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Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go. –Seriously

“Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go” –Ma$e


Little did I ever think I’d be quoting a phrase from Ma$e and applying it in a political conversation. But what great words to think about.

Much has happened over the last few days. Mostly over reaction and a failure to recognize many key aspects of the r3VOLution and instead remit to selfish desires and thoughts.


Take a minute if you need a couple of them to get in the zone.

So the campaign said they aren’t going to pursue votes in any future states and instead remain focused on the delegate process. Making note that funds are an issue.

All I can say is I’m in Florida. So this isn’t the first time this tactic has been used and since Florida we’ve done pretty DAMN good.

Ron who we KNOW is fiscally conservative is looking at making sure this movement continues. What’s plan B if he doesn’t get the nomination? I can only imagine that he’s thinking about Campaign for Liberty. Think about what happened at the end of the last run he took his money and laid the groundwork for success now. And we’ve attained and continuing to attain much.

I cannot imagine Ron Paul not planning for failure. And by failure I mean not getting the nomination and by preparing we don’t really fail.

Though Ron Paul is to many of us a leader and focal point, his nomination is not the main objective. It would hasten our r3VOLution but not required.

I’m sure many of you are into conspiracies and if not have at least some understanding of the power structures that are currently in play. It’s my observance that one of the reasons they are so successful is they have no time line and many heads. No time line meaning if SOPA and PIPA don’t pass they’ll just move along on CISPA. Many heads meaning they have plenty of people doing their bidding.

Yeah it would be great to have PURE LIBERTY right now but it’s important to stay persistent and consistent. And we will have our day.

If you are of the belief that it’s Paul or nothing at all, you do the r3VOLution no good. I want to be in this with people that understand when Ron is no longer around we will be continuing and we’ll be just fine without him. His ideas and influence will never leave my side. What is death anyways in a time when we have hundreds of hours of video and thousands of words to turn to.

Hopefully you’ve continued breathing. I’m sure some of you have cursed my name and are going to stringently disagree and it’s okay. I just pray that you will be here the day after failure.


Take a look around while you roll your neck around.

Going back to conspiracy type talk a main component to such situations is slight of hand.

Think about it if the campaign says they aren’t going to proactively seek votes do you think the turnout will be as high for Romney? The campaign has effective given US a WIDE open door to make this work out for the better while reserving funds to be better used.

Campaign states not actually campaigning anymore and the MSM says Ron Paul is out = Lower voter turnout + (money saved + Dedicated RP’ers showing up to the polls) = Greater margins for RP

Think about perspective here. See the opportunity.


Seriously stand up go look in the mirror and shake any negativity out of your body right now in front of the mirror until you start smiling and laughing because our time really is coming we are doing very well and our movement has much to be proud of.


We are all very obsessed individuals. Some may actually even have quantifiable liberty disorders. With that said we are passionate. With passion comes often times some heat.

We must take note of this heat and realize it is not utilized well on each other but instead to fuel ourselves into being better.

I was once a critic of Jesse Benton but then I got to meet him and he was a pretty nice guy. It was when I was getting Zimbabwe Hundred Trillion Dollar Bills to be signed by Ron Paul. He went out of his way when I told him I was going to use the bills to help the Daily Paul. When Ron Paul to sign them Jesse made sure to mention that this was to help out Michael Nystrom and the Daily Paul.

This guy cares.

And if anyone of us has an ounce of the experience he has I’d be very surprised. Those that have little to zero often critique his experience. So make sure to second guess yourself when you come out lashing someone that’s on our team and again HAS MORE EXPERIENCE THEN YOU.

Also think about how criticizing Jesse and the Campaign makes Ron Paul feel. I find myself all to often horrified what people say and think, "what if Ron Paul read that?" I would be embarrassed. Don’t get me wrong I have acted out in my past as well but this is where/when learning together and being a community benefits each other.

So please, please, please people let’s better ourselves. Help your neighbor get through this. Support each other. Support he Campaign. Support Ron Paul.


For Liberty,
Uriah Matthews

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Think I'll Go Get A Pizza...

I gave you a B+ for originality, and entertainment value.

The statement relating to your expectations of being cursed and disagreed with are puzzzling...why tempt it?
....Unless it's a boastful dare.

Coupled with the expectations...not possibilities of failure lead me to believe that this is just another "yoga exercise" on your part.....and your way of inviting us into it.

Thanks, but all this breathing has made me hungry....
.......for a pizza...a NY pizza not that Florida crap.
To quote Mike Nystrom:
"If You Meet Buddha on the Road...Kill Him"....
.......then have some pizza.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The movement

Well said.

The Liberty movement is much more than one man! Ron Paul will always inspire us and we all hope against hope that he is nominated and eventually beats Obama! If he doesn't-- 1,000 people inspired by him will run for local offices and start rising through the ranks to return this nation to it's foundation of LIBERTY for all, sound economic policies, and States rights! Ron Paul doesn't need to be at the primaries because we will be there! Let him focus on the delegate strategy! We need more people running to become Ron Paul delegates!

