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Full Audio of Jesse Benton Conference Call With The Media - 5/15/2012


Larry Sinclair thought it would be nice to get the entire call out to the grassroots without a media filter, thank you Mr. Sinclair and Sinclair News!

Earlier, thread with partial recording.

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wow took alot of things out of this .. benton is a gamer... there is a plan to make this work ! come on people think on another level... but i still love ya ...

gary gettis

Please Bump this humble notion for all concerned supporters...

Let me break it down for you. This is chess not checkers. It's Ron Paul's job to defend and promote liberty and never compromise. It is the job of jessie and the campaign to use rhetoric in a high stakes poker game with the GOP being the prize. The campaign expects dedicated supporters to keep their eyes on the prize and not to pay attention to mere rhetoric and are of the opinion that if you are so fickle that you could get lost, confused and "butt hurt" due to ambiguous drivel than good riddance because you are a liability to the campaign and not an asset. What some here think they heard was an exaultation of Romney republicanism and the disregard of a proven constitutionalist (gj) ask yourself, is that really what I heard? Jessie and the campaign do not dictate rp's message or priorities, they run a campaign to reach the hearts and minds of those that are entrenched in the false left/right paradigm. Those that put the criteria of partisianship before all else when they vote. His gj statement is just like his kusinich statement that was made after Paul had kind words for a (gasp) democrat and the hypothetical department of peace. Basically Jessie said, no we wouldn't really work with that guy. The reason- because of our parents of course, the ones who actually watch the lame stream news. Their generation along with too many from our own are not "critical thinkers." is this beginning to make sense? If Jessie wants to talk to the tried and true, he's got our email addresses. When he's talking to the media, he's working on not alienating your grandmother. I don't know about you but my grandmother would not vote for a republican who's campaign manager is OPENLY hostile to the GOP. Use your heads, remember none of this even came out of rons mouth. Pay Attention to actions not words.


Daniel Chase Powell
Washington State Ron Paul
Presidential Campaign Intern (Thurston Co.)

This guy sux!

What happened to the GOP doesn't recognize bound delegates???
If we have all those people as 'Bound' for Romney and turns out they aren't bound at all, then wtf??
What happened to them having the ability to 'Abstain' from voting?
They don't even know how the rest of it is going to turn out!
I'm very disappointed to say the least.
They should have been much more assertive to say the least!
Should have been much more assertive on the other issues instead of worrying about being blacklisted and labeled a conspiracy theorist, which is exactly what they did anyways! Santorum did as well as he did because he wasn't affraid to get in that water! Should have taken a page from him...
But don't worry, we haven't stopped fighting.
I just don't think it's as bad as they're making it out to be. Besides Romney is losing delegates everyday.
Should have addressed the issue of voter fraud and the electronic voting machines a long time ago instead of sticking their head in the sand. Please tell me how a guy that can barely fill a restraunt take in 70% of the vote when Paul is filling stadiums???
It's all BS! It's all rigged. I'm totally disgusted. If Paul doesn't will the nomination, you can forget about my vote because it's going to Gary Johnson. I refuse to accept the lessor of two evils. And if Paul endorses Romney, then he's not the person that I thought he was. You made your own bed GOP!

The Tampa Delegates Will Be Informed

Folks - The Tampa Delegates Will Be Informed About Exact Tactic Strategy as the national convention gets closer... Right now it's important for the campaign to not show the cards in this high stakes game going on here... For now we keep marching on with the campaign and have Faith that Dr. Paul, JB & Doug Wead know what they're doing... 

Specifics On Strategy to be used is still I believe TBD as things largely depend on the course of events that have yet to transpire... In the mean time the RP camp certainly has the resources to focus on managing delegates going into and conducting themselves at these GOP Conventions to help us better able to get a majority of RP supporters into Tampa regardless of "bounding" or "pledging" which seems to be evident we can quite possibly deal with that at Tampa according to RNC rules??? Wanna help maximize funding for this effort??? Then make the highest donation you can possibly afford in this upcoming May17th moneybomb...

Also Emphasize that the campaign has always maintained, it is highly unlikely for RP to get the nomination... "Highly Unlikely" is not the same as "No Chance" There's a difference... Besides, this statement isn't anything new from what Dr. Paul has been telling us all along... Why does it seem to be news now all of the sudden??? Folks We went into this knowing the cards were stacked against us... The same thing happened during the Revolutionary War but did that keep our founding fathers from pressing on??? The truth is we live in extraordinary times. Therefore in my opinion, we can say to expect the "Unforseen" and unexpected... Maybe we need some of this stuff to play out anyway to allow the ugly to rear it's head a bit so it becomes more evident to more people about just how much deep sh*t our country is in... 

