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Who says 2,500 is the max?

It took about five minutes to find a name...Jeannette Boulind.

According to the Federal Election Commission website, fec.gov, Jeannette Boulind is unemployed and if still living, he or she resides in zip code 19106, Philadelphia PA. A mere seven transactions, presumably by Jeannette, contributed to the Obama 2012 campaign a total of $20,000. It is just that simple. Normally, on the fec site, if money is credited back there is a minus sign. Jeannette has none.

I am wondering if there is more of these names in major cities doing similiar things. For the Obama administration, Jeannette having a pulse would be a benefit.

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Please keep this topic alive...

... what got you onto this? Do you know Jeanette?

Plano TX

will try

I received a letter from Havard University telling me how much I contributed to the Ron Paul Campaign. I looked it up myself on fec.gov and sure enough. I do not know Jeannette Boulind at all. Just came across her name on the website. I am sure there are others.