- Robert K

“Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go” - WOW maybe you believe

that, if you make a post long enough and/or unique enough but, add in the failure part that all of us would fall for it like gullible dumbasses.
Well now, I cannot imagine anyone stupid enough to believe that YOU don't have an agenda to convince people Ron Paul is going to fail.

Quote by "Uriah Matthews";
I cannot imagine Ron Paul not planning for failure. And by failure I mean not getting the nomination and by preparing we don’t really fail.

I just pray that you will be here the day after failure.

Way to go Romney supporter, you revealed yourself, along with the traitors Jesse Benton and Jack Hunter who could very well have been paid-off by Mitt Romney.

FYI, Ron Paul is still in the running for POTUS and making deceiving talk of failure is right up there with the MSM.

As much as I started to distrust Ben Swann, I now think, he may be more trustworthy than some of Ron Paul's Campaign Managers . . .

From the Ben Swann WXIX Facebook account:

What is going on with the Ron Paul Campaign?

The national media got the story wrong about Paul "dropping out" but then comes an email from Jesse Benton to supporters. I have been forwarded this email and asked to explain it. Frankly, I cannot.

I will continue to look into the issue but the bottomline is that the delegate fight IS going to Paul, so why back down? Staying humble and keeping your head down during the fight makes sense. Sending your supporters a note to say, "We aren't going to win but keep sending us money!" That doesn't compute.

Also, why would Jesse Benton be using the AP delegate count? I don't have any insider information, but I will start digging.


Don't Trust UM

He is a Carl Rove operative , in the fall of 2011 UM had a reserved seat directly across from Carl Rove at a republican dinner event in Fl. , how did he get a coveted seat across from this scum ? UM even wrote about this in the Daily Paul and everybody applauded him because he gave him a Super Brochure , my sources tell me you don't sit across from Carl Rove unless you are important to him .
I worked directly with UM for several months and there is a lot of things that I can say but I don't really want to bring up those bad memories , I do have to say this ( he broke up our group ).


So let's review:

He is a secret Karl Rove operative because he once shared a dinner table with him, in public, at a Chamber of Commerce dinner. And then posted about the experience on DP, making no secret of it.

And because he favors professionalism and actually effective tactics, well, that just solidifies that he's WORKING FOR THEM.

Seriously? Personal differences WILL HAPPEN in politics - heck, in life. But they shouldn't be allowed to crowd out logic.

It's time to stop sniping at each other, c'mon. At this point more than ever, it's absolutely imperative we step up our game.

And for the record, it's not a sign that you're a "sell out" if you admit your candidate CAN lose. It's a sign of being in touch with reality. Any candidate can lose, and Paul is no exception, unfortunately.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Uriah Matthews's picture

If I had dollar...

Look PRforPresident2012, I've already been down this road. Remember I'm in Florida and unfortunately a majority of the group of people in my area were of you same mindset. Paid Romney supporter... I've already heard it.

We do not have anything to prove to each other, other than what we do.

It's unfortunate that people like you exist. Instead of seeking to build and have constructive conversation you would rather destroy, tear down and make completely false statements.

What's wonderful about this cause though is it's about Liberty and Liberty starts with the self. So I am very comfortable being alone. Though I do enjoy being around like-minded individuals.


Tom Woods has made it a point that the campaign should have hired professionals. I say professionals that are available aren't that great of a choice especially for Ron Paul. Professionals seek money and if money is the goal... It's much easier to pay off professionals than family.

Instead of complaining why don't you propose your solution?

"The Whole World is My Country, All of Mankind My Brethren, and To Do Good is My Religion." -Thomas Paine

Get a grip

"Way to go Romney supporter, you revealed yourself, along with the traitors Jesse Benton and Jack Hunter who could very well have been paid-off by Mitt Romney."


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Come on Liberty Lovers! This

Come on Liberty Lovers! This isn't about the white house. It's about changing hearts and minds and living our lives to a different standard than main stream Americans today. We are winning because we are creating a huge coalition of like minded people who know the truth, and once you know the truth, you never forget. Losing the white house doesn't mean the defeat of Liberty or that the hard work was for naught. It means we are putting Life, Liberty, Peace, and Beauty against Evil, Hate, Tyranny, and Destruction, some of the worst opponents we could have chosen. But we get up each morning and fight, whether its getting elected to local office, wearing an End the Fed t-shirt, or talking to friends and family about the NDAA, we are spreading fires all across the world, nothing can stop an idea who's time has come, and the ideas are alive and growing. We are not just Ron Paul supporters, we are Liberty loving, Constitution protecting, Free thinking, Idea spreading Individuals and i know nothing can ever change that. I have been inspired by so many of you here, and it makes me endlessly appreciative that i know no matter what happens in this crazy world, there are still so many who know the truth. If Dr. Paul never becomes Dr. President Paul, I will be ok. I will hold my head up and probably continue to sport my Ron Paul R3VOLUTION knapsack that i take with me everywhere. I will keep going to bed each night knowing that today i didn't compromise and no one can take my individuality from me. I will continue to stand up for the ideals I believe in, hopefully, just like my hero, Dr. Ron Paul.

Thanks Uria

Perspective like this is needed when in the whirlwind of emotions...

and this one , too

I couldn't agree more

...very well said.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."