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Let's put things in their proper perspective

All the moaning and griping about the events of the last few days is pitiful. First off we are hedging our bets on a 76 year old who, although he is in remarkable shape, could God forbid, be gone tomorrow. What would we do, just fold up and throw in the towel? I sincerely doubt that is what the Dr. wishes for. One thing I'm sure of and that is that he wouldn't want the movement to be bogged down with counter productive conspiracy theories about his demise.
This truly isn't about one man, rather it is about our nations future, a future Ron Paul has set the wheels in motion for us to strive to achieve. He has guided us, instructed us and instilled a sense of hope that was sorely lacking in most of us before we realized the message. Until I became part of this movement I was sure that there was going to occur and I was preparing for a violent insurrection in this country. Dr. Paul's message has re flickered the light of hope that all is not lost and that perhaps if we persevere long enough and continue on the path he has so plainly and directly set out we might achieve a peaceful revolution and return this nation to its former grandeur and honor.
I for one will follow his example and directions and no amount of criticizing of his actions will cause me to veer off the course. I owe no less to this country, my forefathers and my progeny, hopefully the tree of liberty will be re freshened without the blood of patriots this time.

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My loyalties are to this nation

and not a two party system. I will vote for whom I consider the most qualified and honest individual who might be capable of dealing with the troubles this nation is suffocating under. No vote is "wasted" unless you choose to vote for the lessor of two evils and I refuse to do so. Dr. Paul has my vote irregardless of whether he is on the GOP ticket or not.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.