Also the JB press conference is basically laying things on the table telling the Romney folks what's up such that they better realize we understand their weakness seeing they have no grassroots support only Wizard Of Oz Type Loud Speaker Lame Stream Media which everyone is growing to despise more and more by the day... and We The People as voting citizens within the Republican party better be given respect during these delegate conventions or else they are dead in the water when it comes to the general election since RP folks are now threatening to stay home or just simply write in Dr. Paul on election day... Possibly A guaranteed win for Obama, since considering how dirty the establishment is playing, allot of RP folks may already be convinced that really there is no difference between Obama or Romney... Hmmm Obamney??? So will the entire country just stay home on election day since there's really no one worth voting for if RP is out??? 

And the voting machines are rigged anyway - this has been largely proven... It's been shown that a 12 year old could write the program for these things... It's believed by many that the program has been used to only give Dr. Paul anywhere from 8% to 13% of the vote keeping it off from the 15% threshold required for anyone to get on the ballot... 

Also the public is angry over election fraud being carried out In the caucus states, since there's no way for the average citizen to cross check how precinct totals add up to state totals - No state sponsored websites accessible by the public to show actual precinct postings and how they add up to the state totals. Establishment Election Fraud Caucus State Tactics were brought to light in the Maine straw vote where we found that for the caucus states it appears they just refuse to include the precincts RP won into the state totals... 

I believe for a few reasons that the true amount of nationwide support for Dr. Paul is approximately 60% Whenever there were closely monitored & publicized caucuses, the vote counts ended up being about 60% votes for Dr. Paul... The famous late night caucus in Las Vegas on Feb4th was a great example... It was also disgusting how a good patriot had to fight to get into that caucus to monitor & help ensure that the vote count wasn't manipulated... He is also a credentialed delegate who attended the Nevada state GOP convention, so was I and it was truly inspiring to speak with him about that incident when we were at Sparks... Also the showing of delegates so far to the state GOP conventions are running an average of 60% majority credentialed delegates as Dr. Paul supporters... Also we could compare the massive crowd showing for Dr. Paul versus Mitt (who really doesn't seem to be it) Romney... Amongst other reasons, The fact that both Mitt & Obama are being largely financed by Goldman Sachs was a huge deciding factor for me and many others... The average rally crowd showing for Mitt Romney is around 100 to 300 people whereas the average rally crowd showing for Dr. Paul is anywhere from 3000 to 6000 people - More than any other presidential candidate in history... Another reason I am inclined to believe that Dr. Paul's true measure of support is in the majority is because the Romney folks seem to be concerned when the Paul folks say they'll stay home or write in Dr. Paul on election day... If they didn't think RP support was actually in the true majority, why would they even be concerned or themselves make statements indicating that they need the Paul vote to win??? 

The public is surely realizing that we have Essentially had our voting rights taken away from us between the rigged straw vote counts and now the dirty underhanded tricks being used against the Grassroots RP majority becoming evident by recently observing the OK & AZ state GOP convention establishment cheating tactics as well as what has transpired in other states OK & AZ being the worst treatment of RP supporters so far...

I'm sick of hearing about the RNC being a private organization and this makes them somehow exempt from causing to violate voting rights - since a case could be made that the RNC does in fact have a large influence in who gets on the general elections ballot. Thus they must be held to allow voting citizens participation in the delegate process of selecting the nominee instead of just locking the doors and shutting down the lights and calling security to bully these elected delegates from the premises after improperly adjourning the convention against RNC rules amongst other things like fake slates, uncredentialed guests participating in the voting, stuffing the ballot boxes etc... 

I wonder what would happen if we decided to not take issue with the extra guests and instead invited all of Dr. Paul's previous thousands of rallygoers to attend these GOP conventions as guests and then the Doctor could really give the Romney folks a taste of their own medicine eh??? Just a thought...

After everything that has transpired, The fact that the RNC is still refusing to back down about trying to hold Tampa to the binding rules based on fraudulent straw vote counts is nothing less than infuriating to the general public... 

