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Ron Paul Classic – He’s the Real Thing

The current Ron Paul campaign strategy announcement reminds me of the greatest marketing strategy in modern history.
On April 23, 1985, Roberto Goizueta, President of the Coca-Cola Company announced that for the first time in 99 years the company was reformulating its product, which was still the leading soft drink in the world. Why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing?
Coca-Cola’s marketing share had been incrementally dipping for fifteen consecutive years. The biggest reason for the slip was the “taste test” media campaign of their biggest competitor, Pepsi-Cola. Pepsi-Cola was a knockoff of Coca-Cola (the real thing). The leading differences between the two colas is 1) Pepsi-Cola is sweeter than the more sophisticated taste of Coca-Cola, and 2) the secret formula of Coca-Cola uses orange, whereas, Pepsi-Cola instead uses lemon. To the dull and undistinguishing palate of the average person on the street, the sweeter taste gave Pepsi-Cola a distinct advantage in a taste test in which an individual was given only one small sip of each product. This media campaign was heavily cutting into Coca-Cola’s market share. Therefore, to put a stop to this onslaught by their nemesis, Mr. Goizueta decided to beat the Pepsi-Cola players at their own game. He reformulated Coca-Cola, making it sweeter than even Pepsi-Cola, and re-branded it “New Coke®.”
This move proved to be a monumental Charlie Foxtrot. Thousands of phone calls flooded Coca-Cola’s company phone lines. Lifelong Coca-Cola drinkers went into a frenzied panic. The media was abuzz with multiple stories of upset Coca-Cola consumers. Their beloved soft drink now extinct, many were hoarding it in their basements. Mr. Goizueta was jeered, and even addressed as “Mr. Dodo.”
The New Coke® was a colossal flop. It looked as if the Coca-Cola Company was on its way out. The board members and shareholders of Pepsico were euphoric.
The Pepsi boys euphoria ended 79 days later, when Coca-Cola announced they were bringing back their original Coca-Cola formula, re-branded Coca-Cola Classic®. People the world over were ecstatic, and ran to their grocery store shelves, thankful to again have access to their beloved soft drink. Coca-Cola’s market share rebounded through the roof, and Pepsi-Cola, the lemon that it is – well, it just went back behind the top dog.
As they did with New Coke®, the media is having a field day with the announcement of Ron Paul’s staff on his doubling down with his delegate strategy. And many of the supporters of Ron Paul are confused by the media’s spin, and reacting in a frenzied panic. They don’t want a knockoff; a lemon.
The Romney camp is euphoric. This, however, will not last. The perceived absence of Ron Paul’s campaign will exponentially increase American's thirst for freedom and a constitutionally bound government. When the confusion clears up, Ron Paul's supporters will rush back with a re-energized fervor, Romney will fall back into his position behind the Top Dog, and the Ron Paul campaign strategists will be considered geniuses. Truth of the matter is: Even when his campaign screws up, Ron Paul can’t lose for winning!
Moral of the story: When offered Romney, respond, “Oh, no! I’ll have Ron Paul – Classic!”

Scott Stephens
Henderson, NV

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"I'll have a Ron Paul - classic"

That is just it, there is no ONE like him. We are witnessing history and we are winning. Keep up the good fight and donate today!!

I'll be skipping the Diet Coke (Rand)

after getting a letter from him today saying "that we need more men and women in the U.S. Senate like *Senator Jim DeMint...".

I'll still be supporting Ron.

dude, nice post

I totally agree, he is the only real deal. We only have this chance to elect someone who has not met and got demonized by the RNC!!

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.