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States Ron Paul has National Plurality

Can anyone please provide a link to the correct States that Ron Paul has won the PLURALITY of National Delegates - thereby declaring an OFFICIAL State victory?

I know we have done a lot of hard work and have taken state delegations - just curious as to which states are definite victories at this point.


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Thanks, friends.

I am still not sure of what to make of the 'bound/unbound' given the evidence from 2008 that National Delegates vote with conscience.

So, combined between the unbound and bound, we're about 9 states?

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

depends how winning is defined

The only ones that are 100% certain at this point no matter how you define your terms seem to be Minnesota and Maine.

Iowa looks likely but that is not decided yet. Missouri looks reasonably likely, but also not done. Louisiana looks very likely, but that's not complete. Some think Washington will turn into a win, but that's just guesswork.

In Nevada, the majority are bound to Romney but are Paul supporters - so depending on your definition that might or might not count. Virginia could eventually become like Nevada, where there are several Paul supporters bound to Romney, and it's not clear if that would count in such a list.

Oklahoma is all messed up and no one really knows what's going on there.

Bound or unbound assumption?

If it's bound, then I don't think any - yet.

If it's unbound, then Nevada, Minnesota, Maine, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Very likely, but not finalized - Louisiana and Iowa.

I think Alaska, Kansas and Colorado might be possibilities as well.

A bunch

Minnesota (this weekend)



for curiosity

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.