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Are We Really Gonna Let Romney Win? Hell NO

What ever happened to the Fire, Rage, and Enthusiasm we had over these last couple weeks? Weren't we fired up when our Liberty Movement won a majority of delegates in 11 states? Weren't we fired up when we had Several Thousand enthusiastic supporters show up in college campuses to hear Ron Paul speak? Wasn't the enthusiasm for Ron Paul's message of Limited Government, Sound Money, Personal Liberties and Peace growing exponentially by the numbers? Weren't we Angry and ready to Fight back when the Republican Establishment repeatedly tried to take this away by attempting to cheat Ron Paul out of the Nomination through cheap tricks, rule breaking and not following written procedures? Weren't we Pissed off at the Lame Stream Media's constant Bias and Black out of Ron Paul?

Come on People! WAKE THE UP. Are we really going to let the things that happened these last 48 Hours ruin what we have accomplished?? F*** NO. To all of you who are Angry at the official campaign, let's direct that Anger towards Mitt Romney and the Establishment, because those two are our true enemies right there. WE ARE STILL IN IT TO WIN IT. Screw what the Lame Stream Media has said about Ron Paul being "unelectable" by bringing up Bulls**t delegate numbers from AP. We all know that's not true. Ron Paul Is Electable and still Is. Let's continue to Grab Delegates like what we have been doing beautifully by following the Rules and continue to Fight back against the Shenanigans and Rule Breaking going on. Let's make our Revolution be known in the History books as one of the greatest Revolutions ever fought. Let's get fired up again.



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So what's going on with the money bomb?

Is it still tomorrow?

Obama's not going to let Flip

Obama's not going to let Flip Flopney win either.

I'll be voting for Obama.

The sheeple have proven that they are too stupid to be saved, so let 'em have what they deserve. Obama 2012! Endless wars and indefinite detention for all! Let's ride this sucker to the ground!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

Obama ended the war in Iraq

Obama ended the war in Iraq back in December.


Classic satire

Will Be Voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in November

I will be voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in November. It is up to the Republican Convention in August as to who it is. I will be watching closely.

Ron Paul is still Running. Be

Ron Paul is still Running. Be a delegate or vote for one

Yah! That's what I'm talking about!

Get mad! Get angry!

This fight isn't over. We will never again vote for the establishment (http://i.imgur.com/Mf96c.jpg - apply this to all future politicians and don't forget what they are).

It doesn't matter if the campaign has relayed negative messages or not. For his entire career Ron Paul has encouraged us to spread the message of liberty and what better way than to do that than to continue with his own legacy! (through nominating delegates, representatives, congressmen/women, senators, etc. who are like-minded in liberty) We must continue up until the convention AND BEYOND!

"Infiltrating the GOP" is fucking right! We're going to route through the Republicans like a virus, restructuring them from the bottom, up. Let's show them that being a republican means more than just supporting warfare and Christianity. Let's prove that being a republican means protecting individual liberty, decreasing the size of government, protecting ALL religions without bias, and above all, FOLLOWING THE CONSTITUTION WITHOUT ERROR.

That's the Spirit

That's the Spirit

It's even more important now

It's even more important now to get those delegates elected and on to Tampa. The grassroots is powerful, educated, and pissed off. the delegates need to keep on doing what they have been doing. It can be won.
Just turn off the damned news. Turn it off! Focus. The opposition is arrogant and so can be blindsided easily. Kind of like a team that thinks no one is competition for them. They always get beat! They forget to play the whole game.


I've been out and about a bit, and everywhere I go, so goes my Ron Paul 2012 t-shirt. I carry super brochures with me. And, everywhere I go, a business owner or employee gets into conversation about Ron Paul, the media blackout, and taking this country back by voting for Ron Paul.
Everytime, the conversations have drawn customers a little closer, listening and learning.
There is support everywhere! And Romney's corruption and ties to Bain and Goldman Sachs and their control of the media is known by all I speak to.

FIGHT ON! We can all make up for a lot of what the campaign can't do right now because of funding. Just open mouths and speak to people about Ron Paul and the race. It draws a crowd, for sure.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home