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If the Goal Is the Presidency, Then "Our" Revolution Needs to Select Another Candidate

Let's face it. The Ron Paul Revolution is about changing the system but there's a pretty clear divide between the grassroots and the leadership on how to do it.

The grassroots sees the presidency as a do or die scenario that must be won at any cost and by any method. In it to win it or go home.

Ron Paul wants to head a movement that will eventually change the system on a sustainable basis. He seems very willing to cede the chance at the presidency and instead is happy with gaining a little bit of influence.

It is very clear to me that Ron Paul does not want to be president. He is using his presidential campaign to help advance his movement. If we handed him the presidency on a silver platter I'm certain that he would turn it down.

This is where the frustration of the grassroots is coming from. The goal of the leader and the grassroots is different and thus the confusion and the frustration we see.

The grassroots as I see it has a choice to make. Continue to follow Ron Paul in his movement to change the system from the gound up and accept that the presidency is not part of his overall plan, at least not him personally being president.

Or the grassroots can work just as hard to gain as many delegates as possible and do what they can to deny Romney and force an open convention in Tampa. If it comes down to an open convention, be prepared for Ron Paul to turn down the potential to be president. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. You think you felt disappointment on Monday? Imagine seeing all of that success from all the hard work of the grassroots get flushed down the toilet. Ron Paul will justify some kind of deal and try to make it look like a win for us all.

Anticipating this turn of events, I suggest that "Our" Revolution have a serious back up plan for that scenario. We need to have a viable alternative to Ron Paul. Someone who actually will want to accept the role of president and lead the Revolution onto the next stage. I have no idea who that might be but I think it's important to start thinking about it now.

Just like any growing company eventually gets to the point where the founder needs to step aside and let someone with the right skill sets take over the reins, Ron Paul needs to do the same. He has always said that this is bigger than him. Everyone has a role to play. It's time to find the person to lead the movement on to the presidency.

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Wrong metaphor

"Just like any growing company eventually gets to the point where the founder needs to step aside..."

Tell that to Dell, Gates, Branson, Ellison, Jobs, and Buffett.

A more apt business metaphor would be a smaller company trying a hostile takeover of a larger one. For that you need leverage and creativity and you need to know how to cut a deal. That's exactly what Paul is doing right now. Let the CEO of the bigger company stay on, but pack the board with your supporters and control the strategic direction.

Problem is,

that only RP has such overwhelming qualities to deserve the presidency. That's why his movement could grow so quickly. Even his son Rand Paul can't compare.

Because of his qualities, anyone else is sure to do worse than him. In my view, sticking with RP is the fastest way in moving the cause forward. Even if he loses, under his banner there will be far more motivation in continuing the takeover of the GOP.

Now, perhaps some other person will pick up and finish what RP started and become the president. But I would only consider that person if RP completely steps out of the political scene. He may not run for congress any longer, but there's a slight possibility he might run for president once more in 2016. And if he steps out completely and let someone else run instead, I'll conisder it then. But for now, it's no use thinking of any backup plan. Because any backup will perform worse than RP.

Remember it's

Ron Paul or Ron Paul!

this post is nothing more

this post is nothing more then a bunch of bullcrap...

Do us both a favor

and don't include me in your definition of "Our". "Ron Paul will justify some kind of deal"? That is one of the most ludicrous statement's, and I've seen some doozies, that I've read here. Did you join and wait all this time to finally expose your true intent and loyalties?

If not us than who?

How many times must people like Maitski be told?

Ron Paul is staying in the race to WIN the GOP nomination for president, followed by winning the presidency itself.


Enough with "even he knows he can't win."
Enough with "he just wants to influence the platform."

No. Those statements come from liars and the misinformed.

He's in it to WIN IT. And if you don't believe that, then you're on the wrong website.


I Only Have 2 Options

But it's a very simple choice:

1. Vote Ron Paul on the ballot.

2. Write-in Ron Paul.

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Then go start your own

Then go start your own "another candidate" blog then. Geesh. Some of you people are getting on my nerves. What a bunch of whiners, crybabies and sunshine patriots. Maybe Michael could set up a backroom category for these downer postings. You guys are DEPRESSING! I hope you all get yourselves back together....SOON.

Get over it

I still can't see what you are so pissed off about. You can decide what to do. Ron Paul can decide what he will do. We are not part of "the grassroots" or "the campaign" We are all individuals, but your post is trying to split it into "US" and "THEM". You don't have very many people here that are interested in belonging to a group and I am certainly tired of people rehashing their tirade over, and over, and over. But if you want to, keep posting and trying to divide people, because that is the move that YOU decide to make. (even though I believe it's a counterproductive one)

Blue Republican

We are sellecting another candidate.

We're selecting Ron Paul over Mitt Romney. And we'll be fighting for him all the way to Tampa.

Dr Paul is going to hand the nomination over

to Romney but wants to influence the GOP platform. He's just said it himself. Maybe he won't outwardly endorse Romney, but it'll be *implied* Look at my other posts, I've been right with what's happened so far.

We need to stop being delusional. Dr. Paul is a great man, but he wants to influence the GOP platform, not win Presidency. I don't want Romney or Obama.

