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Ron Paul was referring to us in this statement.

Ron Paul's Speech After New Hampshire Primary 2012:

“Same way with economic freedom. It should bring people together. And I think this is one reason people worry about, ‘How are you ever going to put the coalition?’ Oh no, they don’t want a coalition. They’d say, ‘How are you going to compromise and give up some of your beliefs in order to get some things passed?’

You don’t have to compromise. What you have to do is emphasize the coalitions – that people want their freedoms for different reasons and bring them together.

He made this statement for me and I feel for others too, for a time such as this.

We've had plenty of examples that absolutes do not work especially in politics. We don't know all the details about what's going on in the campaign, obviously. For me, it all started with Doug Wead's seemingly botched "big news" announcement last week. The reality is that there was neither a big news, nor was the announcement botched. It was what it was, some of us made a big deal out of it, including myself. It was a non-issue!

I would rather not believe in absolutes - Ron Paul does not and I see that it works pretty well. Ron Paul also "would not force his ideas least he be like his opponents." I will try my best to not be forceful.

Ron Paul is not the reactionary type unlike many of us on this website. As for his motifs to stay in politics, listen to the interview of Carol Paul with Peter Schieff. He did eat right all his life, so that he can be in great shape when we need him the most. Instead of enjoying his grandchildren during his last years, he travels all over the country inspiring people and serving us all. His motif has been LOVE all along.

Take it easy. You are not compromising anything. I know that Ron Paul is not compromising anything. He keeps on fighting. We should stay focused. Let's not make a big deal out of something that history will prove to be a non-issue. All the quarrels, accusations, intrigues, all of this is non-essential in the long run. We are not going to win people by showing disrespect. Fast if you have to and humble yourself before you go to a convention, but please remain respectful. We are winning! Stay focused on the long term goal! Be respectful!

I wanted to throw these thoughts out there. There is so much negativity flowing out of many threads on this site. The transformation of this site from a positive and informational site to a negative and absolutely confusing place is completely unnecessary. Get a grip on your emotions, people! Don't let fear trip you over. Be prepared! And do not ever forget that "the future is liberty, not tyranny and not big government."

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