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The "Thanatosis" Strategy

There are certain animals in nature that "play dead" either to defend themselves against an attack, or to attack unsuspecting prey. Some of you know this as "playing possum" or "feigning death." Others call it "Thanatosis." I can't help but feel that there was something out of place with these "emails" and "press releases" on Paul halting the campaign on the primary front. Given these events, I think the Ron Paul Campaign is Brewing up something big.

Haplochromis livingstoni is a fish that will lay on its side on the ocean floor and wait for scavengers to approach it. It will then lunge from its side and quickly swallow the unsuspecting fish whole. Perhaps the Paul Campaign is making like a "livingstoni" and preparing to hit the establishment hard. The Paul campaign might just be luring its prey.

Whatever the case, Ill still be campaigning for President Paul, and no matter the outcome, I will continue fighting for liberty.