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Ben Swann perplexed by Benton email

From the Ben Swann WXIX Facebook account:

What is going on with the Ron Paul Campaign?

The national media got the story wrong about Paul "dropping out" but then comes an email from Jesse Benton to supporters. I have been forwarded this email and asked to explain it. Frankly, I cannot.

I will continue to look into the issue but the bottomline is that the delegate fight IS going to Paul, so why back down? Staying humble and keeping your head down during the fight makes sense. Sending your supporters a note to say, "We aren't going to win but keep sending us money!" That doesn't compute.

Also, why would Jesse Benton be using the AP delegate count? I don't have any insider information, but I will start digging. If you have insider knowledge.. hit me up bswann@fox19.com

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Be as perplexed as you want to be. Just keep fighting.

I didn't hear a bell, or a whistle, or a new president being sworn in...Did you? Game on! Fight on!

No, I heard the head of the campaign saying Ron Paul can't win.

...while referencing bogus delegate numbers from the AP... Something very odd is going on. We have the most successful two weeks of the campaign and Doug Wead telling us the momentum is off the charts and not to believe the delegate count being reported by the AP.... a few days latter the head of the campaign tells us Ron Paul can't win and the goal now is to "effect the republican platform" Give me a fucking break! I feel like throwing up!

I'm telling you, it's not over.



We never really got much help from the "official campaign" anyway. Let's just move ahead and get as many delegates as we can.


...you say it like the campaign is AGAINST us working the delegate strategy? But that is EXACTLY what the announcement responsible for all this consternation said to do: keep working the delegate strategy, and devote all resources to it.

This meme that somehow the campaign is against us continuing the delegate strategy needs to be put to rest - it is simply false.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


I never said they were hostile to gaining delegates, and have never seen where anybody at all said such a thing.

I've changed my mind. I'm

I've changed my mind. I'm over it. lol

I probably will donate. I want to see more of RP delegates elected and as far as I care that's a good enough cause. I hope everyone in the states not chosen yet are still on board.



come on you guys...

Do your homework! Jesse Benton is the good Dr's. son in law for crying out loud. Check page 9 of the cookbook and get a grip! Donate on the 17th!

That doesn't make him qualified

to run a presidential campaign.

But deliberate sabotage???

But he certainly wouldn't sabotage him deliberately and that seems to be the implication here

I like Jesse

I think he is very skilled and is not bad at running the campaign, but I think there are better people for the job, especially at this stage.

I seriously, seriously don't want to sew any seeds of dissent. Maybe I'm wrong and Jesse is doing much better than I realize. But as of this moment, I find myself recommending that he step aside and guide someone else into his position. (Or maybe it's a good time for that position to simply phase out? Not all offices must be filled.)

Even a "Rent a CEO" might be a good idea. There are firms that hire out temporary executives, and they can probably take over in very short time. The track record for such companies is usually very good. Someone with a Peter Schiff type of mind would be nice, since we're past the point where we need a friendly handsome face to introduce the campaign.

But really, campaign manager might not be a necessary office at this time.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

YEP. Jesse needs to step

YEP. Jesse needs to step down....


2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I agree, David.

Benton's resignation would be a good idea.

Not sure about that

A resignation would tend to reinforce the incorrect belief that some people got that the campaign is "ending". If he were to transition someone into his position, it would be much more positive all around.

The best thing would be for him to learn from his mistakes and adapt. Other than that, simply keeping his hands off might be a good idea.

It's one of the hardest things for someone in a position of authority to do. When you're placed somewhere in a position of power because of your unique knowledge, skills, and abilities, then it feels as though you MUST do something, even when there's nothing to do. Stepping back when the engine is already running alright is very hard to do. It feels wrong not to try to tweak it and tune it.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Double post

Double post

I agree with Ben Swann. I am

I agree with Ben Swann. I am actually Wondering myself if Jesse works for the Romney campaign. I see all these threads saying that Benton has this superhuman strategy and thanking him. For what??? Dividing everyone right now? Bringing in this negativity? And it's upsetting to see the people who are pointing out that "Benton is the issue" being lambasted.