I'm wondering if the RP campaign purposely left the delegates in OK & AZ Moreso on their own as a tester to the Romney folks to see the full Monte of what dirty crap they would pull at their state conventions essentially deeming the entire Republican Nomination process as rigged and against the wishes of the majority of voting citizens... Well we learned allot folks, how many other dirty tricks are in the Romney & RNC establishment gatekeeper bags??? 

Well now they are being cornered... JB has made it clear that the Romney & establishment better start playing nice in the sandbox or else consequences will prove to be very ugly either way they try to go about it... There will be hell to pay folks, it appears that we're just going to let things play out to see just how big of a hole they decide to dig for themselves...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

All In

I'm all in, no Question about that. I trust Dr. Paul's judgment and will do exactly what he wants his supporters to do. I will vote for whoever he ask me to vote for or not vote for. The man has never lied or cheated any of us, I do not believe he will start now. I suggest we all think about that.

dave anderson

What is happening!

There is an old saying that it is much better to have to tell a horse “whoa” than “getup”. The enthusiasm demonstrated by many is not bad at all and it is a wise move to tell people to “tone it down” for the “establishments” ears. There is no reason to upset anyone when you are in the drives seat.

Endorse Romney? Maybe. Gary Johnson? No way!

I'm part way through listening to the call. Initially, Jesse seemed more reasonable than I'd expected. Then.... He was asked if Dr. Paul would endorse Romney. He said there are no absolutes, we're talking to his people, maybe we'll get some goodies in the (meaningless) platform, then we'll think about it. He was asked about helping Gary Johnson and Jesse said, "Absolutely not."

I was stunned! Gary Johnson's views are far closer to Dr. Paul's than any other candidate. Like many of us here, we don't know if Jesse is talking for himself or for Dr. Paul. Either way, it represents a compromise of principles that I would never expect from someone who has stuck by his principles for 40 years.

If there's anything even remotely like an endorsement of Romney, I will be heartsick.

Insight from my wife

I was discussing this with my wife over dinner and she, being the smart woman she is, hit on the what I think is a likely explanation for the outright rejection of support for Gary Johnson. Dr. Paul wants to change the face of the Republican Party. Endorsing or supporting the Libertarian candidate is working at cross purposes. He's maintained throughout the campaign that he is a Republican and would not switch parties at this point.

Makes sense to me. That's why I married her!

Gary Johnson

Check out Johnson's view of preemptive war, and then get back to work for Ron Paul.

Apparently RP doesnt speak in absolutes

Unless it's regarding GJ. That bothered me too. I generally like GJ and am going to give serious consideration to voting for him (basically it all depends on how serious is about being prez I think Ron is going forward).

I do want to point out, however, that Ron has always said he was open to the idea of endorsing another candidate but it all depended on how much they would implement policies that Ron agrees with. But he's said it several times in debates and interviews.

Right now I really just want to hear from Ron himself.

Thank you

so much, Zak, for sharing this video. I stayed up very late watching it and tried to post a comment, but the Daily Paul was down!

Many here have complained that Jesse is blaming the Paul supporters for the recent violence/shenanigans at conventions. That is NOT what I heard. What I heard is that Dr. Paul desires "us' to be respectful, to act as Ron Paul would, etc. While I'm not sure why this is so, one thing does come to mind: When Ron Paul wins the nomination, IF "we" have acted respectfully, etc...it will go far towards building bridges between Paul supporters and those with opposing views. In addition, for those opponents who only get their news (propaganda) via MSM, it will go far towards allaying their fears about Paul and his supporters!

To newcomers: Please do not allow this recent influx of trolling at the Daily Paul make you 'turn tail and run'!! What you are witnessing, imo, is a concerted attempt to infiltrate this movement, overtake this movement, destroy this movement. This same nonsense happened the last election cycle, when I was rather new to politics. I got very confused, wanted to leave, would sometimes stay away for a day or so...but my hunger for freedom (for me AND my loved ones) made me return! :) I'm so glad I did! Eventually, "we" will all learn what this current campaign agenda is all about...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond


of whats transposed on here the past few days, we all still have one major objective...were in it to WIN IT! Our passions are on the line and we won't take a sword for the GOP, Neocons or Romney lovers. Win or lose we are taking this all the way in as strong a voice as possible!
Fill up the money bomb...let her blow and use bunches of it to get the delegates to Tampa!
Get Er Done Liberty Lovers!!!!!


comments on Benton's weird press conference:


I finally got the nerve to

I finally got the nerve to listen to this press conference...honestly, I have never felt so sold out in my entire life...the mere talk of Ron Paul even slightly going to endorse Mitt Romney..if he does this or that..or holding out for what might be good for Rand Paul is absurd.. Rand is a war monger..and Mitt is an idiot...and, I would not vote for either...we need real change now...it was this or nothing...as long as he continues to say he is still in the race...then I will be there...but what ever he may be leading to with this...i'm out...there was no defense of the way the delegates were treated...there was no defense of any questions about fund raising...they seriously acted like they did not want to upset the establishment...and no..i'm not a troll...I am a supporter who has been here from the very beginning...donations, sign waving in 10 degree temperatures in 2007....in charge of my district..i'm confused...