We have a strong movement that could win an election.

-1 The turds just keep falling

from the sky.
You can put perfume and glitter on it, but it's still a turd.

It's going to be like this the rest of the way. Put on your raincoats.

Christ almighty you people

Christ almighty you people are fuckin dumb. You all haven't learned a thing, have you. There IS no other. There never HAS been in all the history of this country. If it ain't Dr Paul, it's NO ONE. Rand is a scumbag and ALL OTHERS fall WAY short and therefore deserve NONE of our votes.

Fuck the presidency if Dr Paul ain't it. We needed him. Not to be the "righteous" dictator, but to dismantle the whole dictatorship called the Federal Gov't. Let Washington burn to the ground where it belongs and let the states break up into independent entities like it shoulda stayed after the Revolution.

Amash?? lol, haha you kidding me?? Even Thomas freakin JEFFERSON was a shit president and you're gonna trust Amash??

Draft Napolitano with Amash as the VP pick!

Seriously, we need to get Napolitano on board and draft him as the nominee.

Let's do it!

That would be a great ticket. We need to start another forum where we can strategize about this and not get downvoted by Romneybots.

Completely agree

Dr. Paul helped wake us up and now we can go from there. The die-hard Paul or no-one-else and RNC (they don't want us to stay organized) are voting this thread down and refuse to give us a voice here so maybe we need to move to another forum. Time to get rolling.

BMWJIM's picture

BYE! See YA,,

If you don't have the loyalty go back to your boy Romney, I'm sure that is where you come from and where you belong.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Wow another 4 year warrior has turned to a cry baby

I thought you people were tough and not easily manipulated. I am surprised you got all this out of what Benton said. The campaign has not thrown in the towel just changed tactics.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Look at what their goal is

They have already conceded and now only talk about influence and the future. Ron Paul has played baseball so he should know that it's not over until the last out is made. You don't talk about a loss until the game is actually over.

They just won Nevada, Maine, Massachusettes and there's legitimate possibility that no delegates can be bound or at least they can abstain. Just when it looks like all the pieces could actually come together for a win, you come out and say you aren't going to campaign in two of the biggest states coming up? Texas is his home state and California is primed for us. Why would you give up any chance at any of those delegates? Why not just keep your mouth shut and see what happens? It's not like they were having pressure put on them to come out with some announcement explaining what they were doing. They saw how it was spun when they passed over Florida. This hasn't helped at all.

Just when there was a clear path to victory starting to be seen, they sabatage it with this announcement? Then they begin using the AP delegate totals? What happened to happy go lucky Doug Wead and his saying that we were going to be winning in delegates. Did that actuallly change after we won Maine and Neveda. That only made it more clear that we were on track to win it all.

I love Ron Paul. But I call them like I see them. If winning to him doesn't mean winning the presidency, then he needs to say that and we need to plan accordingly.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

When did Ron Paul concede?

I heard nothing of the sort, he only said he was changing up his campaign. If you want to use baseball talk, the Ron Paul campaign is just running out of gas (money) and they need us patriots to pinch hit for them. We should be able to run the rest of the primary from the delegate strategy, Ron Paul just needs us to take over.

Yes Paul has just won through the state conventions in all the states you just mentioned. So why shouldn't he continue and stop throwing money at the beauty contests? As for Texas I am sure the vote riggers will be working over time, the only strategy left is via the state conventions.

So follow your own advice "keep your mouth shut and see what happens", Ron Paul can still win this.

The clear path to victory is still there we just need to follow it. Stop being distracted by what Jesse has said to a bunch of neo-con reporters. After all who was he speaking directly to, not us? He was talking directly to the opposition, don't be so gullible.

In the end Ron Paul will be President, just be patient let things play out.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed


We need another place to go and organize this, so Romney people won't keep down-voting and it gets some attention.

Danny boy

You do so expose yourself, even more than your comrades.

We'll see you in Tampa.

If I'm a pledged delegate for Dr. Paul

can I switch to another candidate this late in the process. Napolitano, or another we all agree on. I need to so some research on that. Maybe it's not too late to elect someone who wants to win.


could make a man do many things, or he could be a man of principle.

The country is falling apart before our eyes

there are many desperate on food stamps, wondering about what they'd do without unemplooyment benefits. Is that the desperate you mean?



Sorry Romney man

We're not giving up. I know you hope we'll march with Dr. Paul right to your campaign. Aint gonna happen.

Wow I have never been called a Romney man

I see from the your comments posted your not exactly a true liberty supporter.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I'm a liberty supporter, but not die hard

Dr. Paul and I think it's foolish to be, considering the last two days. The campaign is winding down. I know campaigns and I can see the writing on the wall. Sure they want our money, and they want to influence the GOP platform. I don't want Romney or Obama president of the US. So I think you guys who are saying delusional shit are the Romneybots.

Any one but Paul 4 years ago

is who I was, but I see I was totally wrong back then. Now I am a NO ONE BUT PAUL PERSON, and I take offense to being called a Romneybot. So Dannyboy take your offensive language else where.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed