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Ron Paul Supporters can Abstain.

by Stuart P Emeck | May 6, 2012 - 7:35pm

Ron Paul Supporters can Abstain.

Here’s why: Rule 38 takes under consideration that a delegate once on the convention floor, must vote on first round, but….
Sorry but delegates that are bound to a nominee, can abstain their vote. And an alternate can not take their place as long as that delegate is present. This is why the vote of present is called from the floor. However they are not required to actually case a vote. And if they do but write undecided or abstained, no one can take their place.

There is no alternate to take the place of a delegate who is present. Or a delegate who has abstained their vote to be counted. First round voting is depended on, bound delegates from particular states. However once on the convention floor, your vote is your own. Rule 38 determines you have become unbound once you are on the convention floor for voting.

You are a delegate who can abstain to vote, and you can not be replaced ! And if they press the matter, that alternate must come from your state, and have been chosen as an alternate from that states convention. But then the process is started over, if that alternate decides to abstain as well. The alternate can not be picked from any where else. So this is why the Rule 38 is stated. Otherwise you’ll be there all day looking for alternates, so it will be like a dog chasing it’s tail.
And low and behold here comes ROUND 2 !!! Rule 38.

You can not force a vote, this is a republic, is it not? This is how open conventions come about, there is no lawyers on the convention floor, ONLY delegates !!! If a delegate is removed so goes that vote for the first round. You can not replace them.

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