Can Jesse step down for his comments, and Ron Paul make an announcement that there has been a misunderstanding. Things are getting out of hand here. Jesse even said Rand Paul is going to get behind Romney in so many words. As if that was really necessary to announce right now. Benton gave up. Let him go and do his thing somewhere else. Ron Paul is the one we support. THIS ISN"T OVER Jesse.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

What I don't like is that

What I don't like is that Jesse says that we all know that Dr Paul doesn't speak in absolutes in response to whether Dr Paul will endorse Romney.. Then the next question/response was would Ron Paul support Gary Johnson, and Jesse says "there's no chance we'll get behind Gary Johnson" I remember at the debates where Gary Johnson was in the debate, that Gary Johnson actually said he looked up to Ron Paul. Wouldn't someone who is more on the same lines as Ron Paul be more likely to garner support from the said candidate? I know he is running on the Libertarian ticket, but so did Ron Paul in 1988. It sounds as though Jesse is speaking out of turn if you ask me. He shouldn't be responding to one question like he is representing the fact that he can't predict Ron Paul's endorsements, and then in his next breath say more or less that there is no way in heck that Paul will endorse Johnson.

I noticed that too

But after reading many pages of posts around here, I think this whole thing was for the MSM. Jesse was probably on the phone to Gary right after saying "Hey man don't believe that. It was only for those msm guys. We like what you do. Keep up the good work man"

If they did threaten him

How do you think he would react? If he was threatened in anyway, he MUST let us know! Something doesn't seem right, that is for sure.
I hope he wasn't. His son, Rand, is the one who has a bigger target than Ron and I hope he is taking every precaution every single day.
I 100% positively believe we should have threatened another American Revolution or it should have happened by now. It's going to happen and I don't think we should wait til something happens to Ron or Rand or anybody else for that matter who are fighting the same fight. People is 3rd world countries have had revolutions against their government and they won with just rocks, sticks and fire. We are the most heavely armed ppl inthe world, I think all we need to do is threaten the United States Government and all their bankster buddies and corrupt politicians will meet our demands.
Ill tell you what, my good friend works for the Department of Defense and he tells me there is no country in the world that can come close to beating our country in a war. The only people on this planet that CAN stop the US government and the military in it's tracks are the American People. He has stated that the White House and everyone at the DOD knows this. If lines were drawn in the sand, the US military and 95% of the soldiers would fight with us. The controllers in DC are litarally scared of the American people and he says that they are beyond paranoid. The US government, right now, are arming local law enforcement agencies to the teeth. The dumb brainwashed cops are all they've got. Most cops are not awake but my buddy, who is also a NAVY SEAL, says that most of the soldiers are awake. Something we never heard about when the war drums were beating and Obama was ready to attack Iran, LOTS of soldiers spoke up and said they will not fight a war with Iran because our national security is not threatened by them.
I could get into a ton of stuff he has said but I think their is enough talk the way it is and we MUST do something, whatever that may be like right now or we won't stand a chance if we try and do this 10 yrs from now. Ok, this one is pretty freightening but Im spilling it.
The US gov scientists are way past what we can even imagine when it comes to Genetic Engineering and cloning and all that stuff. There has been a human cloning program going on for 25-35 yrs at secret military bases and underground and underwater research facilities. They are able to genetically modify DNA and create a human clone that is completely obedient, emotionless and created for specific tasks, like a super soldier built to kill and that is it. He says they are empty as in, they lack that thing inside that we call a spirit or soul. The scientists working at these facilities are close to being able to actually locate a spirit or soul on the other side and pulling it into a this life using their human clone program. Ok that really didn't matter but the point Im making is this is what we will be up against if we try to revolt against our government later rather than now. 1,000,000 of these modified human super soldiers, maybe more and our chances don't look so good. I trust everything my buddy has ever told me. Ive known him for 23 yrs. He has a very high security clearence. He is one of the highest there is, Ill just say he is top 25.
This is a lot to take in, but this is pretty much how he broke it down to me over Christmas.
So it is very important to act now if we want to take our country back. We could still threaten violence and reovolution and prob get them to back down but real soon, if we use threats, they won't even say “bring it” they will just release the hounds. I don't know what Im risking by sharing what I have just told the whole DP but I know this stuff is just small fries to those in black projects so Im hoping I won't be dragged away tonight. I honestly do not care because if we don't do something now, Id probably be going to the same place anyway.
I understand Im going to get thrashed by some ppl and called a liar, save your energy, Im not going to respond to you or anybody else for that matter. Believe it or don't believe it. It's your call but the point remains, We MUST do something now.

