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Regardless of what the intent of the campaigns recent announcements, whether strategy or submission:

I will not quit, I will not relent, I will not vote for the lessor of two evils

After the announcements, right or wrong, all I could think of was:


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See the "R3VOLutionary's Declaration of Independence"

written by AnCapM at: http://www.dailypaul.com/233863/a-r3volutionarys-declaration...

(It's good to revisit WHY we are here, WHAT's most important for us and HOW we will live towards that cause.)

"We're here to restore our Natural Rights, The Constitution, and the Republic.
That's our goal. To be FREE at ALL costs.
Everything and Anything else is tertiary."


for the link and I agree with the close....

In closing, I respect Dr. Paul with all my soul; I honor his wishes with all my heart, mostly. But, if counter to nothing less than a full restoration of our Natural Rights, I shall ignore the wishes of the campaign, most certainly and most completely, with all my heart and soul.

HopeRenewed - 6/13/2011
Neither should we sacrifice Liberty for Safety nor Integrity for Concessions. True Liberty can not exist in the absence of integrity. Liberty gained through compromise is but a temporary illusion.

Has anybody considered the possibility

That Dr. Paul or his Family has been threatened in some way ?

That there would be serious personal consequences if he ruins the banksters convention. They have billions invested in Romney, do you really think they won't go to any extreme to insure victory for their puppet ?

When I said we needed a plan B, in case Ron Paul will not be the nominee, everyone criticized the idea. Now its clear I was correct, and the Paul or no one crowd now have no where to go.

So what will it be ?

that thought crossed my mind also

I'll never forget the day, a little over 4 months ago, I realized the media kept Ron Paul out of the news so I turned to the internet and, wow, there it was, clear as day, a man that would get America back to the founding fathers principals.
I thought, holy crap, how could he ever go up against the establishment without major repercussions. My family thought the same thing.
But alas...we can only speculate if threats have been made.
No offense to any mobs out there, but there is a mob mentality in the GOP.


In Politics i do know that once booing and shouting goes on then hurts the campaign.

not sure what event took place that geared the campaign to shift directions. I speculate, it was in AZ when Mitt Romney son was booed off stage and that followed serious repercussions as he is considered the presumptive nominee which further divides us from the Republican party.

whether Dr. Paul was threaten in anyway is beyond me. I do know my current plan B is to make sure those who are going to represent me, are going to so with Liberty in mind...it will be their last chance if they would like to get re-elected.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?