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Daily Paul Moneybomb For Delegates

Its time to decentralize donations. We need to get our delegates to state and national conventions. We need people willing to make a stand for peace, liberty, and fiscal sanity. This means we need a trusted source, like the DAILY PAUL to organize travel grants for the delegates. We need a moneybomb to fund the travel grants! Any lawyers out there? If Ron Paul is not running we can draft him once we get to the convention. If Ron Paul cuts a deal, then we can have our cake and eat it too. In the mean time lets get our voices heard. The Daily Paul can give it transparency-- all who agree to a travel grant will be published.

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Sung Song National Alternate Delegate Money Bomb!!!


During the Texas GOP Convention, I was recently selected as an alternate delegate to the RNC in Tampa, FL!!!
The costs are estimated to be $3000+ to $4000+. My chip in goal is $2000, and I can scrape together the rest. I have exhausted my reserves and now need to ask for help.

I have donated $2000+ over the years directly to campaign, organized and fund raised for a major RP parade float, campaigned for several delegates by printing flyers at Texas GOP convention (from my own expense), helped organize a caravan to Austin for a Ron Paul rally, donated my time and resources to numerous Ron Paul events locally in the DFW area.

If you cannot help with chip in, please you can help by giving my DP page an up vote, promote my chipin, or leave a comment.


Is Michael Set Up

to be able to handle the kind of logistics and coordination it would take to pass all the money about to come his way to the right places?

I would love to talk (or email) to Michael in person. I trust the Daily Paul and we need a way to continue the revolution. Continuing the revolution will take money and coordination. But I really don't trust any of the PACs right now...

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Unfortunately, I'm not set up to do this

It would be a big job, and a big responsibility to collect a bunch of money and dole it out to those and need - not to mention vetting individuals as to their need. I'm not sure of the legalities, either.

What I would suggest, as someone below suggested, that a centralized delegate page be set up - a place where any delegate could post a chipin. Or perhaps state delegations could organize to post chipins for their states.

Is there someone here who would like to take on that responsibility?

Good idea

I think this is a really good idea. I hope that it catches traction. I will definitely donate.

how does it work?

How can we set up a money bomb like the usual one that appears from time to time on the front page. If we could have this set up and managed by a reputable member (or whatnot) I, and I'm sure thousands ofothers, would gladly pitch in. I would Love to give money to Assure our delegate get where they need to go.

I am a delegate in tx

I need at least 600 to go to fort worth. I live 10hrs away from the convention and im fraking out. Im acared i wont be able to make it

I have been posting for almost a week about this

We should relieve the burden of "NOT KNOWING HOW THEY WILL GET TO THE CONVENTIONS" for those Delegates who are stressing about finances. The Delegates are our voice at these conventions. Let the Delegates concentrate on the job that they need to do, which is enough to stress about.

Let us do this and show our support!

I am not a techy, but someone here at the DP is. Just do it!

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

There are donation sites for delegates

We need to compile a list of donation sites for delegates. I will start looking for the information. IF anyone knows a donation site, post here. It would be great if the daily paul itself could participate or at least give us some transparency and publicize this list!