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What DailyPaulers need to know about Factionalism


From wikipedia, "[t]he existence of a factional system can have serious negative consequences for a political organization. If factional strife becomes intensive and public, the organization may suffer from perceptions of disunity. Taken one step further, if the conflict is particularly severe, it may cause ruptures within the organization that seriously impede its effectiveness, leading to break-up or collapse of the organization." see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_faction#Effects_of_fa...

Now, let's read some recent history:

Published in the (publicly available) "CointelPro Papers," several memos discuss FBI recommendations (aka "action programs") designed to "cripple or destroy" the growing Communist Party of the United States. Specifically the plan was to shift their energies away from previous projects of "harassment" and into a deliberate campaign of "disruption."

In a letter from A. Belmont, head of FBI's Internal Security Section to L.V. Boardman, Cheif of Counterintelligence dated Aug 28, 1956:

"During its investigation of the Communist Party, FBI sought to capitalize on incidents involving the Party and its' leaders in order to foster factionalism. The purpose was to bring the Communist Party and its leaders into disrepute before the American public and cause confusion and dissatisfaction among rank-and-file members of the Party."

See "The Cointelpro Papers" 1990 by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall for more information.

In summary: In any political organization there are likely to be many highly passionate people. If these people ever start to become a driving force in U.S. policy then history has proved that steps will be taken to marginalize them.

The rEVOLution seeks to do a lot. If you asked 10 people in our movement what the rEVOLution means you might get 10 different answers. Perhaps cheif amongst them - Love. Unity. Liberty. Freedom. Bring troops home/end Imperialism. Sound Money/End the Fed. Restore the Consitution where the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property. To others, it's a philisophical journey. A spiritual one.

But as we begin to succeed in our objectives we are surely becoming a threat to today's J. Edgar Hoover. And if history is any indicator, then make no mistake about it -- we will be subject to the same modern day "action programs" described above.

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in light of a recent thread that disappeared unnecessarily

i thought i would give this thread a bump.

Now it is called

Now it is called Effects-Based Operations -it is more specialized now; they, the DOD and Intelligence community have been using them for years. Both Cointelpro and Effects-Based Operations are from the brain trust at RAND Corporation.

There's no factionalism here.

We may fuss and squabble like brothers and sisters at times, but at the end of the day there never has been a more united political front in this country committed to the restoration of sound money, Constitutionalism, non-aggression, and FREEDOM.

united but attemps are currently being made to factionalize

like now.

Only "obvious" organization...

...can be factionalized from the outside. "Disorganization" cannot. The internet provides the means of suppression. Go higher and get a better view and perspective. When you work within the realm of what is expected, you always lose, because it is known by all. When you go to higher level it confuses those who would attempt to factionalize your organization. "Means" are an end to both sides. Change the means...

there are other ways. consider this:

the intended effects are:

1.create a negative public image for target groups (e.g. by surveiling activists, and then releasing negative personal information to the public)

2.break down internal organization (e.g. by having agents exacerbate racial tensions, or send anonymous [videos] to try to create conflicts)

3.create dissension between groups (e.g. by spreading rumors/suggestions.)

4.restrict access to public resources (e.g. by pressuring non-profit organizations to cut off funding or material support)

5.restrict the ability to organize protests (e.g. agents sending letters promoting violence against police at protests)

6.restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities (e.g. by character assassinations, false arrests, surveillance)

sound familiar?


We all have our roles. Interweaving overlapping decentralized forward moving unstoppable roles. Cointel may be able to pick off the weak stragglers but cant take on the whole herd. Their efforts are futile. Ours are inevitable.

And it is the weak stragglers they use for false flag events

especially if they are having emotional or mental issues at the time like break up with significant other, death in family, etc.

isn't this what we are doing to the GOP right now?

If I understand you correctly, they are trying to divide the dividers. neat! Let's see how that works out for everyone.

The problem with this technique is

that since we are not a centralized movement and our goals are based on ideas clearly articulated by our founders, Bastiat, etc. I don't see how it will even work, without creating a division on those ideas. We are taking the GOP at all levels and cleaning it to have any leader that believe in those ideas in positions of power, to eliminate that power. Not an easy task for cointel pro or whatever is called.

What happens

is that the planted trolls are doing it here, and already some of the stupid ones are falling for it.
This whole Benton attack is a troll-based attack, and it has been planted by trolls for months, and they just kept working it, and pushing and this last email they made a whole lot of hay with.

This place is full of enemies.

there have been a lot of division of ideas

few examples:

- running-third party VS stay and reform GOP.
- use spot light for 9/11 truth VS focus on election
- grassroots VS campaign

This should be first post, front page


i agree!

thanks =)

edited topic for more reads

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so how do we overcome the infiltrators, unify the base and win now.



Find the good within circumstance, act on principle, and let trolls defeat themselves when engaged in debate etc.

Onward to Tampa!

thanks for bumping this

awareness is step 1