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Jp Morgan Derivatives Announcement = "sept 10th"


Doubtful speculation, but entertaining....
TeamReaper @Godlike Productions

We all know what was announced Sept 10th, 2001. Rumsfeld announces that the DoD could not account for $2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion). Ask yourself this: How many news stories were there about this 2 day later?

Everybody here knows that the derivative markets are a financial time bomb. As of December 2011, banks had a notional value of derivatives on thier books that equaled:
$647,762,000,000,000, but the market value of these are only $27,285,000,000,000. Thats roughly 23.75 times more than the market value.

Of the totals above, FX contracts are $63.349 trillion to $2.555 trillion (notional to market value). thats 24.8 times more than the market value.
Interest rate contracts are $504.098 trillion to $20.001 trillion or 25.2 times market value.

Everybody expects JP Morgan to be selling this week after Dimon's announcement. The G8 is at the end of the week also, look for a not so good announcement from them also.

Now, everybody knows that futures and derivatives are traded at the CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange). Note: Some are traded at the CBOT, but those were moved the the CME's system. Becuase of houw much is traded here, Chicago is considered to be one of the top financial cities in the world (look it up if you dont believe so).

The Federal governemnt has implemented a red zone (a no go zone) around the federal buildings in Chicago for the Nato Summit. As serveral new stories state, the red zone includes the "Chicago Financial District." So the protestors can get to the border of the red zone, but the cannot get into it...


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This info also jives with.......

This info also jives with Lindsey Williams and his ARCO buddys, who are all pointing to September.

Also September is when the public will begin preparing for Z day....