answer

This statement is so outrageous that I cannot even begin to think of an answer.

I will only vote for Ron Paul

and not the Republican version of Obama, Mitt Romney!


If, unlikely, but...

... if Paul is not the GOP Nominee, Johnson will poll at least 18% to 20% initially (that is Paul's 10% to 15% nationwide and the solid long-term Libertarian vote), which will bring Romney down into the twenties, at which point more Republicans might jump ship. Romney is their default option - no excitement there, just the anyone-but-Obama candidate.

Whatever the outcome, the Libertarian Party is the big winner in November 2012, if Paul is not the GOP nominee. The party will become of age, a mainstream party with a fifth of the population backing it. It will take votes from both parties and ultimately could become dominant.

The two wings of the same predatory bird have overstayed their welcome. The country, especially the youth (which after all is the future) realizes that the parties that gave us $16 trillion in debt and going to $20 trillion by 2015 can no longer be trusted. Gary Johnson is the perfect candidate to bring about this transformation, in the absence of Ron Paul.

(Rand Paul went to Washington to change Washington, and he is doing a good job, but pressure from the GOP Politburo is beginning to tell, that is, if he endorses Mitt Romney. It is just insane. Mitt Romney is a kid in a silk suit with a sharp pencil who has the backing of the same people who back Obama. He is clueless when it comes to Constitutional matters. He is the 1% personified and a closeted Democrat at heart. Voting is a matter of conscience. No one should allow others to force him or her into endorsing a candidate that is the antitheses of what he/she believes in.)

Plano TX

Fire Benton Money Bomb!

I will not continue to donate unless Benton is FIRED at this point!

We are the Ron Paul Revolution and how DARE Benton speak on our behalf!

Benton hijacker flim flam hara - kiri *

Benton getting a pink slip? - Sacrifice being made to the media gods? Stirring up controversy? What a strategy - Fall on Sword?

*sep·pu·ku (s p -k , s -p -). n. Ritual suicide by disembowelment formerly practiced by Japanese samurai. Also called hara-kiri.

I was voted down yesterday when I was under the impression that Benton green-lighted the abandonment of Rule 11. Puzzled no more.
And voted down today too, Go figure. Maybe listen to this as well.

I live in Texas and have not visited Diebold yet.

Please speak for yourself from now on Jesse.

I, for one, will never support Romney or any other neocon. All I ever ask someone telling me to vote for the Republican "presumptive nominee" Mitt Romney is: explain any difference between Romney and Obama. Just one substantial policy issue. Can't do it? Me neither.

A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

Is Texas' Glenn Addison the Man for The Senate

Glenn Addison, the real Liberty candidate for the Texas Senate race, endorses Ron Paul and talks about the shortcomings of Ted Cruz and how Benton has negatively affected Paul’s campaign and influenced Rand negatively as well. Also, how he played a role in Ron endorsing Goldman Sachs candidate Cruz.
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Benton getting a pink slip? - Sacrifice being made to the media gods? Stirring up controversy? What a strategy - Fall on Sword?

Yes, Glen Addison...

... another Rand Paul mistaken endorsement of Cruz... we need to remain vigilant...

Plano TX



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