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Japan's W-T-F Chart

Japan's WTF Chart

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/15/2012 22:41 -0400

By now everyone has seen some iteration the following chart of relative sovereign debt/GDP values, in which Japan is an outlier:

As well as this chart of sovereign interest to revenue, in which Japan is also an outlier:

And certainly this chart showing Japan's straight diagonal line of debt/GDP:

Read more with charts: Japan's WTF Chart

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To some extent...

... Japan borrows from its citizens, maniacs when it comes to saving, and then invests it in US Treasuries and in the sovereign debt of other countries. It also runs a trade surplus, have for decades, albeit intermittently. These funds are invested abroad. If you exclude the debt that the Japanese owe to themselves, and net off foreign holdings/investments the debt/GDP ratio is quite manageable for a country with Japan's economic profile.

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