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Our Opponents Can LITERALLY Print Money!

Did we forget that fact somewhere along the line? Romney, Obama- it doesn't matter to them. And they'll print a TRILLION dollars if that's what it takes to make it happen. Why should they care- IT'S JUST PAPER! Our "money bombs" are symbolic "bottle rockets" against a MONOPOLY that owns a gunpowder factory.

The American "monetary system" is screwed, just as it was designed to do. The FED has done its job (along with all of the other "Central Banks"). It's buried America (and every other nation with a central bank) in a mountain of unpayable debt to a handful of private bankers. Next step- global currency and all of the enforcement apparatus that goes with it. Wash, rinse and repeat. We're currently in "the rinse cycle". They're squeezing out those last few drops of real value.

As much as I love the truth and purity of Ron Paul, his ideas would only work in a world of honest, ethical people. Did we really think the bad guys would just rollover and say, "Awww shucks... you caught us. I guess we've gotta start playing straight now...". They're NOT going to do that anymore than King George III said, "Ah dammit- you're right".

The Revolution for human freedom and dignity that founded this country wasn't won through pleading and petitioning the grievances of the people with "the powers that be" or through an honest vote at the ballot box. I suspect this time won't be any different. If it is, it'll be the first in human history. Tyrants and would-be Pharoahs never leave due to a crisis of conscience or because "it's the right thing to do". They leave when the people have had enough.

Be smart-

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had enough

when will it be enough. they steal our money our right to free associate or contract,our right of defense guns etc., our right to travel, or privacy, our healthcare, our ability to make health, food, lightbulb or any other choice yet no resistance yet.

what happened to a constitutionally limited republic from our founding with people with backbone to uphold it.