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

me too...

just completely and utterly confused.

taylor hazlehurst


First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you confuse them with false security, then you win.

It's what Sun Tzu and Gandhi would do.

Cuz yeah, right, after decades of consistently not compromising on principles or the truth... one day he said, "whatevs," and did? I don't think so.

I get that we've had so many leaders who would and have. I understand why we'd have Stockholm Syndrome, pick up a rock and nearly toss it at our own rescue forces. Instead, I choose to have a little faith. Do what's in front of me. I'm chipping in to the money bomb. I'm going to my meetups. I'm registering new 'Blue Republicans' before CA May 21 deadline. I'll make the phone calls because they asked for volunteers here. The rest is beyond my clearance grade - I'm a soldier, not an armchair general in this one.

The alternative would be goofy: I'm going to give up unprecedented accomplishments months in advance and all my principles (that aren't even selfishly for me) and do the wrong thing - just in case I may lose later? No thanks.

Oh yeah, hugs.

gg, you speak

for many of us here. But in fact, I am not sure the official campaign was ever much help to those of us doing the real work, and now that they have for whatever reason thrown in the towel, we can probably do just as well or better without them.

Even if we weren't going to

Even if we weren't going to get the nomination, why stop now? Right before the moneybomb and right as we were racking up major delegates at the state conventions. I would rather go to Tampa with as much momentum as possible even if we ended up not getting the nomination. Just makes no sense to me.

Not stopping. Just not spending in primary states.

There's a difference. He's on my ballot here. He's in the race and going to Tampa. I'll vote for him.

I'm glad I don't have to write him in :).

I wonder when Romney is going to ask his team for respect and decorum toward constituents? Lol.



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Same Twit

Isn't this the same twit that insulted Adam Kokesh? I don't pay much attention to stuff Jesse says. Only Doug!



on May 17th. In the conference call Jesse Benton said " we don't expect much on the May 17th moneybomb"

... I say one way to send a very clear message about the continuing strength of the rloveution and our commitment to liberty rising : donate early and often to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign tomorrow.

This was never about one man, never a cult of personality. This was never expected to be an easy fight. If Jesse Benton is a mole he is nevertheless powerless against the rloveution and unable to slow it down in any way. No amount of troll negativity can slow down this freight train of liberty rising. The whore media lies are ineffectual. The GOP establishment shills are useless against this unstoppable force for freedom. We The People have passed the tipping point. The snowball has crested the hill and is now rolling down the mountain gathering speed as it grows into an avalanche. Nothing can stop these infowarriors now. Obama, Romney, and their global government eugenics scheme is falling apart. Be the change in this world. Arrest the banksters and re-take the republic. RISE FOR LIBERTY !!!!!!!!




-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

I think everyone needs to read between the lines

Before voting down - hear me out.
1. They are saying the Presidency is dead and Mitt will win. Ok -hard to handle - but probably the truth(although some are saying they have a trick up their sleeve - I don't buy this having now read through the entire rules handbook - thanks nonna for the link ;)
2. Ron committed to the Republican party when he did not run 3rd party(Jesse also made it very clear when asked about Johnson that Ron is not going that way). So it should be clear to us that we are now focused on changing the party - we cannot take our ball and go home. And lets face it - we are actually winning some of these battles already at the state and local level. It is easier to buy out a struggling company and fix it than to start a new one.

People - I know it is hard to grasp - but we are the pawns on the board now - we are the bargaining chip of which the campaign is using to leverage the GOP to our way of thinking. Let's break down a few questions he took and see what I think he is really saying.

