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Warriors or sniffling cry babies

I see most of the negative post about Jesse Benton are coming from long time Liberty supporters. I thought you would be hardened warriors of the cause and not easily tripped up by current events.

The comments from Benton were not meant for us, they were meant for the main stream media and the opposition delegates. They fell for it hook line and sinker, but the problem is, so did the Liberty warriors.

This is what everyone should do before posting, wait a couple of days let it sink in. Ask yourselves who was the message meant for? Remember the campaign can not speak to us directly. You can do more damage in posting a hasty response to something the campaign has said or done. I have been a follower for only a year but I thought some thing wasn't quite right with what Jesse was saying. Now I realize he was talking to the opposition not us.

As I see it no permanent damage was done to the campaign as long as the delegates continue going to the state conventions and win the Tampa slots. Lets please continue the good fight for Liberty!