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Ron Paul Marches On

After some fiery delegate conventions in Nevada and Maine, I was fired up after watching the Ustreams of both conventions, that I created an article on Ezine Articles.

Ustream has become a vital part of me following Ron Paul this year. It was the Veterans for Ron Paul march to the White House that deepened my interest and the inspiring power it brought. It was so influential that I streamed Ron Paul's visit to KU.

With Nevada and its lustrous political history from 2008, and what was to come and Maine with the hype heightened for Ron Paul victories, I had to watch! I sat and watched as much as feasibly possible aside from my usual avocations. I saw in both state conventions, huge support for Ron Paul. So I had to create something of my thoughts, my mind was full and ready to create something. Here is an extract of it, click through to read the rest:

"I have gained from tonight, from Nevada and Maine's perseverance, more strength for my convictions and a stronger will for the continuance to pursue the backing to the brokered convention for Dr. Ron Paul. He represents more than money can buy or represent in itself. He stands for more good and golden rule beliefs than one cares to think about. He promises to bring real change to the government machine, bringing limited government and control to the people.

Something I imagine they are rightfully afraid of. Well you know what, let them be afraid, let them be very afraid. They have sworn into office under oath to protect the Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies. Right now, enemy number one is the government tearing away bit by bit of our liberties and freedoms that were supposed to be protected by that paper, that yes while it is only a piece of paper, it is a strong binding piece of paper for the people of the union under it. It is supposed to keep the government under definite limitation and due bounds not indefinite limits and limitless bounds.

This is a very important election year and it is worth the fight to the very end to make sure that our views and points will no longer sit idle, that we won't be trampled on while we watch our neighbors suffer and endure much like ourselves. The government should be held accountable, by it seems that even the 4th branch of the government has a plate full. We have to stand up as citizens to make sure what we believe is right, should be backed and stood for, not put on the back burner because it is convenient. While some might point to rules for this or rules for that, we'll see in Tampa. It isn't over until it is over, and I imagine the wins have only strengthened our resolve to be in it to win it and all in for the win!"

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7046378

I hope it can help those that think that we lost ground. I think it is more a strategic position we are aligning ourselves with, we are putting the submarine into dive and waiting for the next strategic attack. Let them build their empty house of cards. It doesn't matter how high it will stack, it is just as easy to blow over and that much harder for them to rebuild. We know how strong our resolve is, and we have culture and character that bond our convictions even tighter. It is better to have those than to have nothing and flip-flop. We can fill our glass, can they? We all know most certainly they can't, so don't let it get you down, know we are stronger and have to get to the next objective.

We have troops entrenched and we need to support them. There is only one person who knows this better than any other candidate, veteran Dr. Ron Paul. He knows we are fighting the fight, don't let the media hype get you down, that's their job, remember what our job is! Tampa!