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Donated more than $100, Who else is in? (edit with videos)

I just sent in $142.00 to the campaign to:

If you would like to send a paper check, please send it to:
Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Committee
845 Plantation Drive
Clute, TX 77531

I figured I could sit on here and whine because Ron and Jesse are not doing it the way I would, or I could do something about it. I have a refridgerator sitting in my back yard and I can get $135 for it on craigslist, and I have $7 worth of change in a jar. So, I sent in my check to the campaign. The way our country is heading the paper means nothing anyway. Banks are supposed to go under any day, might as well go down fighting! Sending it to a man who will put it to good use.


(By the way, he has employed quite a few people in my state the past 8 or so months.)


Watch this:

Who will be creative and match me?

Who will put this on face book, youtube, and twitter??

I do not want Ron Paul to stop, do you?

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Can we reach $1 million, YES!

We need to. Please donate and pass this on!

If you have not donated, please consider this, Ron Paul

is a one of a kind candidate! This opportunity is in my opinion a once in a lifetime journey. We are winning delegates in every state! Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution. Please tell others, face book, email, twitter. We can hit $1 million and we should have hit $10 million without any problem!

I'm gonna donate tomorrow

durng the money bomb.
I want to help the total look good.
I may donate twice, just to make up for some of the wussies that have turned-tail.

only 99,980 left to hit $10 million

We can do this thing. Tell 5 fiends.

Donation ticker!

I started an official donation ticker if you want to log your donation. http://www.dailypaul.com/234394/official-ticker-for-the-10-m...


We should have blown this thing out of the park, 100,000 donate $100 and we have a $10 million bomb...This is what we need! Are the youth for Ron Paul donating.

Money Bomb May 17, can raise more than 9.1 million, if we try

588 people on here now and if we all donate $100 and tell 5 more, what does that ad up to??


588*5= 2940

2940*100 = 294,000

2940 tell 5 people = 14700

14700*100 = 1.47 million donated + $294,000 donated + 58.800 donated

14700 tell 5 people each = 73,500

73,500 * 100 = 7.35 million.

Spread the news guys:


Equals $9,172,800 donated and we know that Ron Paul is telling people.

I count about 13 more, this means

we only need 99,986 to donate $100, we can do this.... Ron Paul has not stopped, Jesse Benton just got us more fired up!!

Good luck to you die hard supporters

I believe strongly in Ron Paul's platform, and I have donated every penny I could ($1200 in total) for this campaign. However, I think the campaign has no right to ask for additional money after Jesse Benton's recent actions. Benton took the liberty of conceeding to Romney and admitting that the campaign is negotiating with Romney on platform issues. You can't have it both ways. You are either in the campaign to win, or you should quit and stop taking money from supporters.

I have no idea why Benton thinks that anything Romney promises is of any value because Romney is a known liar. There is no way in hell that I would negotiate with Romney, endorse Romney, or vote for Romney. I wish the Ron Paul campaign could say the same thing.

I'm also cutting out any future donations to Campaign for Liberty until Jesse Benton is no longer part of the leadership there.

Well, consider the cause...

...as a whole... If Jesse gets a couple of pennies of the cash I donate tomorrow it won't cause me any concern... we need to raise more than $500,000 tomorrow for Dr. Paul... we are not fair weather friends, we are revolutionaries... it is a cause worth dying for... $100 are small potatoes... you'll never miss it, but the boost to the cause of liberty if we all contribute would be immense..

Plano TX


I am more concerned than ever at this point. If we donate BIG, Doug seemed to have said we would have much more of a chance.

Sometimes I wonder. They

Sometimes I wonder. They have shown no indication that they want the money. Unless they plan on spending money on parliamentarians or delegates then my barista would be much more appreciative of $100.

Ron Paul asked us last week to donate $650,000 in the next

two weeks or he would have a hard time continuing on. I know 2 campaign workers that no longer have positions with the campaign.
This making commercials and traveling all over the country, having offices, hiring workers costs a lot of money. Of course they need the money.

Put me down for $100

Put me down for $100

The Doctor will free you now.
-Ron Paul bumper sticker

Thank you, just a note I added a pretty awesome

video, I did not make it, but it is good!

I'll donate 100 once the bomb

I'll donate 100 once the bomb officially starts

Money bomb has official began!

For Liberty!

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for me, I'll be donating tomorrow but I'm going in with $250 this time - tax return was bigger than I expected and I was waiting for the next $$ bomb.

awesome, I don't think that I saw this when I was first

calculating. Can you tell 5 others that might donate?

what if??

what if we dont donate? what if we donated and ron paul became our next president? What if we can wake up America for freedom?

I will be donating to protect liberty

Go President Paul

Put me down for another $100!

Put me down for another $100!

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I will donate tomorrow as planned period. No "ifs" or "buts."

In the meantime, do something to help the Daily Paul. Without this site, there is next to nothing for us to communicate. This site is keeping the Liberty movement together, especially for times like these.

Wed 5/16/2012 10:29 AM
Hello Steven,

This email confirms that you have donated The Daily Paul $100.00 USD using PayPal.

This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *DAILY PAUL".

Will donate as planned, but only when

someone from the campaign apologizes for Benton claiming RP cannot win the nomination. If that is truly the case, then no sense in sending the campaign any more money, right? I am still waiting.


I am

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed


Matlarson-Ron Paul "Rise For Liberty" Money Bomb May 17th!

Must watch video


Matlarson-Did Jesse Benton Throw In The Towel For Ron Paul?


Now this should put a fire under everyone!Now it is going to get dirty but do not back down!Ron Paul has laid the foundation and "We The People" need to make sure Ron Paul becomes the President!Now go get them delegates and do not stop!

I just donated $50.00

Ron Paul 2012!


What's Jesse's address? I'll just go ahead and send it to him. Or, I can cut out the middle man by sending him 200 Payday candy bars with the hope that he chokes on at least one.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

Giving $500. I believe we

Giving $500. I believe we are going to pull off an upset and this whole thing is a psyop to the opposition.

Not me

Can't support someone who himself does not believe in himself.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


go away

your negativity is useless against The Force