Interesting post. No, I'm

Interesting post. No, I'm not calling you a liar. I feel your frustration. You might be surprised to learn that many people already know all this. It's not really news, albeit I do grant some of your assertions are too far out there for most people. It doesn't mean you are wrong. But the very last and least prudent strategy to take our country back is by threatening violence. Don't take the bait. The very forces you're raging against are trolling big time, hoping people will react, in kind, in the very way you've proposed. We need to be smarter than that.

My take of this whole thing? It's pretty clear that, yes, Dr. Paul has been threatened in some way. Jesse Benton's incoherence and utter incompetence can signal nothing other than this conclusion. This isn't rocket science. It's actually quite predictable. Benton's choice of words make absolutely no sense on face value, so what one must conclude is Ron Paul has been backed up against a wall and has been given no other choice but to shift gears. He doesn't need to come out and tell us directly he's been threatened. The campaign's actions have done so already. Conclusively.

So why not bow out completely then? Because giving up entirely would not be credible. Even the most naive Ron Paul supporters would see right through it and would understand something diabolical was going on behind the scenes, and this would stir up an undesirable backlash among the grassroots. The establishment's objective, nonetheless, is to humor our tireless group of irate patriots. They are perfectly content with Ron Paul remaining in the arena, as a Water Boy or a Cheerleader... so to placate the restless natives who, as your post indicates, are on the verge of revolution. But here's the chess move that Ron Paul just played: he is also banking on something the establishment does not fully understand; namely, that his supporters will not retreat even while he announces he is in the game merely to influence the party platform; once he backs away and we supporters continue to carry the torch, he can demonstrate the r3volution is an organic phenomenon and is essentially out of his control, i.e. it is not a cult of personality. Establishing this will neutralize whatever threat was levied against him, per se. Honestly, it's the only way to neutralize whatever threat they made.

We need to play this out and continue to do what we've been doing. The next move is ours.

It does appear that someone has been threatened but

it doesn't make sense to continue the Delegate strategy if this is the case. Winning the conventions is what would bring about a threat so Dr. Paul should be telling us to forget the conventions for the moment and put every effort into winning Texas and California. Why would the deal be that it is ok for your supporters to keep taking over the state conventions and then state that Romney is only a couple of hundred delegates away from the nomination?


That is the best and most

That is the best and most pragmatic post I've seen here. Thank you!

you need to

lay off the magic mushrooms and come back to reality a little bit!

you need to

lay off the magic mushrooms and come back to reality a little bit!

Say What?

Your quote "The US gov scientists are way past what we can even imagine when it comes to Genetic Engineering and cloning and all that stuff. There has been a human cloning program going on for 25-35 yrs at secret military bases and underground and underwater research facilities. They are able to genetically modify DNA and create a human clone that is completely obedient, emotionless and created for specific tasks, like a super soldier built to kill and that is it. He says they are empty as in, they lack that thing inside that we call a spirit or soul"

I hope you are smoking that stuff indoors where you will not get bagged!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I believe you

I think threats were made but we all knew it could happen. I believe Dr Paul is prepared to give his life for his mission but TPTB can do much worst. I can think of a few scenario at the RNC.

If there ever was a time in history for God to prove he exists, NOW would be a good time to perform a miracle and help his Patriots win the good fight.

Stay safe everyone!



Why did you delete your

Why did you delete your comment?