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Campaign Management Gave This Race Away.

I honestly believe the campaign management cost us any likely chance of winning. We needed some fresh, young blood ready to fight to the death for this thing, and they just let us all down. If they would have helped Dr. Paul utilize the internet to his greatest capacity (posting daily 2-3 minute videos on a wide range of topics) he would have been hitting millions of people daily with truth bombs. The media, whether they agreed with what he said or not, would have been linking it to thousands upon thousands of people to watch. Sadly, this just never happened and gave away a huge opportunity. They could have handled the newsletter situation, our biggest problem, with much more grace, but they made Paul seem like he just wanted to continue covering for someone else's opinions. I'm convinced he knows who wrote them, and refused to say who, which cost him hundreds of thousands of potential voters. They could have also provided him with knockout answers in the debates to hit some grand slams and too many times he missed that perfect answer that they should have helped him prepare for. He's not the smoothest talker or the greatest debater, but it's their job to help him prepare for this stuff.

I applaud everyone's greatest efforts and dedication, and I plan to keep up this revolution, but they don't even seem to want to win this race. The delegate path, our only path to victory, seems like a fun little game for them, but they don't seem willing to really push this thing to the limit. Maybe they have a game plan and there is some deception involved with this latest announcement to throw off the competition, but given their track record, I don't see that happening. They conceded any chance of winning when that was sent out. This is so terribly frustrating...

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Liza Minelli could have run

Liza Minelli could have run this campaign better than that moron Benton.

Liza and sing and dance

Snookie and Pauly Shore could have run a better campaign and so could anyone's dog Sally.

Instead, we're stuck with an unnamed "senior staffer" talking to national journalists about "delivering our people to Romney".

Whose people?

Sad, but true.