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For the removal of any doubt Jesse Benton

A leader is supposed to rally and rouse his troops and you did not.
Your comments were so downbeat and disheartening and nowhere near true.
You did irreperable harm to the campaign and Ron Paul fans will never trust you again, whatever your motives.

So if you are truly a fan of Ron Paul you should recuse yourself immediately from your position and let someone who does have the trust of the grassroots take over.

And if you are not truly a fan of Ron Paul and do not recuse yourself, Ron Paul must fire you immediately - even if you are a relative.

You will never have the trust of grassroots again. You must go and go now.
We need someone who can motivate and inspire people as campaign manager. Not someone being defeatist.

This thing is far from over and for Romney there is many a slip betwixt cup and lip. He is an extremely weak candidate.

Romney does only need about 200 more delegates plus the delegates that can be taken away at State Conventions and there have been rather a lot of them in the last 4 Conventions.

Romney has fraud implications overhanging him - Allen Stanford and possibly Herzog.

Romney is so far behind in the electoral college maps that he can't possibly win. Even Karl Rove has the same projected result as I on current polls. Obama 341 Romney 191.

Romney's plans to spend hundreds of billions more on weaponry will turn Independents off in their droves (even Republicans when told of the current military budget want 18% cuts to "defense" spending).
According to latest opinion polls there is only a 27% approval rating for the continuation of the Afghan war. I.E. GOP and nobody else.

Indie's will also get turned off by GOP Establishment elections antics to get Romney nominated.
Maddow ran a piece on it yesterday. More will be made of it.
If they cannot run their own election fair and square, why should we trust them to run the country.

There is even the question of whether Romney would obtain Security Clearance even if elected POTUS, due to all his dodgy business acquaintances.

Obama will use all this and more.
He will have no problem in persuading a few million more Indie's to turn off Romney.
And the polls will slide even more his way.

Romney has very low approval ratings. There is ZERO enthusiasm for Romney, apart from GOP Establishment. 50% plus of his vote has probably come from Fox News erroneously telling GOP voters that he can beat Obama and he is the only one that can.
A large part of the rest has come thru having more cash to spend, GOP Establishment election antics and other Fox News media bias.

So the question to GOP delegates in Tampa will be, as it has always been, do you want to nominate Romney and suffer a landslide defeat by Obama and the consequent loss of House/Senate seats.
Or do you want to nominate someone who can beat Obama and who is favorite to do so. Ron Paul.

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Jesse Benton is damaging Ron Paul campaign !

It hurts so much knowing that Jesse Benton sounds like he is working with Romney !!!!!! What is he doing ???? Did Romney gave him Money to betray Ron Paul ??????

Where is your integrity?

This sounds like the story of Jesus and Judas !!!!!

For the Ron paul supporter, please don't give up, never exchange your Liberty from the dirty ponzi-scheme money. You will never be happy with it and also your growing children. Protect your future and the future of your children !

Go Ron Paul 2012 !

Bentons comments

were not meant for our ears don't be so foolish! Ron Paul is still in it to win, go to the state conventions and win the delegate slots.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I don't know how well this will be recieved...

There's talk on the RonPaul forums of the grassroots breaking away from the official campaign, since Benton is just getting in the way.


Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War



Just what the campaign needs right now for a headline..."Paul campaign chairman drama"

Posts like this are embarrassing

It's one things to just say, "I don't like (insert name) for (various) reasons." But ordering Ron Paul to fire a person and long dramatic posts of attack language--I almost expected a poem--is just wrongheaded.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

So wrongheaded...and I'll be

So wrongheaded...and I'll be the first person to admit what Benton did makes literally no sense. But yeah, these posts are blah.

I'm no fan of Jesse Benton,

I'm no fan of Jesse Benton, but my vote would be to let the hand play out. It's been a weird and confusing 3 days.

He is not leaving

He is in for the money. This was the same issue last round, it shocked me what they said to dampen support of the message within the grassroots. I was waiting for the same actions this time. When I saw the video view about the actions in NH by some of the members of the campaign, my reservations of the staff members grew. WE understand the fact of the costs involved in running but there are better ways of stating it. The message is spreading and growing among the peoples of the world. Let us hope, it does not turn out like the people of Iraq during gulf war 1 when they were asked to stand up. We need to stick together and grow together.

All the best


out now.

Ron Paul 2012



agreed. My support in no way waivers, for I support the message, not just the campaign. However, even I am left curious as to who was thinking what and why and where is the response to the grassroots outcry? We are all left with more and more questions, and the longer the Dr. Paul himself puts out a message, not one that sounds like his latest MoneyBomb email which is all...defeatist sounding, the worse it will be. Tugging at a lot of people emotions right now, especially since we are steamrolling the state conventions. And the Campaign wants to back off? They want to BACK OFF? While I can understand an underhanded strategic move, if that is what this is, it makes no sense what so ever. Someone, Mr. Benton being the face of the SNAFU, needs to shoulder the responsibility and the Campaign should be in FULL damage control within the ranks by now. If not, there needs to be people getting fired left and right because it is apparently turning in to a goat fuck. Campaign needs to respond in a hurry before the blowback takes a life of its own.



You know not to sound all conspiracy theory tin foil hat like but... could any of this have anything to do with that breakfast at the fed a couple weeks ago? I mean the campaign was all for the delegate strategy and fireing up the troops and now its Romney gonna win but we still need to be involved and spend more money to not nominate r.p. maybe im just disheartened by the official word ... f.u. jessie benton!!!!!