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WaPo: What will we do without Ron Paul?

He disappeared in the dead of May:
The screens were frozen, the forums almost deserted,
A hush fell over the YouTube comments;
The mercury sank in the mouth of the caucus crew.
E’en mainstream media agree

The day Ron Paul stopped was a dark cold day.

That’s probably a bit much, especially the “e’en,” but the departure of Dr. Ron Paul from the presidential race — he announced Monday that he wasn’t competing for any new delegates, and clarified the statement on Tuesday — left a distinctly autumnal feeling in the air. It was the sort of news that gave you the urge to march around attempting ineptly to adapt Auden’s poem about the death of Yeats to the occasion.

What are we going to do without Dr. Paul?

All the strange uncles of the 2012 race have been lopped off. Thanksgiving dinner is bound to be quieter, but it will not be nearly so amusing. There will be no 9-9-9, no End the Fed, no sweater vests. We are left, on the right side of the aisle — depending on how exciting the week of news is — with either the Worst Man Ever, a Wealth-Addled Menace to Both Dogs and Humans, Who Is a Vampire and Predator and Destroys Businesses and is a Terrible Cultist, although possibly not all at the same time, or A Man So Bland That It’s Impossible to Finish This Sentence Without Drifting Off to Sleep. This is the trouble with our two-party system. It has a tendency to weed out strange uncles.

I’m going to miss Ron Paul. He was — to say the least — a consistent presence.


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Give them hell

Ron Paul still Is looking for delegates.