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Let me straighten this out for you. Look at the FACTS.

We are all feeling deflated. Got it. I know. Benton's comments are insulting and discouraging...settling for a talking spot?

Look I got it. But these are facts speaking...with a little interjection from my opinionated mind. When we lost big on Super Tuesday we all felt low, felt like giving up. That's why I wrote "giving up" reminding all of you that WE don't have a choice but to press on! What is the alternative? Simply give into the attacks on free speech? Give up on the Bill of Rights? Give up on the ONLY man fighting for US, WE THE PEOPLE? I don't think so. We all know harsh times are upon us...He is our torch bearer! I digress...

Many of us saw Doug Wead say...expect the attacks, we are winning, time to shift gears...he took some of our ideas into consideration...

And he told us to have the delegates email him, and they would work out a plan. This sounds organized. This sounds like a plan. Paul knows us. He isn't giving up. It sounds to me like when the time is right our delegates, who need to know, WILL know the plan.

We are under attack by the media and again, we all know it! But continue to look at the facts. Paul is focusing on the conventions, where MOST of the delegates are still to be determined. Look how we did in the first few conventions! As Sheen would say, WINNING. Paul is making the right move and MAYBE Benton is throwing the media off our trail. We know the masses will listen to what they say, but us? We KNOW the media is lying...we've seen it. From votes, to delegates, to rallies, to conventions, to Paul's history...WE KNOW THEY LIE. I am keeping my head up and keeping faith in Ron Paul. The man who has stood the test of time in congress as the SOLE beacon for liberty. I trust this man to make the right call. I trust his strategy, just as I would trust him as my commander in chief.

Why would Doug say to expect the attacks? Why did he warn us if it wouldn't a significant attack?? We are organized, we are smart. We know we are winning! They are focusing on the conventions and hopefully this means that we will win even more delegates at the coming state conventions!

I hope Benton is just throwing out some flares to get the missiles of the masses off our backs...one thing is for sure...we all want to smack him. Remember this...The very delegate numbers that Benton was even referencing were WRONG. We KNOW THIS. CNN shows Romney with the numbers that Benton referenced. CNN shows Iowa still split. Shows Nevada as still belonging to Romney.

No one knows the delegate count. This alone discredits Benton's fat mouth.

Whatever the point of all that was, this is the final stage. This is where WE WIN! Don't give up. Don't stop contributing. When it's all said and done our movement will have grown and our country will be closer to salvation and restoration.

Whether we like it or not we all know Ron Paul is STILL our leader. He isn't done. It's only done when he says it is and then, I'll take what he says to heart and continue our fight.*

Our Founders expected us to fight our government. The current government expects us to fight amongst ourselves. What will it be?



*unless it's the endorsement of Romney. At that point, I'll be looking to you ALL for emotional support...believe me.

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LOL..you quoted Charlie Sheen


Well said platoonleader. It

Well said platoonleader. It wouldn't make sense for Ron Paul to drop out when the delegates are winning.



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Good post!

And this is the correct outlook.

When the enemy goes on the attack patriots don't get discouraged, they fight even harder!

Press on People

we have 48 hours until the next money bomb. Lets scare the crap out of the msm


This is the kind of stuff that adds fuel to the fire!

You damn right we are winning..and you damn right theres a money bomb tomorrow! Im IN! (i dont think Ive missed one yet..why miss this one??) We have only begun this fight..its a 12 rounder. Round one is in the books and WE ARE THE ONES WHO SCORED A KNOCK DOWN! We need a KNOCK OUT..its going to be a tough fight people..but our Fore Fathers are counting on us to continue..and Im going to.

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The Founders expected us to

The Founders expected us to fight our government...the establishment expects us to fight amongst ourselves.. what will it be?

Hmmm, I don't feel deflated...

In fact, I feel so confident that I'm tripling my MB donation. I sold some stuff today, got paid a couple of days ago, plus I can't buy RP shirts since they're out of my size (that part I'm not too happy about).

I even can't wait for the government to track my CC donation - I WANT them to know how much I'm puting toward the RP Money Bomb!

Bombs awaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

That's what I'm talking

That's what I'm talking about! I'm not sure what I'm going to buy yet...But I think I'll make a night of it and put signs up all over my town in KY at night...in the morning there will be Ron Paul Balloons on signs, signs all over the place. I'm just going to litter my town with support...It's an Idea anyway...


would he reference that bogus delegate count? Makes you think.

Moneybomb starting tomorrow!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

That's why I pointed that

That's why I pointed that out. You would certainly think he knows better...which makes me think it's a part of a strategy. Especially since the campaign was hunting delegates...you'd think they know how to count them...or is it just the DP?


I saw it as red meat for the press but who knows?

Keep keeping on.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

I think they're feeding the

I think they're feeding the masses their dose of BS and then continuing with the sheening. Winning that is.