1. Flat out no third party - made it clear when asked about Johnson
2. CLEARLY left a Romney endorsement open - saying they don't deal in absolutes and that it may be possible.
3. Made is clear that the Romney camp and the GOP are two separate entities and it sounds like they are having good talks with Romney but not with the GOP.
4. When asked about the youth vote and an endorsement - Jesse makes it clear - give us what we want and we will ask them to vote for Romney.
5. He is asking for US and OUR ideas to be respected and embraced - sounds like a joke - but not really. This would be akin to Augusta actually allowing a woman member - it is THAT big. It means we are not longer kooky, crazy FRINGE people - it means more people can come out of the shadows and talk openly about these ideas without fear. It also sets up Rand for the future - it take the Paul name and makes it household instead of cult like.

I also hear Ron asking something of us - to open our minds and see the whole war - not the battle. He knows we need to keep the revolution alive and that HE is not going to be the leader anymore - he needs time for another leader to arise who's time has not yet come( I would assume Rand).
Now listen carefully before getting all crazy. It is clear Romney needs a Paul endorsement to win - nobody denies this(well except the GOP who probably don't care) - BUT - if we all swear to NOT vote Romney no matter what - doesn't that diminish the bargaining chip of the endorsement? Did you not hear Jesse - keep getting delegates and power - but be respectful AND change the party - do not crush it AND - he would not rule out a Romney endorsement. Sounds to me like there is some serious wheeling and dealing going on. What if we all say - we will do what Ron tells us to do - if he says vote Romney - then we will. If he does not - then we won't.
If we all say screw you we wont vote for Romney no matter what - won't Romney just say - well your endorsement isn't worth shit so I am not putting any of your ideas or policy in place and go away because you don't matter - why am I even talking to you?
But - if the word is that Romney can have our vote IF he meets certain demands - those demands are as good as gold.

Benton's Weird Concession Speech

Where is Ron Paul in all of this? Isn't the concession speech normally given by the candidate himself? Does he know that Benton has conceded? Did he know about Wead's almost equally surreal "announcement" the other night? It would be good to have a statement from him.

Yeah -

What's the problem with RP doing his *own* press conference??

Delegate Count

Jesse says that we have over 100 delegates and about 200 Romney bound delegates. By his numbers, that looks like 300-400 Ron Paul to 700 Mitt Romney? How is this race even close to being over? I don't understand how he could believe Romney has it in the bag with that knowledge at hand.

Does he really believe we can't take the nomination or are they playing the media?

Possible Theory: We may end up having enough delegates to keep Romney from the 1144 only if Santorum and Gingrich supporters remain bound to their respective candidates. However, Santorum and Gingrich have the ability to release those delegates. Could they be trying to prevent this in order to make it through the first ballot?

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

Building a foundation for tomorrow? Thats tricky people

With either Romney or Obama I don't like that as the first step towards tomorrow. I'm voting by writing in Paul, and promoting a write in campaign. Allow more of our Liberties to be stolen and hope to get them back tomorrow? I'm drawing the personal line in the sand here

On the subject of being nice? The way we were treated and cheated and "Now WE" should be nice. Oh, I'll be nice . My only regret is that I have but one vote to give to the cause of Liberty.

1)Screw The GOP and Dem's. 2) Screw the Media for being lap dogs instead of watchdogs. 3)Y'all can stay home and whine or proudly go cast your vote with a "nice" smile on your face like I intent to do. A Write In for My President choice (Dr Ronald Ernest Paul). Just Like That. I'll be nice , I'll smile and I'll sure as hell won't feel like I did back in 2008. I swore back then after pinching my nose and voting for McLame and then still losing that I'll never pinch my nose again. That would make me like Santorum and not like Paul. I ain't taken one for the team ever again.

I Learned one important lesson from that man Dr Paul. Conviction to principles. I'll vote for the local people that say what I want to hear in hopes to build our platform . I won't be convinced that they will vote with the same convictions that Dr Paul has but what choice do I have. Build the foundation for the future that way, but then voting for Romney would be counter productive to that future.

Nothing Romney could say or do will win my vote and for all you people that take the position that a vote cast for Paul is a vote cast for Obama ... Screw you

Sprout's picture

Well said!

There is no way I am going to vote for someone who said he'd have signed the NDAA bill had he been president. That law (promoted by Republicans and Democrats alike) allows the military to put people in prison indefinitely without a trial! So I will NOT vote for Romney. I also will write in Ron Paul.


silence is golden

this was probably the worst thing the strategy team could have done announcing no involvement in primary states...why announce it...it's like a general saying..."we're taking resources away from the left front" to the enemy...obviously has never read the Art of War