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Why Ron Paul's new campaign strategy just might work - Great Alaska Dispatch article

Instead of installing a more "establishment" Republican to fill the seat, it was Paul supporter Russ Millette who was picked to lead by Republicans at the convention. Millette, 66, was a virtual unknown, having lived off and on in Alaska over the years. Debra Holle Brown, another Paul backer, was elected to co-chair of the state GOP.

Failed U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller -- a tea party supporter perhaps best known for having his security detail handcuff Alaska Dispatch's editor during his 2010 run -- and Paul supporters alike celebrated the toppling of Alaska's old-guard Republicans.

But that wasn't the only hubbub caused by Paul supporters at the convention.

Some of them booed Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and guest speaker Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) when they addressed the crowd. Barrasso drew fire from some members of the audience when he announced his support for Mitt Romney, prompting chants for Ron Paul.

Though Paul won only six delegates in Alaska, the changing of the guard within the party could also change the way that Republican activities are carried out within the state. And based on the Paul campaign's recent announcement, that might be good enough to change the "politics-as-usual" that Paul campaigns against.

"Our campaign will continue to work in the state convention process," the statement reads. "We will continue to take leadership positions, win delegates, and carry a strong message to the Republican National Convention that Liberty is the way of the future.


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Good article

I love how the GOP machine is being ripped out by the roots!!!

There is no strategy. He

There is no strategy. He really IS saying that his chances of being nominated are virtually zero. Stop reading into this because it makes you look foolish.

Supporting tyranny is

Supporting tyranny is foolish. Ron Paul or no one. You know, Romney has a HUGE delegate issue. Shhhhh!

Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country. John Adams

Buzz off

Report back to your filthy Romney master Markinjam

Regardless of whether it will

Regardless of whether it will work or not, it is the only possible strategy for winning. All other options that I've heard of are failures from the get go (...not that the whiners have really given any real options).

Bump for Alaska!