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Respect, Decorum the theme at Michigan state convention this weekend (Dr. Paul's legacy)

Our state leadership through repeated emails and web conferencing has made it clear, we will respect the process and hold to the standards Dr. Paul has set, doing it with class, and having fun along the way.

Friday May 18th and 19th is our convention in Detroit, my home town.
In addition to carrying out what Jesse Benton laid out in the media conference call yesterday for maximizing our delegates to Tampa, (for long term changes and to help shape the party platform moving ahead)we will also demonstrate how the future of this party will look.

I myself have helped signed up over 60 delegates, in 4 of our districts, for the upcoming years to help shape platform, party leadership, and cultivating a higher quality of candidate locally. Growing our message from the grassroots up.

I have pondered on the past few days and years to realize that Dr. Paul may have had just this idea in mind while running for office the whole time. How he defines winning, is by what is going on all over the country today. Our philosophies are taking a foothold in the party and while this is good, the real question is will it remain?

In talking to party leaders in my area, they admit a historical "eb n' flow" throughout the years. from Goldwater to Reagan, to the Robertson '88 fiasco...where will we be in 5-10 years? it is my goal to be remain involved, as apathy is what caused much of the mess we worry over today. I hope all of you remain as well.

Long after Dr. Paul is gone from the political scene, those college students he visited to plant the seed of freedom, will carry on his legacy. This is our obligation to him for his sacrifice and the sacrifices of his tireless staff who helped him along the way.

After our business at convention, we will also do what Paul supporters do best, "have fun along the way". We have put together a party afterwards in Detroit where we anticipate several hundred supporters from all over the state to gather share in our accomplishments, and plan for the future over some food and spirits.

Thank you to our state coordinator, Adam DeAngeli for his tireless work in keeping our state team together.

Dr. Paul...a simple thank you is just not enough.

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BTW if your in the area...

The lounge is The Red Grape lounge, on Woodward Ave.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"