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The REAL Answer

What if the campaign INTENDED to win:

Would we throw a big party, and afterward relax because Ron Paul is now at the helm, and peace and prosperity would magically flow through all the corners of the Earth?

Would we say "I told you so" to Obam-NEY and all of the other critics, and over time become just like one of them?

Would we become instantly rich, or nevermind the hard work that would be required to realize such results?

What if the campaign did NOT intend to win:

Will we still battle the corruption, and continue to work at the grassroots and local level?

Will we still unite, like we are now, at the next election cycle?

Will we still remember Ron Paul and all that he taught us, or will he just become a distant memory because the PTB had won?

r3VOLution is alive and well. For now. But what about next year? What about 6 years from now, 15 or 20?

Ron Paul is a visionary. It is scary how much he knows. Maybe he also knows that people, unlike himself, sometimes become lax when others lead. Then what? Maybe Ron Paul is visionary enough to know that if he doesn't take the Oval Office, we will have one helluva fight ahead of us. Maybe he believes that that is what it will ultimately take?

Ron Paul is not just a man. He is a r3VOLutionary. He is a prophet. He has stood the test of time when others simply could not. If he does not take the Oval Office, I suspect that he believes that he will be remembered throughout history and we will continue to fight in his honor. Maybe that's what his plan really was all along.

I am so very proud to be a part of this r3VOLution. I have Ron Paul and each and every one of you to thank for opening my eyes.

In closing, I have already won.

Now let's get back to work! We need more delegates if we're gonna win this thing!

Ron! Paul! 2012!

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Bump Up Dear-Heart

Alot of us feel the same way and have the Good Dr. to thank.